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How Much Does Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin Make Per Episode?

How much does Sean Sticks Larkin make per episode?


Regarding TV, few things are more fun than watching ‘cop shows’ – whether it’s the fictionalized TV stuff or the ‘real’ stuff that shows you police officers in the line of duty.

People love the drama and intensity of these shows, but the personalities of those involved also draw them in. One example is the famous law enforcement officer Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin.

Larkin has been involved in various police-themed TV shows, including his popular show on Reelz, “On Patrol: Live,” and his work on “CrimeCam 24/7” – these two shows have helped make him a bit of a celebrity.

So, people wonder how much Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin makes per episode of the shows that he does.

While there is precious little actual information out there about this, let us break down what we know so you can get closer to getting a rough idea of what Larkin brings in from his TV appearances.

Short Biography

how much does sean sticks'' larkin make per episode


As you might know, Larkin is a member of the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit.

He is probably more famous for his roles as a host on the above shows.

On Patrol: Live focuses particularly on showing cops who have been falsely accused of taking the law into their own hands, breaking the law, or being extrajudicial in their punishment of criminals.

The show covers many topics but mostly focuses on officers falsely accused of something awful.

Larkin was born in December 1973, believed to be on the 7th of that month.

With a fair amount of experience in the law enforcement world, Larkin became “famous” when he first appeared on Live P.D. – an A&E reality show that tried to shine a light on what cops go through each day.

At the time of that recording, Larkin had been involved in the Tulsa Police Department for close to 20 years.

Why Is Larkin Famous?

how much does sean sticks larkin make per episode

Sean Larkin and Lana Del Rey – @Getty

Mostly, he has become famous due to his appearances on various TV shows focused on law enforcement’s reality as well as from his relationship with Lana Del Rey.

He has since retired from law enforcement and will now become the host of CrimeCam 24/7, which will be his second major role on TV.

The show, part of the Fox Nation streaming platform, has been designed to give viewers a 6 PM viewing slot every Friday.

In that show, viewers can watch CCTV footage released to show what happens when a cop steps in the line of duty.

Larkin is involved in offering his brief narration of the events unfolding and giving people live updates on what happened to the cops and the perpetrators.

Many love these shows, as having a real police officer guiding you through what is going on can provide a bit of extra context.

We all think we know best in every situation, do we not? That is why we often think, “Oh, that police officer should have done X or Y…” yet Larkin shows us that our expectations of what we should do do not match the reality of what we can do.

sean sticks larkin pay per episode


Cops are asked to face dangerous situations regularly, and it is easy for us to sit on the couch and pass judgment on their actions.

As Larkin and others show, life isn’t always as easy as we think.

His work and success on shows like Live PD have been useful for giving Larkin extra attention in the public sphere, helping him become even more of a “big name” cop within the media world.

Over the years, he has become quite the celebrity officer – probably to the chagrin of others, but Larkin does a fine job of hosting these projects and offering insight that others might not.

Net Worth

sean sticks'' larkin pay per episode


As you have probably found by now, there is not much verifiable information about how much Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin is worth financially. Given a long-term career in the law enforcement industry and then working on TV, many have pretty high estimations of how much ‘Sticks’ is worth.

It is believed that his wealth is around $2m – there is not much verification out there about this. Larkin has not exactly come out and told the world, “Hey everyone, this is how much I earn!” so we can only go on the reports out there.

However, it would be fair to say that presents on TV shows tend to be pretty well paid for their time and effort.

His authentic expertise about the topic he covers will also surely help boost how much Larkin is taking home from his various presenting jobs within the world of law enforcement TV.

how much does sean larkin make per episode

Sean Larkin attends the 2023 FOX Nation Patriot Awards at The Grand Ole Opry – @Getty

How Much Does Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin Make Per Episode?

As someone who is now on ‘double duty’ with both Patrol Live and Crime Cam 24/7, it would be fair to assume that he is taking home a decent amount of money. Larkin has become the kind of fact of these types of shows, so it would make sense for him to bring in a fair amount of money for his commitment.

Larkin is probably the most well-known host of these kinds of shows now, having been around the scene for quite a few years. While the specific amount Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin earns from “Live PD” remains undisclosed, it is known that he can easily earn $10k per episode.

Now retired from the actual law enforcement industry, though, it looks like Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin has made a pretty strong base for himself in law enforcement TV coverage.

Having someone who has served as part of the thin blue line is an exciting opportunity for people to learn what it is like being out there dealing with criminals and facing potentially life-or-death situations.


Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin Net Worth

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