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Randy Malcom Martinez Net Worth | Wife

Randy Malcom Martinez Net Worth – $3 million

What is Randy Malcom Martinez’s net worth? Is Randy Malcom Martinez married?


Randy Malcom MartÍnez is a Cuban Reggaeton musician.

He is best known for his work in the Reggaeton duo “Gente de Zona.”

The Origin Story

MartÍnez was born in Guanabacoa, Habana, Cuba, on January 22nd, 1983.

Little is known of his early life; what is known, however, is that MartÍnez formed an interest in music at the age of 8.

Teachers at his school, Alejandro Garcia Caturla Conservatory, encouraged his passion for music, which would later lead to his pursuing his dreams full-time.

MartÍnez comes from a large family, and has frequently credited his father – Raymundo MartÍnez – as one of the biggest reasons that he pursued a career in music.

Randy Malcom Martinez Net Worth


Raymundo was a noted drummer himself, and at one point, directed a salsa group named Calle 22

MartÍnez graduated from the National School of Art (ENA) and went on to be in some of the biggest Cuban bands of the era.

Early Career

As a member of acclaimed Cuban groups Charanga Habanera and Carlos Manuel y su Clan, MartÍnez wowed audiences with his frenetic drumming.

MartÍnez was, unlike many drummers, not content with sitting towards the back of the stage, but would stand up and entertain the crowd with his so-called “Cuban flavor.”

Gente de Zona fun facts


Gente de Zona

In 2013, four young Cuban men formed a Reggaeton group named Gente de Zona.

At some point, the lineup consisted of Randy Malcom Martinez, Nando Pro, Jacob Forever, and Alexander Delgado Hernández.

Two of the members (Pro and Forever) quickly left the group, leaving them as a duo in the form of MartÍnez and Delgado.

Though the group had two studio albums – one released in 2008, and the second in 2010 – it was their collaboration with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias that brought them international recognition.

alexander delgado gente de zona

Randy Malcom, Enrique Iglesias, Alexander Delgado – @Getty

Collaboration with Enrique Iglesias

As part of Gente de Zona, Martinez’s biggest hit came in the form of the Enrique Iglesias, hit, Bailando (lit: ‘dancing’).

The duo was put in touch with Iglesias by Mario Proenza, a mutual friend, and the two of them recorded the hit song in partnership with the Spanish heartthrob.

Bailando’s success was huge for Randy Malcom MartÍnez and his partner. The two took home awards at the Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard Awards as a result of the smash hit.

Visualízate and Beyond

The duo followed up their international success with their third studio album, VisualÍzate (“Visualize Yourself”).

The album featured guest appearances by Pitbull and Marc Anthony, and was well-regarded critically.

Gente de Zona took home awards from the Latin Grammys (Best Tropical Fusion Album) and the 2016 Latin American Music Awards (Favorite Tropical Album).

They have since released a further three studio albums: En Letra de Otro, Otra Cosa, and De Menor a Mayor.

Randy Malcom and fiancee Annaby Pozo

Randy Malcom and Annaby Pozo attend The 22nd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards – @Getty


Randy Malcom Martinez lives in Miami, Florida with his fiancée, Annaby Pozo. The two have a son, Malcom Jr, who was born in 2015. Martinez also acts as a father to Pozo’s son from a previous relationship, Yuyo. 

Randy Malcom Martinez – Net Worth

So, how much is Randy Malcom Martinez worth? Martinez earned most of his wealth from being part of Gente de Zona. He was also part of La Charanga Habanera and Carlos Manuel y su Clan. Therefore, Randy Malcom Martinez has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Gente de Zona makes money from ads on YouTube, Spotify, concerts, and selling copies of their albums. At the time of writing, Gente de Zona released six albums and one compilation album.


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