Jelly Roll Net Worth | Wife (Bunnie Xo), Children, Real Name

What is Jelly Roll’s net worth? Also, who are Jelly Roll’s wife and kids?


American rapper Jelly Roll (real name – Jason DeFord) has had quite the time kick-starting his music career.

From spending time in jail, to having a kid at a very young age, to receiving a cease and desist from Waffle House – this young lyricist’s story is all but boring!

Read about his early life, career path, family and relationships, and more.

The Origin Story

He was born on December 4, 1986. Jelly Roll grew up in Nashville, especially in the Southside community of Antioch.

DeFord’s father left him and his mother on their own when he was just a teen.

From then on, his mom didn’t have hardly anything to her name.

DeFord said anyone who had anything in his small hometown of Antioch, Tennessee, only had it from selling drugs.

He too fell into the cycle of dealing pretty early on.

So much so that he dropped out of high school. 

At age 14, Jason was incarcerated, which precipitated an ongoing cycle of incarcerations until 2009 that included a drug possession conviction.

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Debut Album

how old is jelly roll

In 2005, DeFord released his first album, ”Halfway House.”

Jelly says his stint as a drug dealer put a lot of free time in his hands, which he used to start making rap music.

In 2010, DeFord collaborated with a rapper out of Memphis, Lil Wyte, to create a song titled “Pop Another Pill,” which went viral on YouTube.

The two made an album called “Year Round” with the hip-hop group SNO under the Hypnotize Minds label the next year.

The most notable song from this album has to be “Come Here White Girl.”

On April 21, 2016, he released a mixtape named “Addiction Kills.”

He said:

”2016 was unbelievably incredible. So far 2017 is treating me better than the first 29 years of my life, lol.”

DeFord continued:

”Looking forward to the whole tour. The most challenging part is being away from my daughter and son and the drives every day in the van, lol.”

On January 1, 2017, Jason was invited to participate in the Juggalo March On Washington.

In 2018, DeFord teamed up with Struggle Jennings on the trilogy of Waylon & Willie albums.

On March 13, 2020, Roll released an album titled – ”A Beautiful Disaster.”

It debuted at number 97 on the US Billboard 200.

He collaborated with Tech N9ne, Brix, Bailee Ann, Struggle Jennings, Lil Wyte, Brianna Harness, and Krizz Kaliko. The southern rapper’s album includes 12 tracks. 

On October 16, 2020, Jelly released another album, ”Self Medicated.”

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Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie Xo.

jelly roll wife Bunnie Xo
Jelly Roll and wife Bunnie Xo – @Getty

The two met in Las Vegas while DeFord was on tour.

Back then, DeFord’s place of residence was his van, and he was a starving artist trying to make his rap career work.

In January 2020, Roll wrote on his Instagram about his wife: ”she made me truly understand what LOVE means.” Jelly added: ”she showed me what it means to stand beside someone unconditionally.”

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He has a daughter and a son (Noah Buddy DeFord), who was born in 2016.


how much is jelly roll worth

Jelly Roll jokingly describes himself as “a regular fat piece of white trash.”

Perhaps his most infamous year, 2013, brought all kinds of craziness for Jelly Roll. He released a mixtape titled “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House.”

The mixtape’s original cover had a one-to-one depiction of the restaurant’s logo, as well as a parody of the menu displaying the tape’s track info on the back.

To DeFord’s surprise, the Waffle House legal team sent him a cease and desist requiring that he change the name and artwork of his tape.

While it was a big setback for his rap career, the young artist was starstruck that his music was even on the megabrand’s radar.

The name of the mixtape was changed to “Whiskey, Weed, & Women,” and the finalized cover art included a rendering of a “cease and desist” stamp.

After a lifetime of ordering the All-Star Breakfast with cheesy scrambled eggs, wheat toast, double scattered/smothered/covered/chunked hashbrowns, sausage, and a chocolate chip waffle, DeFord finally vowed to never dine at Waffle House again after the debacle forced him to trash a music video he paid to shoot at one of the chain’s locations in Nashville.

The breakfast food boycott didn’t last – Jelly Roll couldn’t stay away from his favorite meal.

He continues to dine at Waffle House on a regular basis.

“I’ve been smothering, covering, and chunking shit for 28 years,” DeFord revealed in an interview. ”I had to look at my birth certificate the other day to make sure I wasn’t born in a Waffle House.”

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jelly roll net worth

”I’m one of the guys that cheers for everybody. I hope they all get mansions and leave their families lots of money.”

”I’m inspired by outlaw country, folk music, and Motown. This is what’s playing in my speakers the most.”

