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Jackie Figueroa Net Worth | Boyfriend

Jackie Figueroa Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Jackie Figueroa’s net worth? Who is Jackie Figueroa’s boyfriend?


Jackie Figueroa is a Salvadorian American social media star and fashion influencer.

Her rise to fame was through her carefully curated Instagram account, where she regularly posts vlogging and amateur modeling content.

She is a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, among many other apparel companies.

The Origin Story

Jackie Figueroa was born on August 18, 1996, in El Salvador.

Her parents relocated to the United States when she was a child, and she is now an American citizen.

She was about eight years old when her family made the move, and they settled in California.

Her biological father passed away when she was in her early 20s, and her mother eventually remarried her American boyfriend.

As such, Figueroa was raised by her mother and step-father, whom she has a close relationship with, and often features them both in her posts.



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The start of Figueroa’s social media career started when she created a “just-for-fun” Instagram account around the same time the platform became popular, which was in 2013.

She grew up drawn to fashion and modeling, so she thought that Instagram would be an excellent vehicle to utilize to get herself known.

And, it worked.

In the early days of her Instagram career, she regularly posted amateur modeling photos and selfies, which quickly picked up steam. Her posts quickly went from receiving less than 100 likes to thousands in a short time.

Her account was carefully curated to only display fashionable and trendy photos, which quickly caught the attention of big brands. When her following count grew, so did her income.

Fashion Nova


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Figueroa was contacted by “Fashion Nova,” which is every social media influencer’s dream. They wanted to collaborate with her, and of course, she jumped at the opportunity.

She has been a paid sponsor of the brand since 2017, and a large portion of her income is derived from this partnership.

Shortly after she signed with Fashion Nova, she also signed with “Pretty Little Thing,” another large American women’s apparel brand. 


Since Instagram is not the only platform for aspiring social media stars to promote their brand, she made the leap over to YouTube.

This allowed her to produce much more authentic and long-form content and invite her followers into her life.

Her YouTube channel went live on November 7, 2016.

While her channel was up and running, it took her quite a while to start filming and uploading content.


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In fact, her first video was uploaded on November 3, 2020, and it was titled “MY SIDE OF THE STORY…”

The video received over 1 million views, and that’s because her followers were waiting for the video.

It was created to address viral rumors that were circulating the internet about her and her ex-boyfriend Brandon, who is also a social media star. This was the most viewed video she has yet to create and upload, by a long stretch.


And to add to her already heavy online presence, she is active on TikTok, which is another social media platform that attracts millions of aspiring influencers.

It appears that this is the least utilized platform, as Figueroa has only uploaded 11 videos thus far.


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Despite her lack of use, she has managed to grow a decent following of over 5K and over 250K views. The content she posts is in stark contrast to what her followers will find on Instagram. She creates comedic-style and lip-synching videos.


The young social media star is very close with her family, particularly her sister Nicky who she regularly includes in her content.

She was residing temporarily in Hawaii to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, so Figueroa would routinely make the trip and visit her.

As a result of Nicky being introduced to her sister’s mammoth following, she built a relatively significant following for herself and is adored by her sister’s fans.

Figueroa is also close with her mother and stepfather, who are also regularly included in her content.

She formally introduced her step-father – who goes by the name of Scott – to her followers in a YouTube video titled “I decided to cook with my parents & this is how it went…”

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what is the net worth of Brawadis


Aside from her previous relationship with Brandon Awadis (better known as Brawadis), which she publicly addressed, Figueroa has not stated or given a hint that she has been in any additional romantic relationships. However, there is still speculation among her followers that the two rekindled their relationship.

The rumors were sparked following this Instagram photo she uploaded of the two on a date at an NBA game on July 6, 2021.

She has repeatedly denied the claims and ensured her fans that they are on “friendship only” terms, and that is all.

Update – Jackie Figueroa and Brawadis are back together.

Jackie Figueroa – Net Worth

So, how much is Jackie Figueroa worth? Figueroa earned most of her wealth from her immense online success. Therefore, Jackie Figueroa has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

She has had the luxury of building her dream home and spoiling her family with her wealth. She took to YouTube to share with her fans details of her newly built home with the video titled “I FINALLY GOT THE KEYS TO MY NEW HOME!!.

It took her over five years of hard work and dedication, but she eventually built such a big brand for herself that she is living the life of her dreams.

Figueroa is signed with BBTV.

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