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How much does Tony Beets pay his workers?

How much does Tony Beets pay his crew?


When it comes to reality TV, one of the most popular shows on the box today is Gold Rush.

Formerly known as Gold Rush: Alaska, the TV show has become one of the most popular of its kind for good reason.

Airing on Discovery, the show provides us with a wonderful range of insight into the gold mining world.

The show covers a wide range of different mining firms across the USA. Focused in places like Alaska, Yukon, Klondike, and Canada, the Gold Rush makes for some pretty exceptional viewing.

One of the main drivers behind the show is the case involved. As one of the most prominent members of the cast, Tony Beets gets a lot of airtime on the TV show.

Beets has such an interesting personality that many wonder how he copes with the day-to-day chaos of the gold mining world. Safe to say, the mining veteran is not shy to tell people when they have made a mistake!

With that in mind, then, Beets has a lot of questions about him online.

People want to know more about one of the people who could be considered the ‘face’ of the show.

Let’s take a look, then, at who Tony Beets is, what he does, and a crucial question that is often asked online: how much does Tony Beets pay his workers?

Take a look below, and you can find helpful information about Tony, his time on the Gold Rush, and some available information about how much money he commits to paying the experts involved in the gold mining industry with him.

Who is Tony Beets?

what does tony beets pay his workers


Tony Beets is a gold mining expert who hails from Dutch-Canadian stock.

He runs one of Klondike’s most prominent gold mining operations.

As the owner of the Tamarack Mine, he is someone who many in the industry look up to and aspire to emulate, thanks to the incredible success that he has enjoyed within the gold mining world.

Beets grew up in the Netherlands, having been born in the Wijdenes region of the country.

Growing up on the Beets family farm, Tony helped by milking the cows and working on various machinery.

Eventually, though, he started gravitating towards getting involved in the mining industry.

Likely seeing the immense potential for huge profits in mining, Tony was drawn to the concept of getting involved in the mining world.

Eventually, his gold mining operation would begin when he moved to Dawson City to become a gold hunter.

This was way back in 1983, meaning Tony Beets has been involved in gold mining for nearly 40 years!

Before he could get involved in the mining world, though, he had to work extremely hard.

Aged just 15, Tony watched his father become disabled and thus was asked to step up and deal with a lot of the work on the farm.

Before his exit in the 1980s, Tony worked to ensure that his family’s farm was in good condition before chasing his dream of being a gold hunter.

Does Tony have a family?

Yes, he does. Tony has a wife – Minnie, whom he has been married to for many years.

The couple have four children – Monica, Kevin, Michael, and Bianca.

Given that Tony has been involved in the gold mining scene for so long, it is natural that he has started to plan for his family to eventually take over the gold mining business.

As such, three of his keys are regulars on Gold Rush and look certain to take over from their father one day eventually. However, his oldest daughter, Bianca, is not involved in the family business.

She has her business interests and is not seen anywhere near as much in the Gold Rush show or through related media.

Her son, though, Eagan, has appeared once or twice on the Gold Rush show to help out with the family.

Considering that so many of the family are involved in the gold rush scene, it is interesting that one of Tony’s daughters has decided to do her own thing.

Like any good parent, though, he appears to have accepted the decision with minimal fuss and effort.

Gold Rush

how much does tony beets pay his employees

Tony Beets Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel discuss “Gold Rush” with Build Brunch at Build Studio – @Getty

Tony Beets first joined the Gold Rush show over a decade ago when he arrived in 2011.

His development within the Gold Rush show came from the second season onward, and the 66-year-old is involved in more than just his mining operations in Klondike.

For example, in the fourth season of Gold Rush, he provided Parker Schnabel, another popular character on the show, access to the Scribner Creek claim.

He worked for a smaller amount early on in the show’s history, as at first, he was not always involved as prominently as he is now.

To begin with, he acted as a consultant to Todd, another show member, providing much-needed advice and insight. However, he joined the show on a more regular basis to become a mentor to the Parker family.

In the fifth season, Tony Beets will have his team working with him.

The current project that Tony Beets is involved in revolves around dealing with a dredge that has existed for three-quarters of a century. This dredge in Clear Creek will be moving from here to the claim that Tony Beets owns some 150 miles away.

How successful is Beets?

How much does Tony Beets pay his crew


We can safely say that Tony Beets is a pretty successful guy.

He has been involved in the mining industry for years.

