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Jeff Lerner Net Worth | Wife

Jeff Lerner Net Worth – $7 million

What is Jeff Lerner’s net worth? Who is Jeff Lerner’s wife?


Jeff Lerner has been described as one of the world’s most innovative creators of business solutions.

His ability to unlock entrepreneurs’ potential and set them on the right track in their journey to greatness has seen him receive countless accolades over the years—and a whole bunch of money.

Often described as a “serial entrepreneur,” Lerner is always moving on to the next big thing—the next goal, the next business, the next potentially game-changing product.

As the authority on getting startups started in the digital world, Lerner has also tapped into the role of mentor and teacher by launching the ENTRE Institute.

ENTRE, which has helped a staggering 175,000 students learn everything they need to launch their own startup, is arguably one of the biggest online learning platforms for entrepreneurs.

ENTRE also launched a full suite of business tools and business management software through its child company, Entresoft, in 2021.

The serial entrepreneur has appeared on some of the most sought after lists in the world—like the INC 5000 list and write-ups in Forbes magazine, Entrepreneur, and the Wall Street Journal.

As if these things don’t keep Jeff Lerner busy enough, he’s also the host of one of YouTube’s top 100 business podcasts.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jeff Lerner and his savvy business mind.

The Origin Story


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Jeffrey Lerner was born in Houston, Texas, on March 1, 1979.

He always had an affinity for music, and played the piano right through elementary and middle school, up into high school, and into his twenties.

Jeff enrolled at the University of Houston straight out of high school, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

It was through his skills as a concert pianist that he started to build connections in the business world—he was often hired as a pianist at business summits and networking events for company leaders and CEOs.

Lerner knew he wanted to be a successful businessman.

He wasn’t afraid of the hard work—or even the rejection.

He just needed to land on the right idea.

One of his early ideas landed Jeff almost $500,000 in debt when it failed to take off—but at 29 years old, Lerner would finally land on a plan that worked.

He was able to pay off that $500,000 in debt in less than two years.


Jeff Lerner is married to his wife, Jaqueline Lerner.


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The couple has four children, Stella Jane, Jada, Jace, and Brax.

A Bump in the Road

Life may seem to be coming up roses for Jeff Lerner now, but the successful founder and entrepreneur has experienced obstacles just like everyone else.

In a 2021 interview, he talked about how he was able to transform his life through a handful of good decisions and solid opportunities.

There was a time in 2008 when he described himself as an overweight and depressed jazz musician facing down almost half a million in debt and hiding from creditors in his in-laws’ spare room.

Lerner was 29 years old, working 10 hours a day in his business and struggling to keep two restaurant franchises afloat while also maintaining his job as a working pianist.

Fortunately, the jazz pianist had had countless conversations with entrepreneurs over the years, and he was armed with the knowledge he needed to turn his fortunes around.

During his time performing at parties and events whose guest lists included billionaires and startup wunderkinds, Lerner had made a point of asking them about their careers.

Inspired, his goal was to earn more through his own businesses than he did as a pianist.

It was this that led him to affiliate marketing.

Smooth Sailing to Business Success


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From here, Lerner began his foray into the digital world.

He is the founder of the successful 2:20 Investment Group, which owns properties in Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and Utah.

He also owns mobile marketing companies WHAM Mobile, and Xurli.

Two of Lerner’s companies have appeared on the INC 5000 list.

Entresoft—and Lerner’s passion for entrepreneurial endeavors—led to the ENTRE Institute.

Essentially, ENTRE Institute was a way to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their goals through his own personal recipe.

That recipe stems from the 3 Ps of Success:

  • Physical
  • Personal
  • Professional

Since its founding in 2019, ENTRE has landed Jeff on the INC 5000 list again, and helped him to amass a staggering eight-figure fortune.

The success of the institute also inspired him to launch Entresoft as a solution to one of his students’ biggest issues—finding the right tools to manage a business.

In 2021, Entresoft was one of the top-grossing small business software suites available in the US.

The institute also drove Lerner into the public eye, positioning him as a subject matter expert and bringing in public speaking engagements and appearances in the media.

It also led to the launch of Lerner’s ENTRE podcast and YouTube channel, and inspired the launch of his book, Unlock Your Potential, in 2022.

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Jeff Lerner – Net Worth

So, how did Jeff Lerner make his money? And, how much is Jeff Lerner worth? Lerner earned most of his wealth from running several businesses that have more than 8 figures in revenue. Therefore, Jeff Lerner has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Jeff is the founder of ENTRE Institute, WHAMmobile, Entresoft, 2:20 Investment Group, and Xurli.

He’s the host of the podcast Millionaire Secrets With Jeff Lerner.

Lerner bought his first rental property at age 25.

Lerner is the author of — “Unlock Your Potential.”

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