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How much does Dr. William Barber weigh?

How much does Dr William Barber weigh?


The internet is a funny old place.

It’s a place where grown adults will argue with each other over the most trivial of matters.

It’s a place where you can spend hours watching fail compilations when you’re supposed to be being productive, and it’s a place where you can ask all manner of questions and get an answer, regardless of how obscure it may be.

Dr William Barber II, for example, is a hugely influential figure in the world of politics and religion.

Because of this, people, of course, want to learn more about him and find out all kinds of fun and unique facts about him.

One of the most common questions people ask online, for example, is how much Dr. William Barber weighs.

That’s right, even though many would consider it rude because he is such a large man, people often wonder how much he weighs.

Well, not ones to shy away from the facts; we’re going to do our best to answer the question below.

So, how much does Dr William Barber weigh? Let’s learn more about him and find out, shall we?

Who is Dr William Barber?

rev dr william j barber ii biography

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber welcomes attendees at a moral Mass at Trinity Church – @Getty

Dr William J. Barber II was born on August 30, 1963.

He is an American social activist, a Protestant minister, and a professor in the Practice of Public Theology and Public Policy.

He is also a founding director at Yale’s Divinity School at the Center for Public Theology and Public Policy.

Barber served as president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) from 2006 to 2017.

This chapter is the largest in the Southern US and is the second-largest in the USA.

Early Life and Education

rev.william barber biography

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, speaks to members of the press – @Getty

Born in Indianapolis, Barber’s family relocated to Washington County, North Carolina, when he was still very young.

They relocated to participate in the desegregation of the public school system.

His mother worked as an office manager and secretary, his father was a physics tutor, and William was, of course, a student.

From a young age, William had a keen interest in politics, religion, and human rights.

He was even elected the president of his local NAACP youth council in 1978 when he was just a teenager.

It was clear that he was born to lead, and two years later, he found himself as the student body president of his local high school.

This was a big step, not only because of the fact that he was the first president to serve at the integrated high school in over a full year but also because it broke tradition.

Traditionally, each semester, they would alternate between a white president and a black president.

Barber was, and is, an incredibly intelligent man.

He would study political science at NCCU, he would earn a Master of Divinity degree from Duke University, and eventually a doctorate from the same university in 2003.

Barber suffers from a rare condition affecting his spine, known as ankylosing spondylitis. This has, of course, affected his mobility and has limited the amount of exercise and physical activity he can perform.

This is one reason why people often ask how much Dr. William Barber weighs.

Activism and Politics

rev. william barber ii net worth

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II speaking at the Poor Peoples Moral Action Congress – @Getty

In 2003, Barber really stepped up his interests in politics and became a very prominent human rights campaigner and political activist.

He began leading a series of civil rights protests across Raleigh, North Carolina, which became known as ‘Moral Mondays.’

Barber was not afraid to speak his mind and quickly obtained quite the following.

He was named by historian Timothy Tyson as the most important progressive political leader in North Carolina in generations.

Barber became incredibly well known in NC, with the Huffington Post stating that he was as well known as state governor Pat McRory.

Barber is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and is never afraid to speak his mind.

This has, unfortunately, got him in trouble in the past, particularly with the law.

A prime example of this occurred in 2017 when, during a protest in the North Carolina State Legislative Building, he refused to leave. The protest was for health care and legislation.

rev william barber bio


Barber was then banned from entering the building, along with other members of his protests, by a state magistrate.

Barber did not take kindly to this and recruited lawyers to contest the decision.

To this day, he and his legal team maintain that the ban is unconstitutional.

His reasoning for this is that the state constitution guarantees citizens the right to assemble to communicate with their legislators.

In 2017, he stepped down as president of the NAACP and led a new campaign entitled the ‘Poor People’s Campaign.’

How much does Dr William Barber weigh


So, how much does Dr William Barber weigh?

Because he has such strong views and such a fantastic mind, people often wish to learn more about Barber, his politics, his beliefs, and his backstory.

Because he has such a large frame, however, and because of his spinal health issues, people also ask about his weight.

So, how much does Dr William Barber weigh? Well, obviously, without him jumping on the scales for us, we can’t say for certain, but based on what we could find online, it would appear that Dr William Barber weighs between 220 and 240 pounds.

Barber is a fairly stocky individual, and as he stands at around 6 feet tall, he is not considered small by any stretch.

He is limited in terms of his mobility, but he tries to stay active whenever possible, even if it is with the assistance of walking aids.

In answer to our initial question of how much Dr. William Barber weighs, though, 220 – 240 pounds seems to be the most common answer, though that, of course, is not proven.


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