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Alphy Hoffman Net Worth

What is Alphy Hoffman’s net worth?


When it comes to people in the world of celebrity, few individuals are more mysterious than Alphy Hoffman.

You might know him at AC Hoffman, or Albert Hoffman, or Laphy Hoffman, or any other name.

He has also even gone by the name of Joshua Hoffman in the past – at one stage, he even used the alias BH Casting.

So, considering we can’t even be certain of the name of the Hollywood star, it is especially hard to trust all of the ‘facts’ there about the dude.

You might have seen that Hoffman’s name has come up in the celebrity world recently after accusations made by Corey Feldman.

The accusations are essentially that Feldman was attacked by Hoffman in the late 1980s.

Accusations also existed that he had attacked Corey Haim in the same way; Haim died in 2010 and, thus, was unable to corroborate any of the claims made against Hoffman.

Information about who Hoffman is, what he does, where he is, and if he is even alive are all pretty hard to find. However, most rumors around the man suggest that he might still be alive but is simply laying low from the media glare and attention that has come his way in recent years.

The Origin Story

What is Alphy Hoffman's net worth

Actress Danielle Brisebois and TV producer Alphy Hoffman attend the Fifth Annual Youth in Film Awards on December 4, 1983 – @Getty

He is more infamous than directly famous.

He is known to have run a nightclub for underage celebrities and stars called Alphy’s Soda Pop Club.

It ran from 1986 until 1989, and it was during this time that the accusations against him via Feldman were made.

Why was he so famous among the celebs? It is believed, though not confirmed, that he is the son of the late Hollywood casting director Bobby Hoffman.

That would give him a natural ‘in’ with the celebrity class, making it easier for him to work with these kinds of people and to introduce himself to them.

Having a famous father is always an easy way to get an invite to the big scenes and with the stars of today and tomorrow.

According to Feldman, he met Hoffman when he was 12 years old and was invited to a party by Bobby – and was picked up by his son, allegedly Alphy.

According to a LinkedIn account that is supposedly linked to Hoffman, he took over the casting directorship that his father had run after his father died in 1993.

alphy hoffman soda pop club

Danielle Brisebois and Alphy Hoffman at the party hosted by PR Plus to raise funds for abused children at Pipe in Los Angeles – @Getty

However, it does not look like he had quite the same success in the casting game as Bobby did; it shows that the last time he had any kind of casting association was back in 1996, with the comedy Phat Beach.

Outside of this, though, he has never really been seen in the public eye.

Since the Soda Club closed down in 1989, he has more or less stayed out of the gaze of the world and, until the revelations put out there by Feldman, has never really been seen again within the world of celebrity.

Does He Have Family?

It is believed – but cannot be verified- that he had a daughter who was born in the early 1990s.

However, information about Hoffman is pretty thin on the ground.

There is also no knowledge of who the mother is or whether the alleged name of the daughter – Jordan – is even true.

For the most part, we know absolutely nothing about Alphy Hoffman and the life that he led, his family, or anything else about him.

He is one of the most mysterious people in the background of the Hollywood world, and for that reason, his name carries a negative connotation.

The accusations against him are clearly very serious, and the fact that Hoffman himself has never appeared publicly to take the accusations on is alarming in itself.

There is, then, no real proof one way or another about Alphy Hoffman and what he does, where he lives, or whether he is even still alive.

Is Alphy Really The Son Of Bobby Hoffman?

Nobody knows for sure – some claims even suggest that his real name was Alphy Rivas, not Bobby.

However, according to the fact that it was claimed that he would pick up people for the Soda Club parties and was introduced as Bobby’s son, we have no real knowledge or insight into how true – or not – any of that is.

Safe to say, then, that we have no idea who Alphy Hoffman is, who his family is, or what he even does.

Few people in the world today manage to stay so private and near-impossible to find.

Especially when accused of some serious crimes, there really is no way of knowing where Alphy Hoffman – if that is his real name – is and where he might be at this moment in time.

All we know is that, during the late 1980s, he appeared to run a club for underage celebrities, and as time went on, things got pretty uncomfortable for those who attended.

Eventually, the whole thing came crashing down, and Alphy Hoffman disappeared from the public eye almost entirely.

Who knows who Alphy Hoffman is? There are really no verifiable details about the man, and the fact that such accusations have been made now means that it is unlikely that he will surface in the public eye ever again.

Whatever happened, whatever accusations were made, we hope that those involved can find some kind of peace in their lives and that, if the accusations are proven to be true, justice can be found.

Alphy Hoffman – Net Worth

So, how much is Alphy Hoffman worth? Hoffman’s wealth comes from his successful career in the film industry and various business ventures. Therefore, Alphy Hoffman has an estimated net worth of $4 million.


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