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Ally Law Net Worth | Girlfriend

Ally Law Net Worth – $1 million

What is Ally Law’s net worth? Is Ally Law dating anyone now?


Ally Law is an English YouTuber who gained fame by pulling dangerous stunts and breaking onto private property and into private buildings and events—all to increase his exposure on social media.

His stunts have helped him amass more than 3.44 million YouTube followers, and over 458 million views.

Wondering how this ginger joker got famous?

We’ll try and break it down here.

The Origin Story

Alistair “Ally” Law was born on February 12, 1997, in Southampton, England.

He went to The Hamble School in Southampton for elementary and middle school and played football for a short time.

He attended Oasis Academy Mayfield through high school—secondary school, as they call it in the UK—but he dropped out at 16.

At 16, he also discovered parkour, and ”it’s just completely changed everything.”


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Before then, says the redheaded prankster, he was “extremely unhappy.”

Law says his teen years were awkward, and that he had “no friends and absolutely no idea what” to do with his life.

He’d already quit school, and felt that he was wasting his life just hanging out in his room.

He played a lot of video games, like many teen boys, and had dreams of being a carpenter.

Eventually, he’d return to study and complete his apprenticeship—he’s now a qualified carpenter.

Despite his rowdy nature and penchant for causing trouble and putting others at risk, it’s not all bad—Ally Law doesn’t drink alcohol, and he eats a plant-based diet.


Ally is currently single and living life in Southampton.

Welcome to Parkour

Overweight and a little bit miserable, Ally Law needed an outlet.

He found one in parkour—or rooftopping, as the UK crowd call it.

Strapped with a GoPro, he makes death-defying leaps and stunts to explore the urban environment and literally leap tall buildings.

He does it without authorization from the building owners, without safety equipment, and all in the pursuit of more likes on social media.

Law also admits that he used to be quite scared of heights—which is how he got into rooftopping in the first place. “I [wanted] to overcome that so I began to climb on rooftops.”

Most of Law’s content as a rooftopper follows the same format.

He’ll get access to a building—usually illegally—and evade security to get to the rooftop.

Once there, he’ll carry his viewers along for the ride while he leaps from place to place, until he is either arrested or makes a great escape.

I Fought The Law


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Ally Law often cops heat from politicians, the police force, building owners, and the general public.

For starters, people are tired of guys like Law wasting taxpayer funds and police manpower by chasing after a social media influencer who is only after a bit of attention.

Secondly, property owners and managers want to discourage trespassing—not make it trendy or encourage more reckless YouTubers to invade their property.

Politicians like Simon Letts point out that what Law is doing is a “tragedy waiting to happen.”

Ally is adamant that’s not necessarily the case.

He explains that he always lets people know what he’ll be doing, and where.

He even stated in one interview that the police were “usually very understanding.”

The same can’t be said for his overnight challenge videos, which typically entail him and some of his buddies crashing in a commercial building after it closes down for the night.

Whatever his stance on the matter, the facts are pretty clear: Law often comes up against the law—and he typically loses.

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Oh, (Big) Brother


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Case in point: Ally Law and his buddy broke into the Celebrity Big Brother’s UK set in Hertfordshire at the start of 2018.

Court documents show that the pair dressed up in fluoro jackets to imitate security guards on set, before Law dropped his pants and climbed in the hot tub with the celebrity cast.

They were charged with aggravated trespass, fined, and sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

This came hot on the heels of a 2017 Surrey arrest at Thorpe Park.

Law was caught after-hours climbing around on the Stealth rollercoaster.

The 205 ft ride was unmonitored at that time of night, and park officials had to shut down the ride the following day to ensure Law hadn’t done anything to impact its safety and stability.

In court, Law was banned from uploading the footage to his social media channels—meaning he couldn’t profit from his poorly thought-out prank.

Ally has since received a 5-year criminal behavior order for trespassing, a lifetime ban on entering any Merlin Entertainment property, and a ban from Etihad Stadium from a 2017 break-in.


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Ally Law – Net Worth

So, how much is Ally Law worth? Law earned most of his wealth from selling merch on, YouTube, and selling copies of his book (Living on the Edge). On YouTube, Ally has over 458 million views, meaning about $1.4 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, English YouTuber Ally Law has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Ally sells merch on

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