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Alexander Delgado Net Worth | Wife

Alexander Delgado Net Worth – $5 million

What is Alexander Delgado’s net worth? Who is Alexander Delgado’s wife?


Alexander Delgado Hernández (often shortened, simply, to “Alexander Delgado”) is a Cuban singer.

He is best known as part of the Cuban Reggaeton duo Gente de Zona.

The Origin Story

Delgado was born in Alamar, Havana, on August 21st, 1979.

Little is known of Delgado’s early childhood.

Delgado was a regular on the Cuban hip-hop circuit long before hitting international superstardom; he could often be seen at the Alamar Rap Festival in Habana.

In the year 2000, Delgado and Michel “El Caro” Delgado formed Gente de Zona. Michel left in 2005, and Alexander, alongside Nando Pro and Jacob Forever, re-formed the Reggaeton band, Gente de Zona. In 2012, Jacob Pro and Nando Forever left, and Randy Malcom Martinez joined.

The name, meaning ‘People of the Zone,’ was a reference to their humble roots in the district of Alamar, which was divided into numbered zones.

Early Career

Gente de Zona fun facts


Gente de Zona were not particularly distinguished in their early years.

Their first two studio albums – Lo Mejor Que Suena Ahora (2008) and A Full (2010) achieved only modest success in Delgado’s native Cuba, and went virtually unnoticed internationally.

It was in 2014 that Delgado and his group made the big time, in a collaboration with acclaimed Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias.

Collaboration with Enrique Iglesias

Iglesias, already an established international superstar in 2014, was put in touch with Gente de Zona by a mutual acquaintance, Mario Proenza.

Together with long-time Iglesias collaborator (and fellow Cuban) Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona worked with the acclaimed Spanish singer on the single Bailando.

alexander delgado gente de zona

Randy Malcom, Enrique Iglesias, Alexander Delgado – @Getty

Iglesias sang the bulk of the song, with Delgado and his partner occasionally breaking in with Reggaeton rapping.

The song was a massive international hit, and catapulted Gente de Zona to international fame.

It swept the 2014 Latin Grammys and Billboard Latin Music Awards, taking home an astonishing 9 awards across the two events (and receiving a nomination in a further category).

For Delgado and Gente de Zona, it meant a much higher international profile – and continued success.

Delgado and the Post-Bailando Years

Following the success of their collaboration with Iglesias, the duo turned their attention to their third studio album.

Released in 2016, VisualÍzate (Visualize Yourself) featured collaborations with acclaimed Latino artists Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

It received awards at both the Latin Grammys and the Latin American Music Awards.

Gente de Zona followed VisualÍzate up with three more offerings: En Letra de Otro, Otra Cosa, and De Menor A Mayor.

In 2022, Gente de Zona appeared as judges on the Chilean talent show La Voz.

They also embarked upon a European tour, visiting several countries throughout the continent, including Spain, Italy, Poland, and France.

alexander delgado and his wife Mily Aléman

Mily Alemán and Alexander Delgado – @Getty

Wife & Children

Alexander Delgado was previously married to model Mily Aléman, with whom he shares a son, Alexander Delgado Jr. Alexander Jr. is, at the time of writing, nine years old.

It is believed that Delgado and his wife are no longer together, having offered their son birthday wishes separately.

Neither included pictures of their spouse, further fueling speculation that the pair have separated at some point.

Their last photo together on Aléman’s Instagram is from March 19, 2023, while on Delgado’s Instagram from March 14, 2023.alexander delgado net worth

Alexander Delgado – Net Worth

So, how much is Alexander Delgado worth?

Delgado earned most of his wealth from being part of Gente de Zona. The band released many albums, including — De Menor a Mayor, En Letra de Otro, and Lo Mejor Que Suena Ahora. During his career, Delgado collaborated with Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Chino & Nacho, and Enrique Iglesias. Therefore, Alexander Delgado has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

“We were known in Cuba and in Europe; most of our fans were Cuban,” Delgado said about Gente de Zona.

Note – Marc Anthony actually inked them to his Magnus Media entertainment company.

On Spotify, Gente de Zona has about 7.5 million monthly listeners.

On YouTube, Gente de Zona has over 3 billion views — meaning about $6 million in revenue.


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