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Frankie Quiñones Net Worth 2024

Frankie Quiñones Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Frankie Quiñones’ net worth? Is Frankie Quiñones married?


Stand-up comedians come in all shapes and sizes, and one who is making a big name for himself now is Frankie Quiñones.

A Mexican-American stand-up comic, Quiñones has seen a lot of interest in his name ever since he signed a deal with Hulu to play a part in This Fool.

In This Fool, he takes on the lead role of the main character, and it gained a lot of positive attention.

He also was part of the CholoFit web series of comedy sketches, in which he took on the role of ‘Creeper’ to some acclaim.

That helped boost his image and popularity, and now Quinones is one of the better-known Mexican-American stand-up comedians out there.

He is an interesting dude who clearly has many funny things to say about the world.

Who is Frankie Quinones, though?

What does he do?

Find out more about his life and his career here.


Frankie Quiñones Net Worth

Frankie Quinones, also known by stage name Creeper, performs onstage during the OC Funk Fest at Honda Center on August 4, 2018 in Anaheim – @Getty

Frankie Quinones was born on the 5th of September 1983 and grew up with a deep interest in comedy.

Like most kids, he would watch cartoons and comedy sketches of all kinds, gaining a huge interest in the world of comedy at a young age.

Quiñones naturally was inspired by a lot of comedy shows when he was growing up.

Growing up, he watched most of the major TV comedy classics ranging from SNL to shows like Culture Clash.

These gave him plenty of ideas for his comedy skits, and from a young age, he was the one that the family would turn to for funny jokes and insights into the world at that moment in time.

He was also quite inventive.

For example, when doing ‘stand-up shows’ for the family, he would use a sprinkler head as his microphone.

These little inventive trains of thought and insights gave him the chance to capture an audience from a young age.

His family found his brand of comedy engaging and fun, and it helped him quickly gain a lot of local traction within the comedy scene. From his early years to his growth in the game, he made many people laugh.

One of the main reasons why his comedy was so well appreciated by friends and family, though, was his approach to character creation.

For characters in his funny stories and skits, he would focus on creating characters that felt like people who he might meet in the local area.

As such, most of his characters had a strong Latino personality, which made them instantly stand out to those listening to Quinones do his shows.

Finding Success

frankie quinones age

Frankie Quinones and Shayla Rivera attend HBO Latino “Entre Nos: Part 2” premiere screening on October 12, 2017 in New York City – @Getty

As Quiñones grew up, he became more and more noticeable to those in the local comedy scene.

His first real hit that gave him any major attention, though, was his online series Juanita Carmelita – a character strongly based on his mother’s personality.

The character brought the house down and gained much attention for Quinones, helping him quickly find an audience online.

The video that launched him into popularity, though, was his role as “Creeper” – a macho, cholo style Mexican man who was believed to be inspired by his father’s attitude.

This led to CholoFit, a viral sketch that became one of the most popular videos Quinones has ever created. The web series began to get a lot of attention online, and it started to get Quinones a lot of work.

Before long, he was taking on stand-up routines in some of the biggest venues in the country – this included a major hit show at Fox Theatre, which helped propel Quinones from relative anonymity to stardom in a short time.

HBO Max & Hulu

frankie quinones movies and tv shows

Frankie Quinones attends the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominee Brunch – @Getty

One of the ways that Quiñones managed to launch his name and become popular, though, was via HBO Max.

The comedian signed an agreement with HBO Max to host Frankie Quinones: Super Homies.

The show was all about simply giving him the chance to show his amazing comedic skills, with a sketch show dedicated to his charismatic way of telling stories.

This was furthered when he landed a part of This Fool, a series owned by Hulu. He was acclaimed for his performance on the show, and he received a huge amount of support and interest.

Indeed, he was put forward for award nominations for Best Supporting Performance in a New Scripted Series.

Though he did not win, the nominations alone were enough to convince Quinones – and others – that he was a comedic talent worth keeping a close eye on in the years to come.

Other Works

frankie quinones biography

Frankie Quinones attends the 2023 Sentinel Awards at the Writers Guild Theater – @Getty

You might also have come across Quiñones on other channels.

For example, he has found himself appearing on platforms like Comedy Central and even Nickelodeon.

This has helped bring his work to a wider audience and has played a role in Quinones becoming one of the most well-known Mexican-American comedians out there.

He also has a large social media following, with around 190,000 followers on Instagram alone on his frankiequinonses IG account.

That has helped propel him to a new audience further, with his various skits and sketch posts via IG helping introduce people to his work and vast talents.

frankie quinones wife

Frankie Quiñones attends the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 04, 2023 in Santa Monica – @Getty

Wife/Girlfriend – Does Frankie Quinones Have a Family?

Outside of his biological family, we are unsure. There is nothing to suggest that Frankie Quinones is dating or married, anyway: in fact, the only thing that he has shown in terms of other family is his pet pig, Earl. Quinones has owned Earl for some time, and he frequently appears in his Instagram posts and other shots that he puts up online.

As such, Quinones has not put a huge amount out there about himself. While we know that many of his most successful skits and sketches have been inspired by his own family, we also know that he has not really put himself out there in terms of telling the world about his personal life.

Like many people in the celebrity world, Quinones has done a great job of keeping the public away from learning about his personal life – he simply wants to keep that kind of information to himself, as is his right.

frankie quinones height

Frankie Quinones attends Spanish Aqui Presents “En Directo!” held at The Paramount on March 4, 2022 in Los Angeles – @Getty


Frankie Quiñones is about 5’7″ (170 cm) tall.

where is frankie quinones from

Frankie Quinones attends The Walt Disney Company Emmy Awards Party at Otium on January 15, 2024 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Frankie Quiñones – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Frankie Quiñones worth? Quiñones earned most of his wealth from his career as a stand-up comedian as well as from appearing in 23 TV series, TV movies, films, and short films. Therefore, Frankie Quiñones has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


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