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What is Ian Hecox’s net worth? Who is Ian Hecox’s girlfriend?


Ian Hecox is the founder of Smosh, an online video production company that has over 25 million subscribers.

Ian’s journey to stardom began in 2005 when he and his friend Anthony Padilla started making funny videos and uploading them to their YouTube channel “Smosh.”

Ian’s success with Smosh skyrocketed, and as of June 2022, the Smosh channel has over 10.1 billion views and over 25 million subscribers.

This viewership places Smosh among some of the highest-watched and subscribed-to YouTube channels today.

Who is Ian Hecox – half of the creative mind behind Smosh’s massive online success?

Let’s take a look at Hecox’s life and story, and find out what drives this creative to amaze fans with incredible online content.

Ian’s Early Years

Ian Hecox was born in 1987 to parents Stephen Andrew Hecox and Sharon Hecox.

While Ian was born in Long Island, New York, he has spent much of his life in California.

Ian was always interested in video production and had an affinity for comedy so that’s where he focused his interests in classes like film history and editing videos together.

Hecox met future Smosh co-founder Anthony Padilla when the two attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California together.

Ian Hecox with Smosh co-founder Anthony Padilla

Once they graduated, Hecox and Padilla traveled together to American River College in Sacramento.

In both high school and college, Hecox was a cross country athlete – however, his love for film and comedy would soon take him away from the track.

After college, Hecox took his first media role at the production company Funny or Die – a role that would give Hecox his first taste of the possibilities of internet fame.

The Birth of Smosh

During college in Sacramento, Hecox and Padilla were approached by YouTube to partner with the growing platform.

Their comedy took hold instantly, and Smosh was born as one of YouTube’s first video comedy success stories.

As Hecox began to build a career as an online star, his family sought to support him along the way.

His mother has been highly engaged in Hecox’s career, even appearing in several of the channel’s videos and playing recurring roles.

Hecox’s YouTube fame led him across the path of fellow online star Melanie Moat, whom he dated from 2007-2014 before the two parted ways.

Hecox has also dated YouTuber, model, and former Playboy Playmate Pamela Horton, whom he dated for several years before the two also parted.

Ian Hecox and girlfriend Pamela Horton

Hecox Finds Internet Stardom

Not long after his rise to fame as one of YouTube’s first online paid creators, Hecox moved into a full-time role creating and producing content for Smosh and a variety of other channels.

The success of Smosh has been meteoric – with the channel enjoying one of the top spots in all-time views and subscribers.

From their success with Smosh, Hecox has moved into larger ventures with other internet stars as well as taking a shot at Hollywood stardom with movies such as “Smosh-The Movie” and “Ghostmates.”

Hecox recently voiced the character Bubbles in “The Angry Birds Movie.”

Smosh and Hecox’s other ventures have continued to draw praise from a variety of sources.

Hecox and Padilla – as well as Smosh as a whole – have been nominated for and have won a variety of awards including the Annual Shorty Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Webby Awards, Streamy Awards, and more.

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What Is Next?

Ian Hecox Net Worth

Smosh’s history has seen much success but has also had its fair share of controversy.

In 2016, Smosh’s parent company Defy Media announced that they were shutting down, leading to the potential end of Smosh and Hecox’s career.

However, Hecox decided to take Smosh into a new home, eventually landing with production company Mythical Entertainment in 2019.

While Padilla has since left the Smosh team, Hecox continues to build the team and create content for the channel and its other media avenues.

Smosh has continued to expand, with new YouTube channels continuing to be added that focus on a variety of music, entertainment, and gaming niche markets.

Hecox and Smosh recently started a now-popular Twitch stream account based on their popular gaming channel.

The future is bright for Hecox, as he continues to make a path for himself and the Smosh brand across the web.

You can follow Hecox and his latest exploits online, and keep an eye out for more content from this creator in the days to come!

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Ian Hecox – Net Worth

Hecox earned most of his wealth from co-founding the online video production company Smosh.

Smosh has a YouTube channel that has over 10.1 billion views, meaning about $30 million in revenue before taxes.

Ian has appeared on Every [Blank] Ever, Your Favorite Martian: The Series, If [Blank] Were Real, Every Blank Ever, The Big What If, The Angry Birds Movie, and The Annoying Orange.

Therefore, Amercan internet personality Ian Hecox has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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