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Dok2 Net Worth | Biography

Dok2 Net Worth – $5 million

What is Dok2’s net worth?


Dok2 (birth name – Lee Joon-Kyung) is a South Korean hip-hop artist and record producer who recorded popular albums such as – Love & Life, The Album, Reborn, Hustle Real Hard, and Flow 2 Flow.

In addition, Lee and fellow musician The Quiett formed Illionaire Records, an independent South Korean record label.


He was born on March 28, 1990, in South Korea.

His father is a famous guitarist. His name is Willy Lee.

Lee is of South Korean, Filipino, and Spanish descent.

Dok2 recorded his first demo tape when he was 12 years old.

dok2 net worth

Gonzo aka Dok2 attends the photocall for G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary “Shock The World” Seoul – @Getty

At age 13, he signed to Future Flow Entertainment, a music record label that was founded by South Korean entertainer Cho PD. At some point, the record label was renamed Stardom Entertainment. It was acquired by Hunus Entertainment in July 2015.

During high school, Lee produced and written songs for established Korean hip-hop groups, including:

  • Epik High;
  • Dynamic Duo;
  • Drunken Tiger.

In 2006, Lee and Microdot (a South Korean singer and rapper who has appeared on Tribe of Hip Hop, Unpretty Rapstar, and Show Me the Money) released the album Chapter 1 under the name of ALL BLACK.

After the breakup of ALL BLACK, he pursued a solo career.

On May 14, 2009, he released Illstrumentalz Vol. 1.

Illionaire Records

what is the net worth of Dok2


On January 1, 2011, Lee and The Quiett (a South Korean rapper who also co-founded hip hop record label Soul Company in 2004) formed Illionaire Records.

In the same year, they signed Beenzino, a South Korean rapper. In 2012, Beenzino released his first solo album, 24:26, under the Illionaire Records label.

In 2016, Beenzino released another album, named – ”12.”

On January 25, 2011, Lee released Flow 2 Flow.

On April 19, 2011, Dok2 released – ”Hustle Real Hard,” which has the following songs:

  • 1llionaire Begins;
  • It’s Gon’ Shine;
  • Goodday (featuring Bumkey);
  • That’s Me (featuring Rado);
  • My Girl;
  • My Love (featuring Jay Park);
  • Don’t Stop the Music;
  • I Am What I Am;
  • Never (feat. Y.D.G.);
  • Q.W.N.A (Questions With No Answers);
  • Hustle Real Hard (featuring Soulja Boy);
  • On My Way (featuring Zion.T);
  • Mr. Independent 2 (featuring Beenzino & The Quiett);
  • Come Closer/Flow2nite (featuring Rado & The Quiett).

On February 24, 2012, he released – ”Love & Life, The Album.”

willy lee dok2

Dok2 performs during halftime of a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Orlando Magic – @Getty

On June 23, 2015, Lee released – ”Multillionaire,” which has the songs:

  • 치키차카초코초;
  • Still Me;
  • 내가 (featuring Beenzino & The Quiett);
  • Multillionaire (produced by DJ Mustard);
  • 111%;
  • Spirit Of Ecstasy (produced by Jahlil Beats);
  • More Than Just A Girl;
  • 니가 없네 (featuring Junggigo);
  • Lie Down (featuring Mr. Gordo & Satbyeol);
  • Ain’t Comin’ Down;
  • We Gotta Know;
  • Still On My Way (featuring Zion.T);
  • Mr. Independent 3 (featuring Jinbo).

In September 2016, The Quiett and Lee formed a new label Ambition Musik under Illionaire Records. Soon, Lee and The Quiett introduced three rappers:

  • Hash Swan;
  • Changmo;
  • Kim Hyo-eun.

Illionaire Records also has a YouTube channel with over 27 million views and more than 122,000 subscribers.

Show Me the Money

dok2 multillionaire

Dok2 attends LA Uprising Saigu Peace Gathering at Liberty Park – @Getty

Show Me The Money is a South Korean rap competition television show which airs on Mnet. The first season of SMTM began airing on June 22, 2012.

In 2014, Lee was a judge on the third season of Show Me the Money. During the show, The Quiett and Lee were the producers behind winning contestant Bobby of the band iKon.

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how much is Dok2 worth

Dok2 performs onstage during the LA Uprising Saigu Peace Gathering – @Getty

On March 28, 2017, Lee released another album, called – ”Reborn.” It has the following songs:

  • Reborn;
  • Ambition and Vision (featuring The Quiett, Hash Swan, Kim Hyo Eun, Changmo, and Beenzino);
  • Rollercoaster (featuring Jo Wonsun);
  • Hiphop Lover;
  • Plus 82 (featuring Bryan Chase);
  • W.T.F. (Who The F###);
  • 워럽(wattup) (featuring Kim Hyo-eun);
  • In My Whip (featuring The Quiett, Superbee, Jay Park);
  • On & On (featuring Lee Hi);
  • Money Dance (featuring Okasian, Bryan Chase, B-Free).

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Robbed in Los Angeles

On November 5, 2018, burglars had broken into his car and stolen his and his manager’s backpack, while they were having dinner in Koreatown, LA.

Lee wrote on his Instagram account:

“Last night between 7 PM and 7:30 PM, some thefts stole my backpack and my manager’s from our car, which was located at the parking lot of LA Koreatown’s Hanbat Sullungtang restaurant.”


”With big labels and big companies, we got to wait for our turn and you know, the season and all that. We don’t have that kind of thing.”

”We grew up watching rappers get stuck and caught up by the Korean contract system.”

”We tell our own stories, we don’t make up stories. So we get inspired by our own life.”

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He lives with cats, and even has a dedicated room for them. In his words:

“I have bad rhinitis so I constantly have tissues with me.”

Lee continued:

”My allergies are very picky but I didn’t know cats shed this much hair.”

In 2019, Renowned LA launched a new varsity jacket in collaboration with Lee.

Dok2 – Net Worth

So, how much is Dok2 worth? Lee earned most of his wealth from his music as well as from co-founding the record label Illionaire Records. So far, Dok2 has released several albums, including – Illstrumentalz Vol. 1, Flow 2 Flow, Hustle Real Hard, Love & Life, The Album, Multillionaire, and Reborn. Therefore, South Korean hip-hop artist Dok2 has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Lee has close to 1 million followers on Instagram. On this platform, Lee can post sponsored posts averaging $10,000.

On Spotify, Lee has over 69K monthly listeners.

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