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Curtis Stone Net Worth | Wife

Curtis Stone Net Worth – $30 million

What is Curtis Stone’s net worth? Who is Curtis Stone’s wife?


Who doesn’t root for the underdog?

People clamor to see the commonplace become incomparable.

For most, this seems like nothing more than an impossibility. But for Curtis Stone, his dreams of culinary infamy became a reality despite his bland beginnings.

If this truly is a rags to riches tale, one could only wonder: just what is Curtis Stone’s net worth now, and how did he acquire his foodie fortune?

If you’re unfamiliar with Australia’s finest gourmand, allow us to introduce you to Curtis Travis Stone.

A Tasteless Start

Curtis Stone has forever imprinted his fingerprint on history through his signature cutlery, award-winning restaurants, and bestselling cookbooks.

This multifaceted celebrity even occupied our television screens, hosting shows that introduced his dishes to a worldwide audience.

But before gaining his global glory, Curtis Stone started as another nameless face in the bustling city of Melbourne.

Curtis Stone age


Born to a family of florists and accountants, Stone’s culinary aspirations started in the cramped quarters of his home kitchen under the watchful tutelage of his paternal grandmother, Maude.

Despite his interest in the industry, Stone forwent pursuing food until he reached high school.

An apprenticeship at a vocational school awakened his affection for commercial cookery.

When his schooling concluded, Stone packed his bags and backpacked around the world on an adventure that would kick-start his career to unprecedented heights.

An Appetizing Career

Stone’s travels landed him first in the Savoy Hotel of Melbourne as a chef, but it was not until he arrived in London that his skills in the kitchen caught the eye of true culinarians.

Marco Pierre White welcomed him into the crew of the Grill Room, with Stone’s impressive work ethic earning him a position as the Chef de Partie at one of White’s other restaurants after only six months of employment.

One year later saw Stone coming into his own as the Head Chef of White’s newest eatery.

His recent rise to notoriety earned him an offer to co-host the traveling cooking show, Surfing the Menu, with fellow Australian chef Ben O’Donoghue.

His magnetic charm and chiseled features drew audiences to him in droves – and the TV deals didn’t stop there.

Stone made his American debut in 2006 as the host of TLC’s long-running hit show, Take Home Chef.

The popularity afforded him here earned him a position on the judges’ and investors’ panels America’s Next Great Restaurant.

His sound wisdom and winning smile won him the spot as the newfound host of Top Chef Masters only one year later – his most lucrative opportunity yet.

Television only expedited his external success.

Curtis Stone Net Worth


While Stone’s earliest cookbooks had experienced a modicum of success, 2013 brought with it a welcome surprise: What’s For Dinner? became a New York Times bestseller.

Despite the literary acclaim, critics online had condemned one crucial lack in his life: a restaurant of his own.

The establishment of Maude, Stone’s first eatery, silenced the slander – as did the Michelin Star it earned five years later.

Stone followed up with the founding of his second restaurant, Gwen, in the heart of Hollywood two years later.

To this day, Stone continues churning out new creations in the kitchen and charming new watchers on the television. But Stone isn’t all about working – he’s done his fair share of wooing, too.

Dishing out the Details on Stone’s Romance

While the long-held belief that “love is blind” remains a point of contention, one fateful encounter proved its veracity to Stone and his unexpected paramour: Lindsay Price.

Curtis Stone and wife Lindsay Price


One blind date between two strangers led to a legendary love story.

Despite their mutual reluctance at keeping their predetermined rendezvous, the two knew their futures were sealed at first sight.

From 2009 onwards, Curtis Stone has known no other love than Lindsay Price.

That blind date led to one additional surprise two years thereafter: the birth of their first son, Hudson Stone, in the autumn of 2011.

Seeing the fruit of their union and the writing on the wall of where their lives would simultaneously lead, Stone knew they needed to take one significant step forward. Together.

While on a trip to Positano, Stone led Price out to a balcony overlooking the city and bowed on one knee before her.

Price accepted as soon as Stone popped the question, and their engagement was solidified.

The two confirmed their lifelong vows to one another in Spain the next year and moved to the burrows of Brentwood.

Within their home, they welcomed a new life – that of their second baby boy, Emerson Stone, in September of 2014.

The fully-formed family of four still resides together in Los Angeles, cooking and acting to their hearts’ content.

And while the family is priceless, Stone, on his own, is worth more than meets the eye.

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Curtis Stone – Net Worth

what is the net worth of Curtis Stone


Curtis Stone has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

But, how did Stone made his wealth?

Stone’s appearance on Top Chef Masters pays out $100,000 per episode – and that doesn’t account for his other televised appearances. But it’s more than the big screen that gives Stone the big bucks.

Despite not functioning as a chef in either location, Maude and Gwen continue to accrue a hefty profit.

A portion of those funds is funneled directly into the wallet of their founder.

If his premises hadn’t paid the bills themselves, his decade-long partnership with Coles Supermarket of Australia would still have secured his wealth year after year.

While all of those sources serve as active income, there is a passive presence that cannot be overlooked – his cookbooks. From Surfing the Menu, his first literary foray in 2005, to his latest creation, Good Food, Good Life, on decade letter, Stone sells books to make bank.

There’s one other notable supplement to his income stream: his real estate.

While he does not serve as a chef in either of them, Stone’s ownership of both Maude and Gwen no doubt earns him his dues.

If that weren’t enough, his decade-long partnership with Coles Supermarket in Australia has supplied him with funds year after year.

Need more proof of his worth?

Then consider the six cookbooks that continue to sell year after year. From his first cookbook, Surfing the Menu, back in 2005, to his latest cookbook, Good Food, Good Life, in 2015, Stone sells books to make bank.

A decent chunk of his yearly salary comes from his former bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills.

After buying the estate for $3.1 million, he now rents it out for $15,000-$16,000 per month.

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Home of the Stone

When Stone moved to the States, he reserved a home for one in the Hollywood Hills.

His budding relationship with Lindsay Price, however, required him to surrender the bachelor pad. That estate is now leased to lucky customers for $15,000 – $16,000 per month.

Stone and Price’s romance forced them to relocate to a joint home in Los Angeles where they, and their children, could roam free. However, their stay therein would not last forever.

The couple and their kids relocated to Mandeville Canyon in 2018. That new residence drained $7.9 million dollars out of the hands of Curtis Stone’s $30 million dollar fortune.

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