Eboni K. Williams – Net Worth, Salary, Age, Book, Husband?

Eboni Kiuhnna Williams is an American political commentator, radio personality, author, and attorney, who has contributed to Hannity and The O’Reilly Factor.

Williams is best known as one of the co-hosts of Fox News Channel’s Fox News Specialists. In addition, Williams has co-hosted a talk show on New York’s WABC Radio. In 2019, she has become the host of State of the Culture, an American late-night talk show.


Eboni was born on September 9, 1983, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

At age 16, she was enrolled at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Later, Williams graduated with a B.A. in Communications and African-American Studies.

After, Ebony received a law degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

In 2008, she started to provide legal counsel in civil litigation and family law. She was a public defender and has represented clients in criminal matters including:

  • federal offenses;
  • murders;
  • sex crimes;
  • high volume drug cases;
  • rapes.

In 2014, she started to work at CBS. After one year, she joined Fox News.

Fox News Specialists

On May 1, 2017, she had become a co-host for the Fox News Specialists afternoon show co-hosts Katherine Timpf and Eric Bolling.

The show was created to replace “The Five,” a panel talk show on Fox News Channel that featured a panel who discusses pop culture, political issues, and current stories.

In August 2017, Fox News suspended Eric Bolling, due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Upon Eric’s departure from the Fox News Specialists, the network canceled the TV show on September 7, 2017.

A Fox News spokesperson said in a statement:

“Fox News Channel is canceling the ‘Specialists,’ and Eric Bolling and Fox have agreed to part ways amicably.”

The spokesperson also said:

“We thank Eric for his 10 years of service to our loyal viewers and wish him the best of luck.”

In 2018, Williams left Fox News. A Fox News spokesperson confirmed that the network and Ebony amicably parted ways.

During an interview, she said about her time with Fox News:

”It was … challenging. But I knew that, and I didn’t go there to be comfortable.”

Ebony went on to say:

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Joy. It’s an energy I’ve fought hard to capture, and even harder to hold onto. Everyday some person, circumstance, news headline, social media post, or text message will work overtime to steal our joy. It’s imperative that we remember the onus is on US to rebuke those attempts and hold on tight. We must maintain our personal relationship to joy and protect it. My joy is deeply rooted in my commitment to excellence. My inner circle will tell you it’s a defining characteristic of my personality. My insatiable drive for excellence (also known as #PushyAF;-) brings me so much joy. It’s the thing that wakes me up in the morning and comforts me as I go to sleep at night. I truly feel if I’m not going to be among the best to ever do it, why bother?! It’s a high threshold, but it doesn’t intimidate me. It motivates me to DO THE WORK. What scares the shit out of me? Mediocrity. It actually angers me. Someone said “Mediocrity attacks excellence. So if you seek to live a life of excellence, those that have an agreement with mediocrity will attack you because you are making them uncomfortable” 😳 Well damn. I’m old enough to know this is truth. Strangers, friends, family, colleagues or even romantic partners that are in relationships with mediocrity will never understand your relationship with excellence, they might even resent you for it. It’s truly ok. This calling to excellence is not for everybody. What I don’t want you to do (that I sadly used to do) is spend your energy and joy explaining your commitment to excellence to those in-love with mediocrity. Accept that we’re all entitled to live on the terms that bring us joy. I love yal and I’m inviting you to lean into your commitment to excellence. Excellence in service to others, professional pursuits, personal development, relationship functioning, parenting….you get it…excellence in all things. Reject society’s efforts to shame you into mediocrity. That’s for their comfort, not yours. A favorite scripture of mine is Colossians 3:23 “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people.” On that note, join me in recommitting to joy and excellence in all things! 💛🙏🏾🙌🏾💪🏾

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”Let me be clear, I did not walk into Fox News to be comfortable. I walked in there to disrupt.”

In 2019, she had become a host in Revolt TV’s State of the Culture. The music television network announced that Williams will be joining Jinx, Remy Ma, and Joe Budden, on the popular program.

Ebony’s rep said:

“Eboni made a decision to leave Fox News at the end of 2018. She’s excited to be pursuing new opportunities.” 

Williams said in a press release:

“Joining REVOLT is an opportunity for me to impact the culture at a critical time.”

