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Who is Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie Xo?

Who is Jelly Roll’s wife? What does Bunnie Xo do for a living?


Everyone has heard of Jelly Roll—the Nashville rapper, established musician, and country music entertainer with big charisma and an even bigger waistline.

Jelly Roll has featured on tracks alongside iconic artists like Eminem, Lil Wyte, Ryan Upchurch, Tech N9ne, and Struggle Jennings—yes, the step-grandson of Waylon Jennings and nephew of Shooter Jennings. He’s also known for his song, Son of a Sinner, and album A Beautiful Disaster.

It’s pretty easy to google Jelly Roll for the latest information on everything from his newest record release to his latest superstar music collaboration—but it’s a little harder to find information about his personal life.

And the question everyone wants to know is: who is Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie Xo?

In this article, we’re unpacking the 411 on Jelly Roll’s gorgeous wife—where she comes from, how she got famous, and the question on everyone’s lips: is she really a gold digger? (Spoiler alert: she’s not.)

Here’s what we found out about the blonde bombshell Bunnie.

Family Life

Bunnie Xo - wife of Jelly Roll


Bunnie DeFord is a Nashville, Tennessee, native.

Her mom and dad split when she was still a baby, and Bunnie was raised by her dad, Bill.

Things weren’t always easy for the troublemaking Tennessee girl.

Bunnie’s father was a musician in a well-known Tennessee band, and her mother worked in adult entertainment.

Once, when Bunnie was still a baby, her dad ended up in the hospital.

While he was there, her mom packed up Bunnie—and her own belongings—and left her daughter on someone’s doorstep.

She then left town with an organ player from Bill’s band.

What was Bunnie Xo like as a kid?

Jelly Roll wife


In Bill’s own words, Bunnie’s mother was a “strange woman,” and the family—including Bunnie’s siblings—got on just fine without her.

Her dad went on to find a new relationship.

Bunnie shared with fans that her dad and stepmom were really hard on her as she was growing up.

“I was taught you say ‘Yes ma’am’ or ‘No sir.’ I had to mow a ½ acre of backyard. I had to help cook, do the dishes, cross my legs, fold my hands in my lap. I was NEVER allowed to play video games.”

As part of Bunnie’s rant, she admitted that—as much as she resented how strict her dad was at the time—she is thankful for how hard he was.

She acknowledges that she has the life skills to succeed and become the woman she is today.

In an interview with her father for Bunnie’s podcast, she marveled at how Bill was able to handle her.

“I don’t know why I got in so much trouble. It just found me!”

Jelly Roll and wife Bunnie Xo = A Match Made in HeavenBunnie Xo and husband Jelly Roll

It’s easy for the public to judge Jelly Roll and his wife based on their appearances, but there’s more to this quirky couple than meets the eye—and they’re a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

According to Jelly Roll, the pair met in a strip club in 2013—but it wasn’t Bunnie Xo up on that stage.

Singer Jelly Roll explained: “I was working at a plus size male strip club [Chip & Whales]. Women come in, and the deal is we start naked, and as [the women tip] we put our clothes on.”

Jelly Roll might just be yanking our chain with that meet cute story.

In fact, the wife of American rapper Jelly Roll says that’s not how it went down at all.

According to her, the first time the pair met was at the opening of a Las Vegas club.

Love at First Sight?

what is jelly rolls wife's real name


Jelly Roll might love a good story and a laugh, but he’s not laughing when it comes to his first meeting with Bunnie.

The country rapper confessed in an interview that he ‘felt her soul’ when the pair hugged.

“I could feel the genuine-ness of her. I could tell it wasn’t an act.”

The pair hit it off immediately, with Bunnie saying the first thing she noticed was the sadness in her future husband’s eyes.

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Is Bunnie Xo a Gold Digger?

picture of bunnie jelly roll's wife

Jelly Roll & Bunnie Xo attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards – @Getty

Don’t let her hear you call her that.

In fact, it might be the opposite if Jelly Roll is to be believed.

The rapper and country superstar says he loves when people call his wife a gold digger. “That’s my favorite thing. She hates it—it infuriates her.”

Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, explains that when he met her back in 2012, he was homeless and living out of an old converted van.

He wasn’t the celebrity he is now—“If anyone was digging for gold, it was I, Popeye.”

Despite his sense of humor over fans’ misconceptions of his wife, he is keen to set the record straight.

When Bunnie and Jason got together, she already owned her own home and vehicle. She had a social media presence. She had a life.

what does jelly rolls wife do

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo attend the “Jelly Roll: Save Me” Documentary World Premiere – @Getty

Bunnie Xo also has a heart of gold, and has helped raise Jelly Roll’s two children from previous relationships.

Bailee Ann—Jason’s daughter—has been in his custody since 2012, and Bunnie has worked hard to build a strong relationship with both her and DeFord’s son, Noah.

“She’s helped me raise my daughter,” the rapper says. “It takes a real selfless person to help raise a child they didn’t birth.”

In October 2022, daughter Bailee appeared on stage with Jason at a show in Houston. Wife Bunnie DeFord was also on stage.

The wedding date was on August 31, 2016. In 2022, the couple celebrated their sixth anniversary. “HAPPY Anniversary Beautiful,” reads one of Kelly Roll’s social media posts.

Update – Jelly Roll’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. His wealth is mainly from live concerts and selling copies of his albums. The better half of Jason has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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What does Bunnie Xo do for a living?

What does Bunnie Xo do for a living


In short: a lot.

The exotic model, social media influencer, adult entertainer, OnlyFans star, podcast host, digital content creator, and YouTuber has her hands pretty full these days.

Bunnie Xo runs the ultra-popular Dumb Blonde podcast, where she hosts various television and social media personalities and promotes the life stories and struggles of our favorite celebrities.

The podcast also features a curated playlist of shows, like Bunnie’s WhoreLympics, and her Meet the DeFords vlog.

She is active on various social media platforms. For instance, she has over 889k followers on Instagram, while Bunnie Xo’s youtube channel has more than 210k subscribers. On her YouTube channel, the social media star uploads various music videos, lifestyle videos, and episodes from her podcast.

In December 2022, Jason appeared in his wife Bunnie XO’s Raunchy “Bring Your Package To Me.”

She has an OnlyFans account, something which Bunnie is open about saying earns her “a fortune.”

Jelly Roll also jokes that he could be a kept man thanks to all the men who want to see his wife “get nekkid.”


Does Bunnie Xo have a child?

No, Bunnie Xo does not have any biological children of her own.


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