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Who Are Kirby Jenner’s Parents?

Kirby Jenner’s parents: who are the parents of this social media star?


The internet is a hotbed for creativity and for people to take the kind of risks they simply would never take without the fame and glare of the web.

This has seen many people put themselves forward for increasingly strange ways to become famous – including impersonations and more.

Being able to convince the internet that you are part of a famous family, for example, is pretty hard work.

That is why Kirby Jenner is so well-known.

Who is Kirby?

And who are the ‘real’ Kirby Jenner parents behind this superstar?

The Origin Story

who is kirby jenner parents


Born in November 1995, Kirby Jenner is the self-suggested twin of the younger sister of Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner is, of course, a supermodel and one of the most famous people in the hugely famous Kardashian clan.

Kirby has become famous for his ability to convince a pretty large swathe of people that he, too, is part of the Jenner family.

Kirby Jenner is a widely successful internet personality and performance artist.

He rose to fame thanks to his Instagram account, in which he managed to pose as the twin of Kendall Jenner.

Starting his account in 2015, Kirby Jenner managed to quickly amass a following of tens of thousands – by 2016, he had close to half a million followers.

An expert in image manipulation, Kirby has managed to put himself front and center of photos with Kendall Jenner that look so realistic it would be hard to tell otherwise.

People suggest he is a digital art specialist, though an interview in the past seen Kirby suggest that he has no real capability with Photoshop.

Given the quality of the content he puts out, that would be pretty hard to believe!

What has made Jenner famous?

A big part of what makes him famous, too, is his ability to take stylish, fashionable photos and throw in comical asides.

These tend to be things that you might not notice immediately, but once you do spot them, they are impossible to miss.

He has managed to build a pretty strong career basically out of using his skills to manipulate images and create hilarious alternatives.

This has seen Kirby get some pretty big breaks in his career so far, with the media all too happy to play along and boost his creative content.

At the time of writing, Kirby has become a multimillionaire and has used his media popularity to land himself a spot on a few TV performances.

Indeed, he was one of the stars of Kirby Jenner, which was hosted on the platform Quibi.

This show was given the A-OK by the Jenner’s, as both Kendall and Kris Jenner are executive producers of the show.

Other members of the Kardashians would regularly appear on-screen, as well as other major media names such as Heidi Klum and Camille Kostek.

The show was a success, although it was eventually moved to The Roku Channel after Quibi shut down. 

In the past, Jenner has been nominated for Webbly and Shorty Awards. These included nominations in 2016 for Best Photography & Graphics and a 2018 nomination for the best Meme/Parody account.

Is Kirby only famous because of the Jenner-Kardashian association?

No, he was already a pretty successful amateur model before any of this even took place.

He is also quite a well-respected comic, having found regular work and relative fame within the comedy scene before he got involved with the Kardashians.

This probably helps to explain how an otherwise normal person has managed to find himself in with one of the most powerful families in all of the American media.

With well over one million followers, though, it is pretty clear that he has managed to use his creativity to elevate himself and bring in even more attention for himself.

What is interesting about Jenner is that he has never really broken away from his character.

Precious little is known about his real identity or his family.

For example, we have no idea who the parents of Kirby Jenner are.

Given he never leaves his identity as Kendall’s twin, to his ‘personality,’ he is simply another one of the Jenner family.

Even during interviews, he has never broken away from the persona and character that has helped to elevate him to the peak of his fame.

kirby jenner real parents


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Who are Kirby Jenner’s parents?

If you were to ask him, he would tell you that his parents are Kris Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner. Kirby Jenner claims to be the youngest of the Jenner children, and that he has four older sisters and half-sisters. Of course, this is all just a media play – part of the ‘gag’ – in terms of his real parentage.

Nobody knows.

Jenner has done a pretty fantastic job of basically hiding his entire personal life outside of his persona.

Most people who have been around for as long as he has eventually found themselves having to break character.

Or, the character runs tired, and they need to find another way to get people to pay attention to them.

For Jenner, so far, though, this has not been an issue whatsoever.

His ‘real’ name is believed to be Dante Palminteri.

His character is believed to have been conceptualized by YouTube personality Josh Ostrovsky.

Some also believe that ‘Jenner’ might be the son of another Hollywood star in the form of Chazz Palminteri.

That might explain, then, how he has essentially managed to work his way into one of the most prominent families within celebrity culture.

The strangeness of the whole experience can be hard for people to believe – that someone has essentially become famous because they have worked their way into the Kardashian-Jenner industry.

It is hard to know for sure what any of this really means, other than it seems being out there and outside the box with your thinking can produce some pretty interesting results.

Given there are no brothers within the family, this whole thing comes as quite an odd social media gig.

This is the world we live in, though, and it has clearly worked out pretty well for Kirby – or Dante, whatever you want to call him!

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