”Yeah, I tattooed John 15:13 on the side of my face. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. I got three teardrops.”

”My earliest music memories are dancing with my mother in the kitchen to oldies records and Motown, some old country too. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

”People I thought would be in my life for the rest of my life. Admittedly it was some of my own wrongdoing that leads to this departure.”

”Yeah, we’re definitely not sober today. I woke up on like ten hours of sleep and was like, ‘Adderall and Whiskey. Let’s Go!’”

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Jelly Roll – Net Worth

DeFord earns most of his income from selling his albums and mix-tapes, selling tickets to his concerts, sponsors, and advertisements on his YouTube channel. 

One of his first hits was ”Pop Another Pill” with rapper Lil Wyte.

Jason’s second album is ”Strictly Business” with rapper Haystak.

On YouTube, DeFord has over 1.4 billion views, meaning about $4.2 million in revenue before taxes.

Keeping this in mind, American rapper Jelly Roll has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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47 thoughts on “Jelly Roll Net Worth | Wife (Bunnie Xo), Children, Real Name”

  1. I just want to say to jelly roll personally, that you are a great story teller. 98% of everything that comes out of this lyrical genius is real. I can relate to a majority of everything he raps about. You give young men inspiration and motivation to keep your dreams and goals always within eyesight, never giving up expcally when nothing in life is going as planned or expected. It’s expcally hard on a man who’s trying their best to be a good father and provider all the while trying to achieve your dreams. And at the same time dealing with all the haiters and people who are against you and want to see you fail. You put everything into perspective. Your a true inspiration my brother and I can’t wait to see you evolve and solidify and perfect your music.
    P.S. Justin Nashville TN

    • A friend introduced me to his music I thought someone had been in my head cuz all his words just C were my thoughts and feelings put to music!!! He is a amazing person who really knows how to touch others with his music!!!

    • I absolutely love Jelly Roll. It’s almost as if he’s singing about my life and past experiences. The so g Save Me and his new song Even Angels Cry literally gives me chills every single time I listen to which is all the time. Oh and by the way I’m originally from Linden Tennessee but I eventually moved to Dickson Tennessee and now I live in Vero Beach Florida.

  2. I fell in love with his music after the very first song someone introduced me too. I watch His and Bunnie’s channels on YouTube almost everyday. Keep it up it’s! Much love!!! <3

  3. Jelly roll is an a true American icon that truly came from nothing to straight up something… He came from the gutter to fortunes…wen jelly roll raps about the slums he’s being real about that instead of some of these rappers faking shit. All I can say is wen jelly roll brings the game , he brings it correctly…

  4. Love absolutely love his Music. I’m 46 and say what you want I’m an original Rap guy going bk to early 80s when it started. Love the old stuff but Jelly has br9a awesome new Sound with his style. I’m a High School Football Coach and Work in Behaivor and at the end of the day I turn Jellys music on to let all me emotions out. Thanks for you music Jelly Love it all

  5. A friend sent me jelly rolls video “SAVE ME” I absolutely LOVED IT that song hit me hard i was in tears I was a recovering addict 3 1/2 years clean from pain pills and Adderall until I watched my brother die right in front of me in a terrible accident in my home I relapsed and have been in active addiction since may on a pure path of self destruction that song woke me up 2 days clean and sober thanks to that song

    Thank u for speaking the truth with no bullshit!!!!
    Lebanon tn

    • Amen you can hit this addiction when you swing baby. Just chock up on yourself and watch one day at a time and when you see it; “Take your swing!” Remember if you miss you’ll have another chance at bat over and over again. Praying for you and all of us in this dog eat dog world. And Jelly you rock this rap house like none other man. ~Keeping it Real

    • Stay strong…. I lost the man I have been with for 15 years due to addiction. I tried saving him but he didn’t want to save himself. Stay strong and don’t turn back. Just keep going forward please….

    • @tammy,Great song! This song leaves no room for interpretation,like most songs.this song tells a very specific story and I absolutely love that about it

    • I’m so sorry about your brother.. I’m glad your back on the straight and narrow.. it’s hard, I feel you in EVERY ASPECT OF ADDICTION! 5 years clean and relapsed recently but getting back on track..

      Keep your head up! Thinking of you!

