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Duane Peters Net Worth | Wife?

Duane Peters Net Worth – $3 million

What is Duane Peters’ net worth? Is Duane Peters married?


Duane Peters is an American punk rocker and skateboarder.

He is best known as the lead singer of the punk band the U.S. Bombs.

The Origin Story

Peters was born on June 12th, 1960, in Anaheim, California.

His parents divorced when he was only nine years old, and the young Duane went to live with his father, a used car salesman.

As a youth, Peters did not care for school and was sent to live with relatives in Michigan as a result of his frequent truancy and disruptive behavior.

Shortly after returning to live with his father at the age of 14, Peters dropped out of school entirely.

Skateboarding Career

What is Duane Peters' net worth


Peters got his start on the skateboarding scene with a homemade board that he fashioned himself, by attaching roller-skate wheels to a flat length of wood.

He began to practice tricks in empty swimming pools and on the sidewalk, running into trouble with the local police on several occasions.

Peters soon became a fixture of the local skateboarding scene, and in 1977 became interested in punk rock after he started to listen to punk icons The Ramones.

He lost his long blond locks and opted for a Mohawk, and he claims that he introduced punk to the skateboarding scene.

Peters also claims that he created several of skateboarding’s most iconic tricks, including the disaster, indy air, fakie footplant, invert revert, sweeper, and many more. Critics have pointed out that Peters popularized many such tricks, but did not invent them.

Peters was one of the first skateboarders to defy gravity with the “Loop of Death” – a full-revolution loop-the-loop that was considered highly dangerous.

Shortly after this stunt, Peters turned pro and became a household name for anyone interested in the skateboarding scene.

Musical Career

duane peters skateboard

Duane Peters and The Hunns guitarist Rob Milucky – @Getty

Peters founded the U.S. punk-rock band, the U.S. Bombs, in 1993.

Although they did not court mainstream success, the band hugely influenced the California punk and skateboarding scenes.

Peters helped found several other bands (or was involved with them), including the Duane Peters Gunfight, Die Hunns, and Exploding Fuckdolls.

He also created two record labels – Indian Recordings and Disaster Records.

Legal Troubles

duane peters wife


Peters frequently ran into legal trouble as a youth, both as a result of his skateboarding and his hostile attitude towards law enforcement.

Peters was also heavily involved in illegal substance abuse throughout his adolescence and through his twenties and was addicted to heroin until his mid-thirties.

Peters was reputedly arrested by the father of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk in 1986.

Peters apparently verbally abused Hawk’s father, something that he would later apologize to Hawk for after his father passed away.

Personal Life

Peters had three children – Schuyler (born 1985), Chelsea (born 1987), and Clash Thomas (born 2004).

Schuyler and Chelsea shared the same mother, but Clash Thomas was born to rock bassist Corey Parks.

In 2007, Peters lost his second child, Chelsea, to a car accident.

Chelsea had reportedly been as avid a skateboarder as his father. 

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He has never been married

Even if he never married, there have been many rumors over the years that Duane had been married or was about to get married.

In 2002, he announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Trisha Maple, but they never actually tied the knot.

Later that year, he began dating bass player Corey Parks, and rumors spread that they were getting married, but that also turned out to be false.

In February 2014, Peters was arrested for attacking his girlfriend at their Long Beach home. He pleaded not guilty to the charge but eventually changed his plea to guilty in April 2014.

Duane was ordered to serve 60 days of community service and to complete a one-year domestic violence treatment program.

Duane Peters – Net Worth

So, how much is Duane Peters worth?

Peters earned most of his wealth from his career as a professional skateboarder and punk rock singer/songwriter.

He is best known as “The Master Of Disaster” due to his daring stunts while skateboarding. 

Peters has released several albums over the years and is considered a symbol in both skateboarding and punk rock circles.

Therefore, Duane Peters has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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