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Is Biggie from Baddies West a man or a woman?

Is Biggie from Baddies West a man?


Whether you like it or not, reality TV is now a part of modern entertainment and is here to stay.

Ever since the early 2000s, we’ve seen a general shift in people’s everyday viewing habits, and with shows such as Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and My 600-Pound Life, all proving to be huge hits and drawing big audiences, it’s easy to see why we’ve more reality TV shows than ever before.

One of the main reasons why reality TV does such big numbers is because of the people it features.

Audiences all have their favorites, and as a character becomes more popular, they are subject to more and more scrutiny online.

In the hit reality TV show Baddies, for example, Biggie is a cast member who is subject to a lot of online hate because of her appearance, with many people asking whether she is, in fact, a male.

To help put the issue to bed once and for all, we’re going to look at Biggie, and Baddies West, in more detail.

So, is Biggie from Baddies West, a man? Keep on reading for the answer.

What is Baddies?


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Before we can answer the question of whether Biggie from Baddies West is a man, we first need to look at the show that gave her a platform in the first place.

Baddies is one of the fastest-growing reality TV shows of the modern era and looks set to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

The show premiered in May 2021 and focuses primarily on a group of young women working in the entertainment and promotions industry, who are forced to live together as they host a number of high-profile promotional events.

Now, on paper, it sounds pretty tame, but the thing that makes Baddies so unique and so popular with audiences is the drama.

The women often do not get along, and disagreements and arguments constantly break out, with many of them turning physical.

Fans of Bad Girls Club will no doubt love Baddies because many of the cast members on there are now featured in Baddies.

One of the things that makes the show so unique is that each season is featured in a different location.

The first season, entitled Baddies ATL, was filmed in Atlanta, GA. The second season, Baddies South, was filmed in Southern USA, and there are no prizes for guessing where Baddies West, the third season, was filmed and is set.

How did Baddies come about?


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Don’t worry; we’ll look at whether Biggie from Baddies West is a man or a woman a little later on in this piece. Before then, however, we’re going to look at how we became so blessed to be graced with the televisual treat that is Baddies.

Just like we touched upon previously, Baddies is a TV show that came about as a result of the show Bad Girls Club.

After Bad Girls Club was canned, rumors began circulating that there would be a reboot in 2019.

Bad Girls Club, or BGC for short, was a US reality TV show that centered upon seven physically aggressive, unruly, undisciplined, and at times, out of control women.

In the show, which first broadcast in 2006, the women would live a lavish lifestyle for months at a time in a luxurious mansion, with plenty of alcohol and drama thrown in along the way.

During their time in the house, their lives were recorded for the show.

After a number of controversies, including racial and homophobic slurs, physical violence, and expensive lawsuits, the show’s 12th and final season was aired in 2017.

Many of the crew who worked on BGC looked into potential reboots, and ultimately Baddies was born, though officially, Baddies has nothing to do with BGC at all, other than featuring some of the former cast members, including former executive producers of BGC.

Baddies controversy


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The show Baddies is no stranger to controversy, and when you consider the fact that it is an unofficial spinoff of BGC, it’s easy to see why that is.

Cast members, including Biggie, are regularly subjected to a great deal of online hate, though the show itself has seen its fair share of controversy over the years.

In 2023, for example, news broke that cast member ‘Woah Vicky’ better known as Victoria Waldrip, was pressing charges for assault against Chrisean Monroe, another cast member on the show.

It is speculated that Vicky had a clause in her contract that stated that no physical contact could take place while filming. In other words, nobody could touch her, aggressively or otherwise, and vice versa.

Victoria was allegedly jumped by Monroe and other cast members and even had an object thrown forcefully at her by Monroe.

Waldrip covered the entire ordeal in a 24-minute clip uploaded to her YouTube. She titled the video ‘Yes, I SNITCHED!’


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So, is Biggie from Baddies West a man or a woman?

Damerlin Baez, better known as ‘Biggie,’ is a prominent member of the cast for the third season of Baddies. When Baez turned up for her audition on the show, she introduced herself by her nickname, which was ‘Biggie.’ Producers liked this so much that they let her go by the nickname during the show.

Originally from Rhode Island, Biggie is somewhat broad in size and has a slightly deeper voice than some women. Because of this, online fans have subjected her to a great deal of homophobic hate, with many accusing her of being transgender.

So, is Biggie from Baddies West a man? Well, biologically speaking, Biggie is not a male, nor does she identify as one. Damerlin Baez was born female and identifies as female.


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