    • I m 56 and Jelly Roll is my favorite white rapper,Save me,describes how a lot of us feel today!God has really blessed him with this music career and We f###ing love You Man,keep writing your tunes and Rock on🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. thats the way the jelly rolls. not a rocker, but a roller! its rock and roll without the rock! roll baby roll all night long! you know how to let it roll. so glad for epiphyanies! the revelations of the heart are true to god. pure love and a pure heart brlng true joy. i am so happy that your eyes were opened to see and save yourself at a time that crucial to your salvation. peace love hope joy kindness patience adoration. a halo from…

  7. I came across Jelly’s video”save me” tonight actually had never heard of this amazing talent. It’s hard to admit but this year I woke up and realized I’ll be 50 years old in Oct!!! And I have beer been a active addict for 43 years of that 50. I was born with severe joint and disc disease and was putt on painmeds at 7. That mixed with a bad attitude and Rebel soul and gypsy blood WOW…. Nothing butt trouble went to my first party at 12 drinking doing anything and everything I shouldn’t. If it was crazy it was me.i have had a truly crazy wild hardlife. I heard this song tonight and I have never felt so close tio someone I don’t know. My self description is “I’m broken”and have never felt the very soul of someone I don’t know. Tears were a understatement. I felt his passion and mine all at once and believe me mine is plenty. Jelly you are an amazing performer and from your music I would say an amazing person.i hope you go far!!! Thank you to the first person who understands me and don’t even know me. Who knows maybe someday we could be friends. You never have enough and I can count mine on one hand and have fingers left offer. Unfortunately life’s a hard grimy bitch and unfortunately so are allot of people. No offense tup anyone. Pearce love and best wishes thanks for the rise

    Mel myrtle beach scl

  8. Hey Jenna you’re an inspiration to music I listen to you and struggle on a daily basis shit really gets f####d up out here man I think we all need a little bit of inspiration in our life and if you’re ever in Austin Texas Do you need to have a concert here I’m willing to bet the whole f#####g City will be there

    • he is right please come to Austin Tx i’ve been an addict for 47yrs of my 63 and Save me hits the soul i sat down and played save me over and over until i had it memorized im trying to take that first step for christmas wish me luck Duane…. 11/27/21

  9. U r absolutely a lyrical genius! Me n my husband started listening to u a few yrs ago…but the last few months i listen to u daily! Not a song i dont like! A few of my favs tho r Save Me,same asshole,smoking section and def the song released today sept 10th 2020. House of cards! My husbands been in prison the last 2 yrs and hasnt got to hear anything thats been released the last 2 yrs.until today we finally got aproived 4 a video visit so i was able to let him watch the video Save me on the flat screen! He loved it! I cant wait 4 him 2 hear all the other amazing songs youve released! We both struggle with addiction and mental health and your music has truly cut deep! Wish u could do a concert near Altoona pa…i would love to see u and i kno so many others that would 2! Im super excited for all the coming up thursday just 2 hear wat u release! I talk about u alot and im always pushing ur music! I told my niece about u tonight n she now loves ur music 2! Like i said Jelly ur a musical fucking genius! 💚💜💚💜

  10. You and bunnie inspire me. I’m 26 years old and have been a addict since I was 15. I watched my dad kill hisself when I was 7 and ever since that my life has spiraled out of control. My momma was with him for 13 years and it really fucked her up in the head so after he died I watched her life spiral out of control as well. She met a man right after daddy died and got pregnant. He was very controlling and abusive not only to her but to me as well. She put up with him for 7 years and finally. Had enough. He was a mean alcoholic. I feel like I was doomed from the start…. and if you really think about it I was. I started using pain pills when I was 15 when I ment my boyfriend Clayton. We experimented together and got hooked on roxy. Then heroin. I’m in recovery for 6 years now at a methadone maintains program. He’s still in active addiction. We have been together for 12 years and are unseperatable like u and bunnie… my momma ended up passing because of addiction and I have watched my whole family die within years. I’m the last Stewart. I’m from rally hill TN which I know u have family out here. I would love to tell u more of my life story and really think it would inspire people. My names brittiney Stewart look me up on Facebook. I would love to meet y’all. U are my hero jelly! I love ur music and could listen to it forever

  11. I’ve never heard anyone sing exactly wat I feel before I descovered jelly . I feel the same need for escape but guilt over it an longing to b right w God but not being able to let go of the things that seem to help in this moment. I know God is using u jelly ur pain and struggling r reaching many many ppl. So plz know that not only r u going to b right one day before the end but also that he has a purpose for u an is using u for it. I hope u can take a little comfort in that the next time u feel so down about it all. He covers u as he does me during this time in the wilderness.

  12. Im a 47 yr old addict trying to see my way out of this life!!! I’ve NEVER heard music that tells exactly how im feeling until i heard “Save Me” then i listened to ” Suicide” then “Overdose” then ” I Need You” ect.. Its like you are reading my thoughts. I lost my husband of 25 years July 15th then my Momma July 30th. I didnt want to feel the pain still dont but i know i have to. I am struggling every day not to get totally wasted but i do want better. I pray i can do this. The struggle is real my friend. Just know your music truely makes a differance in my life!!!

