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How Many Children Does Josh Jacobs Have?

How many kids does Josh Jacobs have?


Being a sports star in the modern world is, in a word, challenging.

Sure, if you play in a league like the National Football League (NFL), you are paid exceptionally well.

You are given a chance to earn life-changing sums of money and live a life of luxury, fame, and sporting success.

Even the lowest-ranked NFL players enjoy life-altering opportunities and the chance to play one of the most well-loved sports in the world.

For players like Josh Jacobs, living that dream is part of life.

Jacobs, currently a player for the Las Vegas Raiders, is a respected NFL star with many fans.

He is a high-class player, despite having a challenging season in the most recent NFL season.

Injuries and form issues have seen his star wane a little, but it would be hard to say that Jacobs is anything other than a plus player for the league. However, as a colorful and forthright personality, he cultivates some controversy.

Media attention follows Jacobs wherever he goes, and this has led to a pretty significant upsurge in the amount of gossip that goes on in his personal life.

For example, there are many rumors about the number of Josh Jacobs kids out there.

Some reports even suggest he could have as many as eight children – all to different people.

Jacobs, though, has been pretty clear in the past that these rumors are nothing more than salacious nonsense.

It comes with the territory of being an NFL star, but what is the truth here, exactly?

Who is Josh Jacobs?

josh jacobs kids


The man behind the rumors is a highly talented running back playing for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL.

He started his career playing college football at Alabama and joined the Raiders as part of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Since being drafted, he has become a successful running back for his team.

Though he might not have a title to show for his efforts, he is a well-respected player in the league.

In 2023, he was provided with the first Jim Brown award in the league at the NFL Honours event, a was the NFL leader in rushing yards, with 340 attempts and 1,653 yards with 12 touchdowns.

So, he came back from a tough season in 2022 to enjoy a better time in 2023 so far.

In March 2023, he was given the franchise tag placed upon him by the Raiders.

This could see him in line to negotiate a larger contract with the Raiders come July.

The Josh Jacobs kids rumors can be increasingly wild

josh jacobs children


One thing to note about Jacobs is that he tends to shoot back at the oddest rumors about himself.

In 2021, a report appeared on the website Black Sports Online that suggested he has eight children with eight different women – and a ninth is on the way.

Naturally, this caused a stir within the NFL and American sports community.

Jacobs, though, said that it was nonsense and announced via social media that his “lawyers abt (sic) to have a field day with this one.”

Now, given when the rumors surfaced, Jacobs would only be 23 years of age, that would be pretty impressive work – yes, even for an NFL star who no doubt has his fair share of romantic offers in his life.

Jacobs was not impressed at all and took to social media to note that people will “say anything for some clicks and likes” and that his legal team would be taking action on the story.

Sadly, Jacobs isn’t the first athlete to have his name tarnished with hearsay and nonsense from the online realm.

Thankfully, he was able to put the record straight and (hopefully) bring an end to this ludicrous rumor.

The problem with the Josh Jacobs kids’ rumors

does josh jacobs have a child


So, the problem with these kinds of rumors is that they are very hard to actually escape once they are out there.

They can make otherwise good, professional people look like real pieces of work.

And for an athlete making his way in one of the most competitive leagues in the world, having such rumors thrown around about you must be tough.

Jacobs is a well-liked and thoughtful personality, someone who has never been shy to clap back at the media.

Given previous NFL players in the past have had families of a large size, though, it is easy for the public, who might only see the headline, to simply believe that this is the case.

This then becomes fact through public discourse, despite the fact it appears that it is nothing like true.

For stars like Jacobs, these rumors can make it hard for them to maintain a positive personality in the media.

It can make them look selfish and abrasive and make their personal and professional lives more difficult – regardless of how true or not the rumors actually are.

josh jacobs how many kids


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So, how many Josh Jacobs kids are there?

The problem with media rumors is that the truth often becomes hidden and blurred.

This can make it hard for players to escape the nonsense and the rumors.

At the time of writing, there is little information out there on how many children Jacobs actually has.

Some suggest he has four children – three daughters and a son.

Other sources suggest he has more, others less.

Given his age and the fact he is not married, it is hard to really put any kind of definitive tag down on what Jacobs has in terms of children.

We do know for a fact, though, that Josh Jacobs has at least one child – a son named Braxton. This is because his son was reported to have saved the life of his grandfather during an incident in January 2023.

Braxton managed to call 911 when he found his grandfather looking poorly.

The kid’s instincts were spot on: Marty, his grandfather, had to undergo heart surgery.

This saw Jacobs take to the field with the word ‘pops’ written on his face in solidarity with the challenges his father was facing.

So, we know that Jacobs has one son who he had when he was relatively young himself.

In terms of that, though, there is precious little concrete information on other Josh Jacobs kids – just rumors, innuendo, and nonsense.

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