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Guy Tang Net Worth | Ethnicity

Guy Tang Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Guy Tang’s net worth? What is Guy Tang’s ethnicity?


Guy Tang is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, Youtuber, and singer, who has found great success over the past few years, both online and in his occupation.

The Origin Story

He was born on July 26, 1981, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While Tang does not share a lot of information about his early childhood and family, we do know that his father is Chinese and his mother is Vietnamese.

As a result of this ethnic mix, Tang grew up speaking fluently three languages, English, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

For his training, Tang went to Jenks Beauty College.

This is where he got his initial certification before going on and attending Paul Mitchell’s training courses.


what is the net worth of Guy Tang


His early career as a hairstylist really picked up after Tang started posting beauty, fitness, and lifestyle Youtube videos.

Tang’s original YouTube channel,”sailoguy,” helped him start creating his brand.

His YouTube channel now is self-titled Guy Tang and has over 2.24 million subscribers.

On his channel, he posts many hair videos, including collaborations with other famous YouTubers.

Youtube has not been the only social media platform that Tang has been gaining a following on.

Most notably, Tang also has a very successful Instagram account that has over 2.2 million followers. Instagram and Youtube are the two predominant platforms that Tang uses to produce content.


After his Youtube channel and lifestyle content took off, Tang took all of his knowledge about hair and created his own hair product company known as Mydentity.

The company sells hair color and merchandise to licensed professionals and has gathered many positive reviews since its initial release.

For Tang, this product line was a way of creating a product that truly expressed both himself and all of the knowledge that he had acquired over the years.

It was also a great chance of diversifying his income sources and starting a business that could continue growing outside of his online career. 


Apart from his hairstylist career and his hair products, Tang is also famous for his musical skills.

Tang, an avid music lover, has been posting songs and music videos for his music on his Youtube channel for a number of years.

His popularity as a singer has not only grown over the years, but he has also had many of his singles available on different streaming platforms.

Tang’s EP and singles can also be found on Spotify.

His music has a very electronic hip hop and R7B vibe, and it has, in general, received very positive feedback from the public.

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The Bling Empire

Finally, Tang’s latest project included him starring in the Bling Empire in 2021.

The Bling Empire is a Netflix production that premiered in January 2021.

The series follows a number of wealthy East Asian or East-Asian American socialites as they navigate through life in Los Angeles.

The show is a sort of in real-life Crazy Rich Asians, and it is the first American reality television show in which the entire cast is Asian.

The Bling Empire has found relative success and was renewed for a second season, so, it is likely that Tang will appear in the second season of the reality show.


When it comes to his personal life, for Tang coming out as gay was a long process.

He first came out at the age of 27.

After his coming out, Tang met his partner Almar Guevarra in 2009, and the two soon started dating.

Almar is a full-time brain cancer researcher who is trying to find a cure for brain cancer.

The two have been married for a number of years, and they are bonded by their common love for hair.

In October 2018, Almar was also featured in one of Tang’s videos, where Tang could be seen styling his husband’s hair.

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Guy Tang – Net Worth

So, how much is Guy Tang worth? When it comes to his net worth, Tang has managed to create for himself a diverse number of income courses. Adsense and brand deals alone are two of the main income sources for the hairstylist and musician. Therefore, Guy Tang has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, Tang has over 225 million views, meaning about $675k in revenue.

He most likely also makes a nice sum from his appearance in the Netflix reality TV show, as he appeared in the majority of the episodes of the show.

His hair product line and brand are also going to be another source of income that helps raise Tang’s net worth.

In 2020, Guy and Henkel donated more than $1 million worth of #mydentity haircare products.

Tang is an Olaplex Ambassador.

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