    • Shelly I’m so sorry you lost your husband after 25 years, I can’t even imagine how devastated you are. My husband and I have been married 20 years in Feb. And then lost your mom. Ironically I lost my mom on July 15, 2020 and I am still not doing to good. She was my best friend and I thanked God every day that he allowed me the privilege of her getting to be my mom. She was the best woman I knew and taught me everything I know about love and what it means to be selfless. She always told me, “Kim, when I’m gone don’t think of me as dead, think of it as, I’ll see you in the morning.” So after she passed I got a tattoo on my shoulder that says, I’ll see you in the morning mom. But knowing how much of a wreck I feel now without her I can’t possibly begin to feel the grief you must feel having your husband gone too. I don’t even think I could survive that, to have both of the people I love most gone at the same time. I think I would have to follow them somehow. You are so strong and I admire that. Don’t ever give up, they are watching and with you always.
      Have a Blessed day!!!

  13. Mr. Deform, I have a question for you regarding a name that is visible on one of the videos posted with lyrics. This is very important to me and if you could email and clarify that it is a typo or suppose to be there. Thank you for your time.

  14. You are amazing and down to the soul “Real”. I’m 64 and have struggled on & off with addiction, depression, etc. I have a son that is so struggling; it breaks my heart because I feel like it is partly my fault.(I know we are responsible for our own actions) Thank you for trying to give others a reason to live through your lyrics and I hope my son will wake up to realize life is worth living.

  15. I have been a fan since day one I seen u rapping in the street on Haystak’S documentary I knew u would make it all the way

  16. I listen two your music everyday even during my heart surgery save me, the song “still hate you” is me and my ex wife word for word.. you and your wife knows my daughter bobbi no and my granddaughter Kayleigh queenylife only fans

  17. I FKNG LUV Your music, I absolutely think you are a lyrical genius!! Your music touches my soul, THANK YOU for giving me the only thing that gives me peace, and takes me out of my otherwise f’d up life.

  18. love, love, love him and bunnie!!!! its hard to stay down when you hear jelly roll coming threw them speakers!!! i love the fact he tells the truth in every verse.. when his lips move you know its going to be a classic.. as far as addiction we still fight every day.. we love you from louisville ky

  19. Jelly roll , you are an inspiration to many . Roads get tough life gets tough but you managed to become an awesome human being and a mans man doing what you love with music being a husband and dad. Wish I can meet with you in person and be half man you became. I love the song Save Me. Touches me deep. I know word for word cause it hits home to me. Thank you

  20. God loves you and you are on the write track don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise ..hopefully u can do a song for Christian radio we need you

  21. born and raised in Baltimore and loving the hell out of Jelly Roll. Listen to him everyday at work and now I have everybody I run into listening to him. Rooting for him and Bunnie. Cant wait to see you in November when you come to MD.

  22. I am a Very Big Fan of Jelly Roll!!! I love to simply listen teal good to every single word he says in his songs…When you can hear that pure undiluted strong message that he is talking about ; it Makes getting to hear his music and thoughts he is speaking sounds like from a good heart and wants to help others bc he knows that someway the music and the messages will enlighten and empower others. That is the strength and beauty of the most part of his songs. He is a highly talented artist that will do anything for anyone and that includes power strengthening ng messages showing relating and and Encouragement!!!! ROCK ON JELLY ROLL …He has been my favorite rapper bc he is approachable, down to earth and Easy Going that is a High Compliment and I will follow him around the world…Rock On (Jelly ) ROLL. You are the Best Thank You for all your hard work to bring some Kick Ass beats and worth a shit thoughts to the music universe!

  23. Your so amazing you have changed my life so much jelly I wouldn’t be where I’m at and come so far up without u and Ur music keep doing what u do

  24. Jelly Roll your music speaks to me and helped to heal some of my brokenness inside of me! I found you this past October 2021!

    Keep playing from your heart and you can’t go wrong!!!!

    I hope to listen to more of your music for a long time & I’m 61 yrs old!!!

  25. It’s funny how I have never heard of jelly roll before till a little over a year ago when my other half played his music that he has are ready been listening to and “Glitter” for some reason got my attention but now the new one that’s called “even angels cry” I can’t get enough of it love love jelly roll music am 40 years old and I can relate to most of his music. Which one day my dream will come true in getting to meet and hang out with him for I did have that opportunity and I messed up with little wyte so now am not aloud to go to his house but my other half is. Am sorry yall but am not gonna get naked for no one but for who I am with I don’t care how well known you are or not it’s not worth it.


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