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Jamar Champ Net Worth & Wife

What is Jamar Champ’s net worth? Who is Jamar Champ’s wife?


Regarding celebrities, we often look to people involved in sports and entertainment first and foremost. However, not every athlete out there is some superstar: many are simply on the fringes of stardom, playing their sport quietly and going about their business without fanfare.

Many have to find other means of making a living away from the sport(s) they love.

This often leads athletes who do not make major stardom to get involved with various other aspects of the world.

One name that fits this description perfectly is Jamar Champ. Born on the 1st of January 1989, Champ is a Houston native who has become famous for being involved in various areas of life.

For example, he is a football player who once played for the North Dakota State University team.

There, he was a wide receiver – but since football, he has gone on to be involved in the world of novel writing and entrepreneurial business.

During his time at Dakota State and then the University of Houston, Champ earned degrees that put him on the path to his success in the business world.

Wife & Family

jamar champ wife

Masika Kalysha walks the red carpet at the Tribute To The Nominees: A Pre Grammy Celebration at the Globe Theatre Los Angeles on February 01, 2023 in Los Angeles – @Getty

His family life is pretty hard to learn about, as very little information about it is available. However, sources suggest that his family still resides in his native Houston, as he does, and that he has a brother called Terrick.

He is also believed to have a family member called Joe, Jonalena, and Deborah – however, these details are often sketchy, and it is hard to say for sure who his family is.

One family member we can confirm that Champ once had was his partner, Masika Kalysha. The two were first noted to be an item back in September 2020 when they were seen partying together on social media.

However, things turned sour when, via social media, accusations of potential abuse and attempted extortion took place – the relationship naturally came to an end, bringing to an end one of the only high-profile relationships that Champ has been involved in during his brief time as a person of interest to the public.

masika kalysha and jamar champ

Masika Kalysha attends BET Awards Media House at Quixote Studios West Hollywood on June 23, 2023 – @Getty

Like many relationships, things were reconciled, and Jamar Champ and Masika Kalysha now have a happy married life together.

In fact, in October of 2022, Kalysha gave birth to a daughter, her second (the first with rapper Fetty Wap), and it was announced at the same time that the duo were now happily married. So, it looks like they managed to sort things out behind the scenes – good!

The duo even have a YouTube channel together – Masika & Jamar Champ – showing them enjoying their family life together.

So, whatever happened in the past, it is pretty clear that both managed to resolve their differences and find happiness together once again.

Work & Business

Jamar Champ Net Worth

Masika Kalysha (R) with her Family attends The 2022 Afro Awards at the Regal LA Live on November 06, 2022 in Los Angeles – @Getty

His main business interests involve being involved in the sale of clothes and accessories such as watches and masks.

However, he also has a lot of success in selling books that other authors have written and being involved in his novel writing.

His combination of entrepreneurial skills with his writing has made Champ a very interesting person to read about.

He also runs a company called JCE, a consultancy firm that works across various industries.

It provides multiple services, including financial support, business growth, and branding. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of J&R Transports, so he has many business interests.

He is a published novelist and has produced various books, such as his successful self-help title “Thought Of A Made Man.”

The book garnered a lot of interest from the public and saw Champ gain a lot of public attention.

For the most part, though, his entrepreneurial success has come from being involved in apparel and accessory sales.

J Champ Enterprises, his main business arm, has seen him get involved in selling attire, accessories, and books.

Away from his business, though, he has been involved in various promotional volunteer projects such as The Boys And Girls Club.

This kind of extra charitable work and effort shows Champ as someone keen to be seen in the best light possible and who puts much of his time into helping others in his local community and abroad.

Did He Play Sports?

Yes, as noted above, he played for the North Dakota State University team as a wide receiver for the team during his brief stint at the university.

There, he played nine games for the team, but despite apparently impressing all who saw him play, he was never drafted into the NFL, and thus, his sports career ended at the collegiate level.

However, he learned enough during college to then go on and start his business empire, which has been very successful by all accounts.

Despite being a talented wide receiver, though – people who played against him said he was extremely talented – he managed to make the most of his academic opportunities by achieving degrees.

These degrees have then been used to help start his businesses.

Jamar Champ – Net Worth

So, how much is Jamar Champ worth? Champ earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his book (Thought Of A Made Man) and his well-respected business. Therefore, Jamar Champ has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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