You also need to factor in the massive success of Gold Rush as a TV show. Indeed, it is believed that Tony Beets makes as much as $25,000 per show for the Gold Rush.

This would undoubtedly make him the highest-paid member of the Gold Rush cast.

Taking into account his experience, his success in the industry, and the fact he can provide the cameras with both great mining experiences and a wonderful family dynamic to show on-screen, it should come as no surprise that he has been so successful.

The show would not be the same without Tony and his family, that is for sure.

One of the show’s main successes is that Beets and his family keep claim to all of the gold mined on the show.

The show is just there to show the world what is happening with the gold mining industry.

Beets and his family retain rights to all claims and all gold mined during the show; Discovery has no rights over the gold mined or the land claimed during the show.

The cameras show us Tony and the other experts doing their thing!

Compared to some of the cast on Gold Rush, Beets makes much more than people might first assume.

For example, one of the other main characters, Jim Thurber, is believed to make around $10,000 a month from the show. Sterling Anderson, another regular, makes about $16,000.

So, Tony Beets is the highest earner compared to many of his contemporaries on the show. Given his experience and his importance to the show’s popularity, though, that might not come as much of a surprise to many people.

How much is Tony worth?

Tony started life humbly, working on his family farm and as a milkman.

Much of his expertise in machine operations comes from a life on his family farm but also from a few years spent working in The Netherlands as a machine operator for a construction firm.

His first gold finds came as early as 1984, though, and since then, Tony has managed to amass a pretty spectacular amount of wealth for himself.

Tony Beets has a net worth of $17m. It is pretty clear that, as the most senior member of the Gold Rush cast, Tony is the most successful gold mine operator on the show.

Alongside his gold mines, Tony runs a range of properties and businesses and makes a lot of money. Tony also makes money by renting out his gold mines in places like Paradise Hill.

In 2021, as part of a goal set by the Gold Rush series, Beets was determined to mine as much as 900 ounces of gold throughout the series. The value of that amount of gold would be, at the time of writing, around $16m.

How much does Tony Beets pay his workers?

Despite his success and fame on the show, some questions exist about how the mining operations work for Beets and his crew. So, with that in mind, plenty of people ask one thing: how much does Tony Beets pay his workers?

You would expect that with such wealth and personal wealth, Tony is pretty generous to his operational staff. Tony Beets is believed to pay around $34 per hour to his mining crew, though he can sometimes pay as much as $56 per hour to those with more experience. This is especially true of those involved in the Gold Rush TV show.

At $35-56/hour, his staff are paid very well for the work that they put in.

His team is believed to put in a huge amount of working hours per week, though, with an estimate of anything from 40 to 75 hours per week to get the job done and ensure that as much gold is mined per week as possible.

However, staff who put in some extra time and commit to overtime can enjoy as much as $42 per hour – for more experienced staff, that is sure to increase.

Therefore, if you tally it up, staff who work for Tony Beets and his mining firm could be looking at around $65,000 per year before we consider bonuses. That is not bad, right?

At the $56/hour rate, though, staff could be looking at as much as $116,000 per year.

That is an incredible income, though it is fair compensation for how much hard work goes into dealing with the mining operations involved in the TV show. With that in mind, it is clear that Tony Beets does his workers a pretty good job.

Does he cover housing?

Since 2021, it is believed that Tony Beets and his company have provided free accommodation for their staff.

This also includes free food and free vehicle coverage. Even better, it even provides for the introduction of some free beer!

However, there is some confusion about whether this is for every staff member.

This has to be further verified, but it appears that the mining firms that Beets operates provide people with a fantastic wage and a helping hand when it comes to sorting out lodgings, food, and transport.

The less someone deals with when involved in the industry, the better.

Final Words

So, as you can see, Tony Beets is a very successful and wealthy man.

His work on Gold Rush has made him internationally famous, but Beets was a successful man long before the TV show came on the scene.

His wealth is within the gold industry, but he has a keen business mind and has shown himself to be an excellent leader in the past, which has helped to ensure that his staff are always given the kind of fair compensation that one would expect.

Now that you also know how Tony Beets pays his workers, would you ever consider getting involved in the gold mining industry yourself?

The work is hard, and the hours are long, but the work is highly enjoyable.

Add in the excellent pay and the potential for help with things like lodging and food, and it is easy to see why so many people want to work for experts like Tony Beets!


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