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Is Reggie Bullock related to Sandra Bullock?

Are Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock related?

Short answerReggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock are most likely not related. Reggie Bullock’s tweet, which humorously stated “Just so you know me and Sandra Bullock first cousins,” caused a fair amount of confusion and amusement amongst fans1. However, it appears this was intended as a joke rather than a confirmation of a blood relation between the two.


As one of the most respected actresses of her time, Sandra Bullock has spanned generations.

Her success has come in many forms, from key parts in slapstick 90s action movies like Demolition Man to her lead role in Miss Congeniality to modern hits like Bird Box.

Her career has managed to maintain a high level of consistency, avoiding the peaks and troughs that other stars of her era have suffered. However, one thing that often gets asked about Sandra Bullock is her relation to other stars sharing the same name.

Take NBA star, Reggie Bullock.

He has enjoyed a highly successful career as a basketball professional, and while he might not be on the same level of stardom as his namesake, he is definitely someone with a recognizable career.

With that in mind, then, is Reggie Bullock related to Sandra Bullock?

Who is Sandra Bullock?

reggie bullock related to sandra bullock


Born on July 26th, 1964, Sandra Bullock is a legendary actress.

She has American-German familial connections and has long been regarded as one of the finest actresses of her era.

She has won numerous major awards in her career, including the Golden Glove Award, which is among the most prestigious an actress can win. She was also once among the highest-paid actresses in the world, and has starred in a host of major roles.

Her earliest major role came in the aforementioned Demolition Man, with roles in the likes of Speed and While You Were Sleeping making her career explode in the 1990s.

Significant success has come in many ways, and her most recent successes include the likes of Bird Box, The Lost City, and Ocean’s 8.

She is regarded as one of the most enduring actresses of her era, and has also enjoyed production roles through her production company Fortis Films.

A legend in her own right, Bullock has become a generational icon for her personality, her style, and her ability to hold an audience captive.

Few can hold a handle to her versatility, too, playing everything from slapstick roles to taking on serious roles that take place in deep, engaging thrillers.

Who is Reggie Bullock?

is reggie bullock related to sandra bullock


Born March 16th, 1991, Reggie Bullock is a professional basketball player.

He has played for teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, the Phoenix Suns, and the New York Knicks, and he currently is playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

An accurate three-point shooter with a history of being a difference maker on winning teams, Bullock is regarded as a ‘glue guy’ for the teams he has played for.

While he might not be a significant leader in terms of points, he has been a consistent presence for each of the teams he has played for.

Bullock played his college basketball for the Carolina Tar Heels and joined the NBA as a professional in 2013 when he was taken 25th in the NBA Draft.

In his career so far, he has played in over 430 career regular season games.

In that time, he has a points average of 7.8 points per game, with a career-high of 12.1 points obtained during the 2018-19 season with the Detroit Pistons.

He boasts a career average of 38.5% in three-point shooting, which is among the most lethal skills in his arsenal.

Given the importance of a three-point shot in the NBA, his ability to consistently hit these shots at an above-average clip has seen him become an important member of many of the teams he has played for.

He boasts 9.2 points per game average in 27 playoff games and has scored 39.3% of his three-point shots at the playoff level.

Is Reggie Bullock related to Sandra Bullock?

is sandra bullock related to reggie bullock


So, you arrived here wanting to know one thing: are Sandra Bullock and Reggie Bullock related?

Put simply, though, no, there is no relation between the two.

Reggie fanned the flames of rumor in the best when he claimed via Twitter: “Just so you know, me and Sandra Bullock’s first cousins.”

Reggie has a history of being a well-timed comic and someone who has been a well-respected member of his teams because of the funnier side of his demeanor, this should come as no surprise to many that he was joking around.

Given he put the standard ‘laugh emoji’ at the start of the sentence, you would assume that most would know he was joking.

However, this was taken quite seriously by many, and people just assumed that this was the truth.

The rumor grew arms and legs.

The only thing that related Sandra and Reggie?

They share the same surname.

There is no proof of any kind of familial relation.

Is Reggie Bullock married to Sandra Bullock?

Is Reggie Bullock married to Sandra Bullock


No, Reggie is not married to Sandra Bullock.

Reggie has a son but is not reported to be married.

Sandra Bullock is presently married to Bryan Randall and has been married since 2015.

She was previously married to Jesse James from 2005 until 2010.

So, there is no martial connection between these two stars either!

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In Conclusion: Is Reggie Bullock related to Sandra Bullock? No

Sandra Bullock


There is no proof whatsoever that these two share anything other than a surname.

Given how easy it is to meet someone with the same surname as you, this should not come as any kind of meaningful surprise.

You should, therefore, appreciate that while two big names in their respective fields can share a surname, they do not, therefore, need to be related.

While it would be an interesting quirk, neither has anything in common with the other on that front.

So, the next time someone asks you whether or not Reggie and Sandra Bullock are relatives due to that tweet, you can correct them.

Sandra Bullock is not related to Reggie Bullock; the ‘source’ for this rumor was nothing more than a funny tweet put out by the NBA star himself.

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