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Tobi “TBJZL” Brown Net Worth | Girlfriend

Tobi “TBJZL” Brown Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Tobi Brown’s net worth? Is Tobi “TBJZL” Brown dating anyone now?


Tobit John “Tobi” Brown, better known by his screen name TBJZL, is a British Youtuber, rapper, and streamer.

TBJZL is most notably known for his title as co-founder and current member of the Sidemen — a popular English Youtube group with various channels that feature content relating to entertainment, vlogging, and gaming.

He is primarily known for streaming gameplay on both Youtube and the well-known platform Twitch, where he often collaborates with other Sidemen members such as Behzinga and KSI.

Over the years, he has gained a lot of recognition, making his way up to become one of the most successful streamers and internet personalities currently active.

This is backed by accomplishments such as his 2019 inclusion in The Sunday Times’ list of the United Kingdom’s most influential online creators.

Aside from his work and success on Youtube and Twitch, he has also made a name for himself in the music industry with his releases as a rap artist.

In 2020, he released his first single to his fans with a track entitled “Destined for Greatness.”

The song — which was put out under the mononymous name, Tobi — ended up making it to number 33 on the Irish Singles Chart and number 38 on the UK Singles Chart.

How He Got His Start

Born on 8 April 1993, TBJZL grew up in a working-class Nigerian family who lived in the London borough of Hackney.

He was raised as a Christian, attending Catholic school throughout most of his early childhood.

Although growing up wanting to be a professional footballer, TBJZL became involved with Youtube because of his long-time friend and fellow Sidemen member, Josh Bradley.

They met at Bexley Grammar School, a co-educational program in the United Kingdom.

In 2011, while studying computing at Coventry University, TBJZL began to become active on Youtube.

This decision was influenced by the growing success of Bradley, who was quickly gaining traction with his own channel at the time.

TBJZL started by posting videos relating to Call of Duty, Fable 11, and Minecraft.

These often included clips of his gameplay along with comedic commentary.

Before long, he decided that he wanted to move forward with his career on the internet, leaving school and establishing himself as a full-time Youtube content creator.

The Sidemen

what is the net worth of TBJZL

Ethan Behzinga and TOBI TBJZL – @Getty

Despite his beginnings with games like COD and Minecraft, TBJZL eventually found his true calling with FIFA, a series of association football video games that have been produced annually over the past couple of decades.

This choice was inspired by his own personal interest in professional football; he is known to follow Manchester United FC and even occasionally posts football-related challenge videos to his Youtube channels.

In September of 2013, TBJZL, along with other members such as Josh Bradley, were in a group together celebrating Bradley’s birthday.

They were viewing a live gaming stream of their friend, known as Behzinga, before inviting him to join the video chat they were on.

This was the beginning of the Sidemen as they began to produce content — specifically, that relating to the game Grand Theft Auto — together and became more serious about regular video creation.

Later, they officially established the group as the Sidemen on 19 October 2013.

Like TBJZL himself, many of the Sidemen mainly focused on FIFA content.

They each have their own individual channels along with a shared group channel where they continue to collaborate and make videos for their audience.

Aside from just gaming, their videos center around challenges, game commentary, and sketch videos.

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Beyond The Videos

tobi brown girlfriend

KSI, Vikram Singh Barn, Ethan Payne, Harry Lewis, Joshua Bradley, TBJZL and Simon Minter are seen at a surprise visit as YouTube collective ‘Sidemen’ open their first retail store at Bluewater Shopping Centre – @Getty

Even though TBJZL is primarily known for his work with the sidemen and his gaming content, he has also made a name for himself outside of video creation and streaming.

An example of this can be seen with the release of his clothing brand, ILLVZN.

ILLVZN is a line of urban streetwear and lifestyle apparel that was originally put out in 2019.

It has continued to grow over time due to collaborations with popular brands such as Only the Blind (OTB).

He has also furthered his reach by way of his music career.

In 2020, he released the song “Destined for Greatness,” which he created with his siblings Manny and Janelle.

He also released a track with the rest of the Sidemen called “The Gift.”

Both of these songs performed well, making their way onto singles charts internationally.


Although he has occasionally hinted at having a girlfriend, Tobi “TBJZL” Brown has not outright stated anything about his current or past relationships to his viewers. Unlike many other entertainers and influencers in the industry, TBJZL has succeeded in keeping the details of his private life out of the public view.

Because of this, there is no certain evidence of him dating anyone in recent years, and the status of his romantic life is unknown.

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TBJZL – Net Worth

So, how much is Tobi “TBJZL” Brown worth? Tobit has been able to grow his net worth since his beginnings on Youtube due to his multiple streams of income. Therefore, English YouTuber TBJZL has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

The main way that he makes his money is by way of the views that he receives on Youtube and Twitch.

These high numbers of audience engagement allow him to generate ad revenue (about $1.5 million from ads, before taxes) and sponsorships from various brands and organizations.

For example, his online success has led him to partake in opportunities such as working with Adidas as part of their advertising campaigns.

Along with this, he has made money from other successful endeavors in clothing and music.

Projects such as his music releases and the popularity of his clothing brand ILLVZN have expanded his financial success and allowed him to keep the growth of his personal net worth consistent over time.

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