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Donnie Swaggart Net Worth | Wife

Donnie Swaggart Net Worth – $1 million

What is Donnie Swaggart’s net worth? Also. who is Donnie Swaggart’s wife?


As the only child of Jimmy Swaggart, the shamed televangelist mogul, Donnie Swaggart had a large burden on his shoulders when his father “took a break” from leading Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the Family Worship Center Church.

Between running an evangelist empire, traveling the world, raising a big family, and acting as co-pastor at the Family Worship Center—Donnie Swaggart has a lot on his plate.

The Origin Story

Donnie was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 18, 1954.

As the only child of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and his wife Frances, Donnie was named after his father’s late brother—who had passed away as a baby.


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Donnie Swaggart married his wife Debbie, and the couple had three children together: Gabriel, Matthew, and Jennifer.

Gabriel, their eldest son, heads the youth ministry of the church alongside his wife, Jill.

The pair have three daughters: Samantha, Abby, and Caroline Frances, after Gabriel’s mother.

Matthew, the middle son, lives in Oklahoma with his wife Joanna and children Ryder, Navy, and Lola.

Matthew is separate from his father’s ministry, choosing to pursue a career in photography and graphic art.

Jennifer—Donnie and Debbie’s daughter—graduated with a Masters in Education and lives in Georgia with her husband Cliff and their children Harper and Harrison.

As a father to three and a grandfather to eight, there’s one other member of the Swaggart family that deserves a special mention.

Boudreaux, Donnie’s faithful bulldog companion, was an important part of the Swaggart home for over a decade until his passing in June 2015.

Donnie wrote of his faithful friend’s passing: “Boudreaux was my friend and companion for 10 years.

He brought sunshine and happiness to me and all who knew him. He will be greatly missed. Boo, I love you.”

The Church


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Donnie is often touted as having a dynamic, charismatic presence as a pastor and evangelist.

He travels the world on a regular basis to serve his ministry, and also acts as co-pastor to his local Baton Rouge church.

The vivacious pastor’s goal is to bring the message of God to those who have been bored with cold and overly rigid religious practice.

Through his ministry, his travel, and his own congregation, it is his mission to bring new vigor and energy to religion.

He is also popular for his speaking engagements at his father’s twice-annual Camp Meetings.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go


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Although home for Donnie and his family will always be Baton Rouge, Louisiana—where Donnie was born and raised—he has traveled to many countries, including:

  • South Africa;
  • Australia;
  • The UK;
  • Nigeria;
  • Norway;
  • Sweden;
  • Ukraine;
  • Brazil;
  • Colombia;
  • Argentina.

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A Family of Controversy


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As the son of Jimmy Swaggart, Donnie is no stranger to drama.

His father was tied up in scandal twice for soliciting a prostitute.

The second time, instead of delivering a tearful confession to his congregation and family—which he had done the first time he was caught with photographic evidence of his extra-marital indiscretions—he took a different path.

In front of his congregation at the Family Worship Center, a belligerent Jimmy said: “The Lord told me it’s flat none of your business.”

Donnie moved in, saving the awkward moment by explaining that his father was taking a step back from heading the family ministry to heal.

The scandal, showcased in Ozzy Osbourne’s Miracle Man, and Iron Maiden’s Holy Smoke, would cost the televangelist empire millions.

After handling his father’s scandals with such grace, it was a surprise to see Donnie courting controversy of his own in 2014.

On the Texas talk show Frances and Friends, Donnie claimed that the LGBTQ movement wants to ”destroy Christianity.”

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Donnie Swaggart – Net Worth

So, how much is Donnie Swaggart worth?

Swaggart earned most of his wealth from his work as a co-pastor of the Family Worship Center Church in Baton Rouge as well as from selling copies of his book — “Church, Read the book of Acts and get Ready!”

American pastor Donnie Swaggart has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Want to see Donnie Swaggart in action? Check out his blog for his interpretation of environmentalism, elections, and capitalism.

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Barry C. Solomon

Monday 12th of June 2023

I think Donny Swaggart is a wonderfull Preacher. And he earns every cent he gets. For all he does. he is worth more then 1 Million, And I love Frances and Friends. And He Keeps me so I Love Jesus with all my heart, Praise the Lord. And now I have the Holy Ghost in my heart .

greg carmack

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

Donnie preaches the Word

Victoria scott

Friday 6th of January 2023

He deserves it as a true child of God.

Beverley Pepper

Tuesday 25th of October 2022

i love watching the services by Jimmy Swaggart,such a passionate man, he loves Jesus very much, i hear that by the songs he sings to the Lord. Beverley Pepper, from New Zealand wife of a Pastor who has now gone to be with the Lord

Shelton Polk

Wednesday 19th of October 2022

I love the whole Swaggart ministries and support it financially, but I don't choose to be a media member - a support partner in ministry would sound better. The reason is they can only minister to me long distance and receive my freely given offerings, but they are not there for me day and night for prayer, weddings, funerals, hospitalizations and other crisis. Of chorus not requiring a Swaggart personality, but at least a staff minister as is the case locally, but impossible for the media members of the church. For this I have to turn to local ministries that I have not supported with tithe and offerings. This just doesn't seem fair or right. I don't begrudge anything that has built them a financial empire, they have earned it, but not at the expense, in any case of depriving the local church ministries, although they do encourage your faithful support of your local church. I agree I choose voluntarily of where I worship (I am from a recliner due to disability, yet my basic giving belongs to my local church even though I cannot attend either in person. I do feel very free to support all of their outreach ministries the best I can (Shar-a-thons and Bible-thons) but not as member of the church long distance (media members from whom they would think you should tithe to that distance church). It is your choice, but my perspective. I just want to keep being blessed by this ministry.