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ChrisFix Net Worth | Face Reveal

ChrisFix Net Worth – $3 million

What is ChrisFix’s net worth? Does ChrisFix has a face reveal?


ChrisFix may be one of the most helpful guys on the internet.

He runs one of the world’s largest automotive DIY channels on YouTube—with a staggering 9.61 million subscribers racked up and over a billion video views.

ChrisFix is all about engagement, and he has one of the most engaged fan bases on the video streaming platform.

So what is it that makes ChrisFix so special?

And what do we know about the down-to-earth auto enthusiast?

Here’s what we’ve got—and a few handy “top tips” we’ve picked up from ChrisFix along the way.

The Origin Story

Chris Magello was born in Tennent, New Jersey, on the 4th of July, 1996.

Not much is known about the young car enthusiast’s early days in New Jersey—but we do know that once he hit the big time, he bought his dad his dream car.

He also attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 2016.


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Always a practical-minded guy, Chris launched his YouTube channel after being prompted to help others with their car troubles and to share his love of classic cars—like the Corvette.

Although his early videos were amateurish—it was 2010, after all—Chris still gained a steady following for his authentic personality and relatable character.

The Highway To Greatness

Over time, his content advanced, earning more followers, more subscribers, and more exposure to mainstream social media users.

By 2021, ChrisFix was offering easy-to-follow, simple, step-by-step videos to show his audience how to fix nearly anything in their car.

The highly detailed, user-friendly videos feature top tips—ideal for the many auto enthusiasts who now tune in to his channel—and Chris makes sure to use the best camera angles, clear audio, and good camera focus to ensure his viewers are absolutely getting the best automotive guidance he can offer.

So what’s his goal?


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According to Chris, he was never about fame (although he admits getting paid to do what he loves is great).

Chris’ goal in the influencer sphere is simple: he wants people to save money, learn a new hobby, and know they’re getting the job done properly.

The people-focused mechanic gets a lot of feedback from happy viewers who get excited that they’ve fixed their own cars, too.

He says since he started out on the YouTube journey, he’s been able to teach millions of people all over the world how to fix and maintain their own cars.

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The Unique Selling Point

While ChrisFix is adamant he’s not in it for the money, the savvy car guy has created an incredibly successful brand.

Even people with very little interest in cars are clicking through to see what Chris will be doing next.


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Whether fans actually need to replace their water pump or not, they’re still tuning in when they get his new video notification.

So what does ChrisFix have that every other automotive “expert” on YouTube is lacking?

Mystery & Face Reveal

ChrisFix rarely shows his face.

This may seem strange to some viewers in the beginning, but it’s a strategy that pays off handsomely for the fix-it guy.

With a camera strapped to his head, we get a clear first-person POV as we move through a car tutorial. Here is the video where you can see Chris’ face.

All those parts that you need to be locating?

He’ll show you exactly where you are from a first-person perspective. In that respect, it’s no mystery at all—it’s just good business sense.

Confidence Building


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While a lot of us go into a tutorial thinking, ‘I probably can’t do this, but let’s hear him out,’ you can go away from a ChrisFix video actually feeling like you’ve got a chance.

His delivery is motivating, he speaks clearly and well, and he has an approachable nature that makes it seem like you can actually achieve what he’s teaching you.

In a social media world where everyone seems like they’re doing life better, it’s refreshing to see ChrisFix trying to lift up his viewers.

Quality videography and editing

We’ve touched on this already, but ChrisFix is known for strong lighting, excellent camera positioning, a steady video, and planned recording.

There’s no vlog-style shuddering camera movements and having the camera pan around haphazardly mid-sentence.

Quality Over Quantity

In an ultra-saturated world of videos about, well, everything, ChrisFix is just doing his thing.

He might upload once a month or twice in the same week, but his fans and followers count on him to deliver a quality video with strong, engaging content every time.

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ChrisFix – Net Worth

So, how much is ChrisFix worth? Magello earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channel, where he has more than 1.56 billion views (meaning about $4.7 million in revenue before taxes). Therefore, American YouTuber ChrisFix has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Chris also sells merch on his website –

Want to see what we mean about the quality of a ChrisFix video? Check out this one about cleaning your engine bay (because really, who is doing this themselves?)

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Woody Roberts

Sunday 19th of June 2022

I really appreciate the videos that he develops. It gives me a sense of worth and a chance at my own success with the projects. Thank you.