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Myrla Feria Net Worth | Salary

Myrla Feria Net Worth – $500,000

What is Myrla Feria’s net worth? Also, what does Myrla do for a living?


Myrla Feria is a name most commonly associated with reality television.

The South Texas native appeared on the 13th season of the hit FYI and Lifetime show, Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight has attracted viewers over its 16 seasons on American soil for its engaging combination of romance, angst, and full-on drama.

There were Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk—arguably one of the least successful marriages in the show’s history.

From the very beginning—when Luke confessed on camera that he wasn’t attracted to his petite, blonde wife—to the bitter end, it was obvious the pair were headed for disaster even before Kate’s revelations post-divorce.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, who can forget Heather and Derek?

The shortest marriage in MAF USA history, the pair only ever had bad things to say about each other and called time on their made-for-television marriage after just 10 days.

Myrla Feria may not have had it quite that bad—she and her television husband Gil Cuero, managed to at least outlive the final credits.

But Myrla drew a lot of negative attention during her time on the show, with many of its fans and followers siding with the beleaguered Gil as the newlyweds navigated married life.

But was Myrla Feria just a misunderstood millennial woman trying to make her way in the world?

What did we actually know about her?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Myrla Feria was born in South Texas on June 10, 1986.

She is the eldest daughter of Berta Juan Feria, and has two siblings—a sister named Gloria Lizeth Feria and a half-sister named Marilynn from her mom’s second marriage.

Myrla’s father was killed during a violent assault in his home, at the hands of his girlfriend’s daughter.

Myrla revealed on Married at First Sight that she wouldn’t change her name as it is the only tie she has left with her father.

Myrla’s mother, Berta, put great importance on her children getting a good education, so Myrla enrolled at the University of Texas Pan-American following high school.

It was there that she earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education (bilingual studies) and a master’s degree in public health.

Armed with her impressive qualifications, Feria began her teaching career in Roma, Texas, before moving to Houston.

She has been a teacher since 2010.

The family grew up in poverty, with Myrla sharing in an interview that she is extremely focused on money because she was raised in an “extremely poor” household.

The brunette beauty also acknowledges that “nice things are important” and that it is important that she marry a wealthy man.

While common interests are important in a relationship—something that Feria didn’t see as a priority, provided her husband was wealthy and attractive—she and her husband Gil shared a very dark common thread.

Both Gil and Myrla lost their fathers to violence.

An Interesting Choice for Reality Television

Myrla Feria may have the face of a television star, but being in front of the camera was an interesting choice for the young teacher.

The self-proclaimed “private person” filled out an online application for the show after seeing the casting call, but she has always been notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life.

Not only did this make building a relationship with her brand-new spouse nearly impossible, but it also made things difficult for the show’s production.

Myrla has a very limited social media presence, for starters.

Aside from an Instagram account, she is not active on any other social media platforms.

The Texas teacher had also never watched Married at First Sight before.

In one interview, she confessed that she hadn’t heard of it prior to the casting process—in fact, she had to binge watch the first season after her application was accepted.

Casting a Villain

Middle school teachers are often known as loving, nurturing, and encouraging types.

Unfortunately, Myrla’s time in the media spotlight impacted this image, and painted her as materialistic, cold, and manipulative.

The reality TV actress made it clear that she liked the finer things in life, and that she didn’t let other people’s opinions of her impact her choices.

While it’s hard to say if it was the show’s production team that cast Myrla as the villain—or if she managed to do it all on her own—but she did admit that she was “done with the wedding. It was too much, too long.”

The End of a (Very Short) Era

When Married at First Sight season 13 came to a close, Myrla and Gil Cuero were still very much married.

But that wasn’t to last.

14 days after the cameras left, so did Myrla.

While she doesn’t want to put her reasons down to money—Gil had a high income but preferred to live frugally and invest in the couple’s home, family, and future—it is unclear what else could have driven her out the door, so fast.

In 2022, Feria had given up on teaching temporarily and was jet-setting with fellow MAF contestants—including Johnny Lam.

While the pair have been linked by eagle-eyed MAF fans, Myrla says they are just friends.

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Myrla Feria – Net Worth & Salary

So, how much is Myrla Feria worth?

Feria accrued most of her wealth from working as a teacher at IDEA Public Schools since August 2010.

The average teacher at a public school in Texas is around $55K per year.

Myrla also worked as a leadership coach for The New Teacher Project, as per Redditor Delfiasa. According to another Redditor, Myrla was made partner and earns about $200K annually.

Feria also made money from participating in Married at First Sight as well as from brand deals via her Instagram.

She bought a home in 2015.

Therefore, Myrla Feria has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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