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Logan Paul: Is He Actually Colorblind?

Is Logan Paul actually colorblind?


If you don’t know who Logan Paul is, he is either the most maligned or the most respected social media personality of the last few years…it just depends on who you ask.

Paul has spent the majority of his short online career doing the most he can to gain attention because in the land of social media celebrity—attention means viewers, and viewers mean revenue.

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to give Logan Paul credit where credit is due: the guy knows how to milk the crowd for attention.

From heinous public stunts (we’ll show you what we mean in a minute) to groveling for views, nothing is off-limits when you’ve got an audience to please.

So when Paul posted a video—or rather, two videos years apart—claiming to be colorblind and trying specially made corrector glasses for the first time, viewers were skeptical.

Is Logan Paul really colorblind, or is this just another attention grab?

We’ve got the answer to your burning question—is Logan Paul colorblind?

Before we lay it out for you, here are 4 more things you should know about the YouTuber turned wannabe boxing champ.

#1. He’s Been On Your Screens For A Long Time

Logan Paul Colorblind

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Logan Alexander Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio, on April 1, 1995.

He started creating content for YouTube when he was just 10 years old…which means he’s been growing a viewership on the video streaming platform for 16 years and counting.

In the real world, Paul started out doing normal things—he attended Westlake High School, he played football, he qualified for the state-level Athletic Association Division I wrestling championships.

He even went to college.

#2. The Pull Of Fame Was Too Strong

Paul went to college, sure….but he didn’t stay there.

He dropped out of Ohio University in 2014 after gaining a modest following on YouTube and the now-defunct Vine.

Instead of majoring in Industrial Engineering as he’d planned, he moved to Los Angeles with some other Vine stars.

By mid-2014, he was gaining a strong following across social media before blowing up with a video that won 4 million views in a week.

By 2015 he had been ranked one of the most influential figures on Vine.

By January 2021, he was the 58th most subscribed YouTube channel in the US and the top 150 worldwide.

#3. Bad Moves

is Logan Paul colorblind

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On New Year’s Eve of 2017, Paul uploaded one of his worst videos yet—footage of a deceased corpse who had died by suicide in the Aokigahara forest.

The forest—dubbed the “suicide forest” due to its morbid popularity as a suicide site—sits at the base of Mount Fuji and was part of Paul’s Tokyo Adventures series.

Paul was criticized by the social media community for his poor judgment, desperate need to boost views to his channel, and the disgusting way in which he and his friends handle the death of another human being.

Following the backlash and the massive loss of subscribers Paul sustained following the controversy, he issued several apologies and deleted the video.

YouTube demonetized his accounts, he was cut from several upcoming projects, and he hired a Marketing Manager to help clean up his image.

#4. At It Again

In 2018, YouTube demonetized Paul’s channels…again.

Executives referenced his “pattern of behavior,” especially around the dangerous Tide Pod challenge and his treatment of animals—removing a live fish from a pond to “give it CPR” and tasering dead animals.

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#5. Are You Even Colorblind?

is logan paul really color blind

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In 2016, Paul uploaded a video titled “THESE GLASSES CURED MY COLORBLINDNESS!

The social media superstar claimed to be red-green colorblind, but based on what he shares in the video—it appears he has never seen certain colors before.

The specialists at the Colorblind Awareness Association set the record straight, with expert optometrists also weighing in to say:

“Your spectrum of visible color is smaller, but color doesn’t disappear completely.”

They also explained that we may not perceive one color, but we’ll still have the other two cones (for example, blue and red, but not green), so we will see a shade of green.  

In layman’s terms, colors will be muddier, but they will still exist. Contrary to what Paul seemed to think, colorblind vision isn’t black and white.

Further, the color-corrective glasses used in the video would not add or enhance colors, giving Paul the level of saturation he seemed to be describing in the video.

The social media influencer was ridiculed and criticized online and eventually admitted that—while he maintains that he is colorblind—he had “embellished” and “exaggerated his reaction.”

Logan Paul may not understand science, but he definitely understands his audience—the video had 29 million views by 2021.

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The answer is…

So, is Logan Paul color-blind?

Given Logan Paul’s track record with honesty and integrity, it’s hard to say if he’s telling the truth about being colorblind.

What we know for sure is this:

Paul claims that his color blindness is worsening.

The Colour Blind Awareness Organization (CBAO) claims color blindness stays the same throughout a person’s life.

Paul claimed he had deuteranomaly-type color blindness in 2016.

In his most recent video, he claims he has protanomaly-type color blindness. “I have said this before, I am color blind,” he also said during his Impaulsive podcast.

So, you be the judge. Is this just Logan Paul yanking our collective chain again, or is he for real?

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