Ebony later added:

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My #WCW is Essence Magazine. @essence has BEEN on the vanguard of celebrating black women. Particularly, the power of the black woman collective. My favorite cover epitomizes what that looks like. Swipe to see it 👸🏾🌟💫 As the Great Debra Langford said at our E-Suite Essence panel, “If you find yourself in rare-air space, look up, and realize you’re the ONLY black woman there…you’re DOING IT WRONG!! 🗣🗣🗣. Yes, it’s incumbent on YOU,not them, to make space look & feel different. If you’re looking for incentive around that, let me give you some. Each week I’m on a coffee date, phone call or email thread with a young black queen looking to be in media, law, business, or a combo of these dynamic industries. I’m telling them what I did, what I WISH I’d done instead, and offering as much constructive feedback as possible. My mom (Bless her ❤️)asked why I spend so much time on these young people instead of funneling ALL of my energy into my own hustle. “You’re basically training your replacement, Eb” she said out of concern. I let her know I was absolutely NOT. First of all, these young ladies are my protection, not my competition. Read it again. When you wonder why powerful men fail-up, ascend with mediocrity, etc, it’s because they have built structural protection by insulating themselves with a bunch of other (typically) white men that literally protect one another’s interests. Can you even imagine what this shit should look like if black women adopted this attitude, instead of being proud or feeling safe as the “only one?” 👀Shiiiiitttttt we would dominate. So, I’m investing in these young ladies as a measure of self-protection & a generational growth model. Second of all, I’m operating on god-given gifts and I CANNOT be replaced…yes, I’m that exceptional 😜. For real. I can and WILL give you the tools to manifest YOUR destiny. But I guarantee we don’t have the same destiny, thats small thinking. And I serve a Big-Time God🙏🏾. So Queens, quit worrying about “canceling each other out.” You ever seen a white man worried about canceling out another white man? Me either. Lift, Climb & Shine together. Thank you @essence 💎👸🏾👸🏽👸🏿👸🏾🌟💫

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”It’s extremely important for me to have a platform where I can empower people and continue breaking down controversial issues in a valuable and useful way.”

During an interview, the political commentator said:

“When I left Fox, I had no job. That’s the cost of disruption, and I’m fine with that.”

Ebony continued:

“I would rather take the financial consequences and get what God has for me because I know that I can’t get what God has for me if I’m holding onto things he’s trying to free me from.”

Death Threats

In 2017, Williams received death threats after she criticized US President Donald Trump while on-air on “The Fox News Specialists” for initially failing to specifically condemn the hate groups involved in the Charlottesville rally.

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

Soon, her website was inundated with numerous hateful e-mails.

In her segment, Ebony declared:

”Mr. President your initial remarks were cowardly.”

Williams went on to say:

”In a moment where you could have been crystal clear where you stand on the issue of inclusion, standing up against white supremacy and domestic terrorism, you very intentionally chose to be ambiguous and to equivocate.”


On November 8, 2016, she released her first book, titled – ”Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success.”

In each chapter, Ebony explores how many others have learned to balance their prettiness with substance. She is also joined by other powerful women like Desiree Rogers, Marcia Clark, and Meghan McCain.

She said about the book:

”The book is a love letter to women, and I’m unapologetic about that.”


Williams is not married, but, according to reports, she is involved in a longterm relationship with a childhood friend. In 2017, she wrote on her Twitter account:

”I’m actually 34 years old (in Sept) and I’m in a wonderful relationship.”


Ebony is 5’1″ (155 cm) tall.


”Being pretty is a really global statement, there is no one [defintion of] pretty.”

”If you want to be a disruptor – and we’ve chosen to do that, nobody asked us to do that.”

”The single most important quality of any attorney is credibility.”

”I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I take a position that we’re all entrepreneurs.”


She is a registered independent and voted for Barack Obama. She once said about Obama (regarding Charlottesville rally):

Barack Obama
Image credit – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Poster-sized_portrait_of_Barack_Obama.jpg

“While I think President Obama was uniquely positioned as a black man and the leader of the free world.”

Williams continued:

”In that moment to speak to those black males in Chicago in a way I would have better appreciated, it’s a similar thing with President Trump right now.”

Ebony appears regularly on New York City’s talk radio station 77 WABC.

In 2018, ESSENCE recognized Williams as a Woke 100 woman.

She helped New Orleans council members in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Eboni K. Williams – Net Worth & Salary

Williams earned most of her wealth from working as an attorney as well as being the co-host in several shows. Ebony’s salary was not revealed to the public, but she probably made around $100,000 per month as a TV host. Therefore, Eboni K. Williams has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.



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