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Blanca Clemente Net Worth | Husband

What is Blanca Clemente’s net worth? Who is Blanca Clemente’s husband?


Blanca Clemente is a Spanish stylist, dress & silverware designer, co-founder of the company, Alvaro, and celebrity wife.

Her husband is Alvaro Morte, a Spanish actor who gained worldwide recognition for his role as “The Professor” in the Spanish TV series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel.)

Blanca had made a few cameo appearances in a few of the films her husband stars in but has yet to take the leap into acting.

The Origin Story

Blanca has only recently risen to global prominence; therefore, much of her private information is not yet public.

She was born in Spain and resides there with her husband, Alvaro Morte, a Spanish film actor.

It is believed that she is in or around her 40s.

It is unsure if she met her husband while he had an established acting career or, prior to this, while he was working as a professional engineer.

The couple currently resides in Madrid and lives a quiet life outside of filming.

Blanca Clemente net worth

Alvaro Morte, his wife, Blanca Clemente, and their twin children, Leon and Julieta, enjoy their beach holiday on August 6, 2021, in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands – @Getty

Blanca is a fan of theater and has been part of a local theater community since she was younger, and it is still one of her passions.


She married Alvaro in a private wedding that only family and friends attended.

The marriage was not publicized because it occurred before Alvaro’s celebrity status took off.

Together they share fraternal twins, their son Leon and daughter Julieta, who they keep away from the public eye.


Dealing with her husband’s recent fame was not challenging to navigate. He was already recognized as an accomplished actor in Spain and other regions of Europe before his name entered the American film industry.

In addition, Blanca has made a name for herself locally as a talented and established stylist, so she is accustomed to taking many photos and meeting new people.

Most of the work she is recognized for is designing dresses, food, and silverware. Additionally, she is the co-founder of the Spanish company Alvaro’s, but there are few details.

She sells locally within Spain, across Europe, and other continents.

It can be said that most of her newfound fame results from her husband’s thriving acting career.

Despite this, it doesn’t appear that she uses his fame to make an even bigger name for herself. Instead, she stays under the radar and focuses solely on her career and being a mother behind the scenes.

Life for Blanca became challenging in 2011 when her husband was diagnosed with a tumor in his leg that matured into a potentially fatal cancer.

His doctors led him to believe that the cancer would metastasize quickly, and he should prepare for it to become fatal in less than six months.


During this challenging time, he was working on his acting career, but he decided to put it on hold to focus on treatment the best treatment possible.

Despite the diagnosis and hardship associated with having fatal cancer, Alvaro fought through it, and fortunately, he was cancer-free only a few months following a regimented treatment plan.

This indeed posed a hurdle for Blanca as she was preparing for the presumed devastating result, but she continued to work on her brand while taking care of her then-ill husband.

Unbeknownst to them, he was not only going to successfully beat this ailment but also, his career was on the brink of blowing up just a short time following. Who knows, maybe it was his encounter with a fatal disease that gave him a newfound boost for his passion. Nevertheless, the family healed and moved on.

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La Casa de Papel

Blanca and Alvaro’s life changed drastically only six years later when he was cast as “The Professor” in the Spanish TV series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel).

The premise and manuscript of the film were so appealing that Netflix America picked it up.

They weren’t expecting his level of fame to become so pronounced around the globe so fast, but it did.

Alvaro became a worldwide sensation, and Blanca stood by his side during the time of exciting chaos.

When Alvara’s career began to pick up again, Blanca can be seen in mini roles alongside her husband.

She was given cameo appearances, where she would pop in and out of scenes in a few films.

Fortunately for her, she has already made a local name for herself, so she became accustomed to being recognized, even on a smaller scale. She was always fond of local theater and is part of a theater club in Madrid, so getting behind the camera was something she adored and is one of her passions.

Despite her few experiences with acting, she still prefers her career as a designer and entrepreneur, so she is leaving the drama for her husband to master.

Aside from her busy life as a designer, entrepreneur, and Spanish celebrity wife, she is a busy mom who raises her two children alongside her husband.

Blanca Clemente – Net Worth

So, how much is Blanca Clemente worth? Bianca Clemente’s estimated net worth is $500,000. While she is married to a film actor, her net worth is independent of his and is derived from her career as a stylist and a few cameo appearances in Spanish films.

Her husband has an estimated net worth of $3 million, which adds to Blanca’s as they are married.

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