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Aby Rosen Net Worth 2024

Aby Rosen Net Worth – $1 billion

What is Aby Rosen’s net worth? Who is Aby Rosen’s wife?


Aby Rosen is a German-American real estate magnate.

He is best known as the co-founder of the real estate company RFR Holding.

The Origin Story

Rosen was born on May 16th, 1960, in Frankfurt, West Germany.

He is the son of Jewish Holocaust survivors; his father, Isak, was held in concentration camps during World War 2, and his mother evaded capture by hiding in a farmhouse in Belgium.

His parents met after the war; his mother became a painter and his father a real estate developer.

Rosen himself attended Wolfgang Goethe University, earning a degree in business.

RFR Holding LLC

Aby Rosen Net Worth


Rosen moved to New York in 1987, at the age of 27.

“I always liked America,” Rosen said in a later interview. He added: “It was smart, new, innovative.”

He got his start as an apprentice at a real estate brokerage firm with largely German clients.

Four years later, Rosen founded RFR Holding LLC with Michael Fuchs, a childhood friend from Germany whose parents were also Holocaust survivors.

They made use of the property they owned in Germany, as well as their professional access to German investors, to leverage the capital they needed to acquire property, and soon began buying up New York property.

Their strategy was to purchase disused or undervalued property, refurbish it, and sell it for a massive profit.

The company quickly acquired a vast portfolio of New York buildings, many of them simple office buildings, and soon went from strength to strength.

Today, RFR Holding owns property worth over $16 billion.

Properties outside the US

What is Aby Rosen's net worth


Though RFR Holdings focused exclusively on New York initially, they have since diversified, and now have holdings throughout the world.

The company holds a particularly large portfolio of property in Rosen and Fuchs’ native Germany, including the former headquarters of the European Central Bank.

Art Collection

Rosen is an avid art collector.

He commissioned the famous Lever House Art Collection, which is on display at the eponymous Lever House in Manhattan.

The collection includes several notable works of art, such as ‘Bride Fight’ by E.V. Day and ‘Hello Kitty’ by Tom Sachs.


Rosen has been married twice.

He was married to his first wife, Elizabeth Mina Wechsler, from 1991-2004.

Following the finalization of his divorce, Rosen married socialite and psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Boardman.

Aby Rosen and wife Dr. Samantha Boardman

Aby Rosen & Dr. Samantha Boardman – @Getty

Boardman is the daughter of hedge fund manager D. Dixon Boardman and banking scion Pauline Pitt, and so comes from a background of considerable wealth. She graduated cum laude from Harvard.

Following her marriage to Rosen, she converted to Judaism.

Interesting fact – Rosen doesn’t wear any rings, so he wears his wedding ring around his neck.

Rosen lives with his family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

They also maintain a summer home in the Hamptons, which is valued at over $20 million.

Rosen also owns the Goodyear House in Old Westbury, New York State.

He uses the property to house much of his extensive art collection, including Damien Hirst’s The Virgin Mother – a giant bronze sculpture of a pregnant woman with her skin flayed and the fetus exposed.


With his first wife, Rosen has two children — Gabriel and Charles.

aby rosen sons

Charlie Rosen, Aby Rosen and Gabriel Rosen – @Getty

With Dr Samantha Boardman, Aby also has two kids — Alexander and Vivian.

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Aby Rosen – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Aby Rosen worth? Rosen earned most of his wealth from co-founding RFR Holding, a privately controlled real estate investment, development, and management company. His partner, Michael Fuchs, typically deals with taxation and banking issues. Therefore, Aby Rosen has an estimated net worth of $1 billion.

RFR Holding LLC owns over 100 properties, mostly across the United States and Europe. Their portfolio consists of office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, and retail spaces, which are all managed by their team of professionals.

RFR’s assets are worth around $16 billion.

RFR Holding LLC has made several acquisitions that have added significantly to its portfolio, including 522 Fifth Avenue — a $300 million purchase. The company also controls Lever House and the Seagram Building (bought a controlling stake in 2000).

These acquisitions have allowed them to expand their domestic and international presence while increasing their asset base significantly over time.

As they continue expanding their presence, it will be interesting to see what new developments emerge from this powerhouse company in the years ahead.

In 2010, Rosen ended a partnership with Ian Schrager regarding the Gramercy Park Hotel. The partnership between Schrager and Marriott Hotels contributed to the split.

“We made a lot of money together, but we had differences,” Rosen told The New York Times in December 2010.

To resolve allegations that he had not paid taxes on an $80 million collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art that he had acquired or commissioned since 2002, Rosen was forced to pay $7 million in 2016.

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