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Did Jewel’s Mom Steal From Her? $100 Million?

Did Jewel’s mother steal from her?


Ah, families, who’d have them?

In all seriousness, most of us love our families and would do anything for them.

Occasionally, however, arguments happen, and families can fall out.

The above is true for everyday people living “normal” lives.

Throw in money and fame, however, and things get far more complicated.

Don’t believe us?

Just ask Jewel and her estranged mother Lenedra Carroll.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in singing, you’ll know straight away who Jewel is.

For those who don’t, however, Jewel Kilcher is a 4x Grammy Award nominee who has sold more than 30 million albums all over the globe.

Not only is Jewel a magical singer, but she is also a kind-hearted soul as she is involved heavily in charity.

She even formed a charity called Higher Ground for Humanity, which she formed with her brother Shane, and her mother, back in the early 2000s.

Speaking of her mother, sadly, the two are estranged at the moment, as Jewel has claimed that her mother has stolen a considerable amount of money from her.

But is this the truth, or is this simply a case of a family argument escalating out of control?

Did Jewel’s mom steal from her?

Keep reading to find out.

Short Biography

jewel mom stole 100 million dollars


We took a quick look at who Jewel is in our introduction, but let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about this brilliant singer.

Jewel Kilcher is a US singer, songwriter, actress, philanthropist, and author who has been nominated for a whopping four Grammy awards thus far in her career.

Jewel grew up in Alaska, and it was clear that she was a very talented and very gifted young girl, with music in her blood.

She took up yodeling and singing with her father Atz Kilcher.

At 15, she moved to Michigan and studied operatic voice.

After she graduated, she moved to San Diego, California, and began performing locally, singing in local clubs and coffee houses.

She would go on to rise to fame in the 1990s, selling upwards of 30 million albums, and not looking back since.

Hitting the Big Time

jewel mom theft


It was while she was performing at local clubs and coffee houses, that Jewel first got noticed.

Local newspapers and journalists started to cover her performances, and as word spread about this wonderful young singer with an angelic voice, she attracted interest from the higher-ups.

Atlantic Records heard her music and loved her music, and subsequently offered her a recording contract.

She worked tirelessly on her debut album, Pieces of You which, in 1995, would go on to become one of the most successful debut albums of all time. It went platinum a staggering 12 times!

In 1998, she would release an album entitled Spirit, along with one entitled This Way in 2001.

Up until her album This Way, Jewel’s usual musical style had been folk-orientated, with a suggestion of country.

In 2003 however, all of that changed when she released her album 0304.

This saw electronic influences with hints of dance and pop thrown in.

Country Music and Lullabies

jewels mom stole $100 million


Despite Jewel now being an established singer, she felt that she had still yet to fulfill her true potential, and decided that she would explore a different musical genre.

In 2008, she would release her very first country album, which she called Perfectly Clear.

The album debuted at the top of Billboard’s Top Country Album Charts and saw three singles, all of which proved very popular.

In 2009, she would release Lullaby, which was her very first independent album.

As the name implied, this album would feature a selection of lullabies designed to help children and adults alike to relax and drift off to sleep.

The debut single from the album Somewhere Over the Rainbow was Number 1 on the Top Children’s Songs for that week.

She would also work with Tyrese, of the Fast and Furious Franchise, recording the single Make it Last, to coincide with the release of his comedy book, which he called Mayhem.

Later Work and Personal Life

jewel mom stole money


Jewel would release another album entitled Picking up the Pieces in 2015, as well as having written and published three books at that time.

In 2016, she would feature on Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe.

She had appeared in numerous TV shows over the decades, including the Young and the Restless, where she mainly appeared as herself, or as a parody of herself.

She has also appeared on The Masked Singer and countless other shows.

Jewel was in a relationship with actor Sean Penn in 1995, and in 2008 she married a pro rodeo cowboy named Ty Murray, after being with him for a decade.

She gave birth to their son in 2011 and divorced in 2014.

Did Jewel’s mother steal from her


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Did Jewel’s Mom Steal from Her?

Okay, enough about Jewel herself, now we need to address the elephant in the room and look at whether or not Jewel’s own mother really stole from her.

Jewel’s mother, Leandra Carroll, was once very close to her daughter.

She encouraged her while she was growing up to pursue a career in singing, and was, in fact, her business manager in the early part of her career, since 2003.

Jewel and her mother are now estranged, and recently made headlines when Jewel accused her of stealing virtually all of her money. Jewel revealed that her mom allegedly embezzled more than $100 million of hermoney.

Jewel’s mother took over her finances when she was her manager, and when the singer was 30, she noticed that she was millions of dollars in debt because her mother had been stealing her money from her.

Who needs enemies when you’ve family, right?


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