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Jane Forbes Clark Net Worth | Biography

Jane Forbes Clark is most commonly known for her position as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, which is a history museum in Cooperstown, New York.

The museum’s central point of focus is maintaining and educating the general public on the history of baseball in the United States.

For Jane Forbes Clark, the National Baseball Hall of Fame is not only part of United States history but is also a part of her own family history.

Her grandfather, Stephen Carlton Clark, was the founder of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and during his time, he had served as chairman of the board of directors.

His son, Stephen C. Clark Jr., also served in the same position.

This makes Jane Forbes Clark the third member of her family to serve as chairman of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Origin Story

Jane Forbes Clark, daughter of Stephen Carlton Junior and Jane Forbes (née Wilbur) Clark, was born on May 11th of 1955.

Not much is known for her early childhood or the endeavors that she undertook at an early age, but in 1975 she earned an Associate of Arts degree from Bennett College.

After that, she pursued a Master of Science in Marymount Manhattan College, which she successfully got in 1979.

Her final degree came in 1994, when she gained a Doctor of Humane Letters, an honorary degree, from Hartwick College.

Her career after finishing her education was, to a great extent, divided between foundations that were created by her ancestors.

Her most notable role and positions were in the field of sports administration.

what is the net worth of Jane Forbes Clark


Clark has been an active board member for the Baseball Hall of Fame since 1992.

Her contributions in that position and her museum expertise led to her becoming the Chairperson of the Hall of Fame in 2000.

Her management skills and philanthropic work have also allowed her to continue successfully managing the museum and the entire foundation, which has been thriving under her tutelage.

The Farmers’ Museum

While the Baseball Hall of Fame is a large part of how she occupies her time, she has also been a part of a number of different foundations and positions in the past few decades.

These positions have allowed her to gain immense insight into how to manage and organize different foundations and museums.

Another foundation that she has been the Chairman of is the Farmers’ Museum, which first opened its doors in 1944.

In contrast to the Baseball Hall of Fame, this museum does not deal with sports history in the United States of America, but rather it is focused on providing educational information about the agricultural history of the United States and the importance of Agriculture in the building of the nation.

Little League Foundation

Jane Forbes Clark Net Worth

Lon Simmons & Jane Forbes Clark – @Getty

Jane Forbes Clark has previously served as Vice Chairman of numerous different foundations, including the Trustee of the Little League Foundation and The Jackie Robinson Empire State Freedom Medal Commission.

When it comes to sports administration, one of the highlights of her career was being Vice Chairman and Trustee of The United States Equestrian Team, as well as a past Director of The United States Olympic Committee.

For any sports administration, the opportunity to work in the Olympic committee is not only immense, but it can provide insight and perspective on how one of the biggest sports events in the world is created.

While these positions are in her past, she still has an impressive repertoire of positions that she is currently active in.

She is the President of The Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home and The Scriven Foundation.

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Her work has been recognized through many different awards and lifetime achievements.

One of the most notable of these includes being listed as a Sports Foundation administrator by Marquis Who’s Who.

She has also earned the Humanitarian of the Year award by the Fire Department of the City of New York in acknowledgment of all her work.

Finally, the Preservation League of New York State has awarded her with the Pillar of New York award.

Keeping the family tradition alive, she is also the President of The Clark Foundation, which is a Foundation that manages the assets of the Clark Family.

Currently, she is the last descendant of the family in Cooperstown and has no children.

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She has also never married and stayed single for the entirety of her life.

Jane Forbes Clark – Net Worth

Clark earned most of her wealth from her multiple positions in different boards and foundations, as well as from assets that were left from her ancestors.

That amount does not include the net worth and assets that are tied to the Clark Foundation and, as such, are not assets privately owned by Jane Forbes Clark.

Basically, her net worth is comprised of multiple different revenue sources and her strong association and familial relations with the Clark Foundation.

Therefore, Jane Forbes Clark has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Sunday 24th of July 2022

Amazing how blind people can be, yet she would not allow a parking garage built as Bassett Hospital.


Saturday 23rd of July 2022

I am so humbled and impressed by such a wonderful selfless person. I have enjoyed watching this woman give of herself. Jane Forbes Clark, needs to know, she is loved by us all. My husband was given the privilege to be a driver at the HOF the last few years. Thank you, Jane! He has enjoyed seeing his childhood heroes- I have enjoyed it through him. I will never forget seeing Whitey Ford on a white Ford, I used to carry his baseball card when I was a little girl. Thank you Jane for making this possible

Joe Bronco Grace

Sunday 17th of July 2022

A very Special Lady! An “All American”!

Emile Manara

Sunday 6th of February 2022

In my natural life, I have never met a more generous person than Jane Clark. Like you say, 'kindness costs nothing'.