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Is Terrence Howard related to Diana Ross?

Are Terrence Howard and Diana Ross related?

Short answerTerrence Howard and Diana Ross’s son, Evan Ross, appeared together on a team for Celebrity Family Feud, which aired on ABC. This has led to speculation about a possible familial connection, but the truth is that they are simply close friends.


When it comes to celebrity connections, they can often come from and form in the strangest places.

Most of the time, we look for an obvious connection like a shared surname or a shared relative.

However, sometimes, the connections that we can see can come from different places. After all, do you share the same surname with all of your family?

With that in mind, the fact that Terence Howard was teamed up with Diana Ross’s son, Evan Ross, in an episode of Celebrity Family Feud in 2021 got people asking one question: is Terrence Howard related to Diana Ross?

Let’s take a look and try and work out if these two stars of their respective fields are related to each other or not.

Who is Terrence Howard?

terrence howard related to diana ross


Terence Howard is a hugely successful actor, having also enjoyed success as a rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

In his career, he was involved in major TV and cinema roles and enjoyed his most prolific spell on the big screen from 2004 to 2006.

He infamously looked to receive more for his role as James Rhodes in the Iron Man movie release and was eventually replaced by Jamie Foxx.

A native of Chicago, Howard is still recognized as a highly successful and talented professional who has been involved in roles and themes from across the entertainment industry, marking him out as a hugely versatile acting professional.

Who is Diana Ross?

how is terrence howard related to diana ross


Diana Ross is one of the most celebrated singers, songwriters, and actresses of her generation.

Born in Detroit in 1944, she was the lead singer of the Supremes, one of the leading vocal groups of the era.

This propelled her to stardom, and in her career, she has won a litany of awards, including 12 Grammy nominations, and has been nominated for an Oscar for her acting quality.

As one of the most recognizable names of her era, Diana Ross is someone who spans generations as an extremely versatile and multi-talented individual.

The links between Terrence Howard and Diana Ross

terrence howard and diana ross related


The first links to the duo being close to one another came in 2007.

Terence Howard was there, and he gave a tribute to Diana himself, speaking at the Kennedy Center Honors event.

There, he gave a speech where he suggested that we name the Sun in our solar system after Ross, one of our ‘great luminaries’ – suggesting that we should rename the Sun so that ‘our galaxy of stars shine back some of the light that you have shown.’

Ross was in the audience that day with Steve Martin and looked absolutely delighted with the praise received.

For many, the next link that brings this pair of people together is their presence together in 2008.

They were both at the Broadway in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, where Diana Ross performed.

After the show, she was seen with her son Evan and Terrence Howard talking about the show.

Howard was also performing in the same show in 2008, and Ross brought herself and her three children along to see the event.

Photos exist of Evan as well as sisters Chudney and Traces at the event.

This meant that many people noticed that the duo seemed to be spending a fair amount of time in the company of one another.

That fact that the children came to see the performance got tongues wagging: is Terrence Howard related to Diana Ross?

Recent links between Terence Howard and Diana Ross

how is terrance howard related to diana ross


Another link between the duo came out in 2020 when it was reported that Howard would come out of retirement and take part in the TV drama show, Delta Blues.


Because, as some believed, Evan Ross was going to be the executive producer.

What else could bring a name like Howard out of retirement other than being related to the exec producer?

In 2020, this rumor began to fly around even more heavily.

Starring alongside Evan Ross naturally got people wondering why an actor who had retired would make the decision to come back unless it was for some kind of personal tie.

After his retirement in 2019 – saying he was “done pretending” – Howard came back and took part in things like the British sci-fi thriller Beneath.

In December 2022, though, he committed to full retirement and stepped away from the green screen for the final time.

However, he never actually took part in the Delta Blues role, as far as we can tell.

He was never credited as being part of the cast.

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So, is Terrence Howard related to Diana Ross?

terrence howard and diana ross relationship


This all seems quite confusing, so it is hard to tell for sure whether or not there is a relation between Howard and Ross.

On the episode of Celebrity Family Feud, though, Howard introduced Ross as his “nephew” – so for most, this would confirm that they were, in fact, related to one another.

However, it should be noted that this is more of a greeting of familiarity than it is the actual truth.

Despite being a close friend of the Ross family, Terence Howard is NOT related to Diana Ross.

There is no relation there, they are simply people who have stood by each other through thick and thin throughout their legendary careers.

Both have been involved in each other’s lives for years, and are definitely seen as people who have a strong connection and friendship.

There is, though, no relationship there in terms of being family relatives.

They might share a very strong friendship and bond, but there is no proof whatsoever that Terrence Howard is related to Diana Ross.

Having worked together on various movie sets and participations across the years, though, it would be fair to say that both appear to see one another as a familial presence.

There is, though, no proof whatsoever that Diana Ross is related to Terrence Howard.

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