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Jesser Net Worth $10 million

What Is Jesser’s Net Worth?

Jesser is an American influencer and gamer who has a net worth of $7 million. He is most well-known for his gaming and basketball videos on YouTube. The young social media celebrity had amassed almost 18.2 million followers on the video streaming platform, and as part of one of the world’s biggest collaborative groups, he’s won exposure to many millions more.

Here’s what we know about the young California native living his best life online.

The Origin Story

Jesse Riedel was born on 27th March 1999 in Los Angeles, California.

The California boy has a brother named James—also known as Jiedel, a fellow social media star.

James and Jesse’s mom works at a local market in their hometown, while their father, Guy Riedel, works as an automotive salesman.

Jesse and James both avoided the college route, choosing to chase their dreams of online celebrity instead.

James, who is four years older than Jesser, was the first to start posting videos to YouTube, but the pair both ended up finding success as social media influencers in the gaming sphere.

Sibling Rivalry—Or A Family Affair?

Jesse and his older brother may enjoy some sibling competition on YouTube, but the pair clearly have a strong bond.

While Jiedel has crafted his online persona around gaming montages and hacks, Jesser has built his following around his performance in gameplay and walkthroughs.

Jesser is most popular for his high-quality gaming content, basketball gameplay and commentary, and his entertaining challenge videos—like this insane mini hoop dunking contest.

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Jesser’s start came in early 2014, with the popularity of his skit videos—including NBA 2K14 in Real Life.

He also played Minecraft at the time—a game that was incredibly popular for mainstream tween gamers.

Following on from there, he has launched several series over the years…

I’ll Buy You Anything:

Jesser challenges his friends to achieve a difficult goal—making a specific basketball shot, beating him in a 1 vs. 1 challenge, etc.

If they achieve the goal, he’ll buy them whatever they want.

Last to Leave:

Jesser takes his friends out somewhere and challenges them to be the last to leave.

Whoever leaves last—be it from an icy pool or a bouncy castle—gets paid in cash.

Jesser has also launched the insanely popular Hide and Seek series, Control My Life, and Trickshots.

He also offers up some cool collaborative videos with his brother and his friends—like this one where they play hide and seek in a snowy cabin.

One thing the brothers have in common is a passion for NBA 2K—the sporting game both brothers specialize in.

NBA 2K is also the game the siblings have to thank for their next big break in the gaming space.

Welcome To 2HYPE

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When 2HYPE came knocking on the boys’ doors in 2018, it was one of the biggest creator groups in the world.

The group—which focuses predominantly on content creation for NBA 2K gamers—won Fan’s Choice Best Creator Squad at the Streamy awards (YouTube’s version of the Oscars).

2HYPE also produces content in the sports commentary space, as well as generating other engaging content that appeals to the under 30s crowd—prank videos, challenges, lifestyle commentary, and a day in the life vlogs.

Jesser didn’t hesitate to join the ultra-successful crew, adding his name to a stellar line-up that included Cassius “CashNasty” Clay (3.9 million subscribers), Kristopher London (2.45 million subscribers), Zack “ZackTTG” Mowley (1.1 million subscribers), and Mitchell “Moochie” Crowley (550k subscribers).

Jesser net worth

Kristopher London & Jesser – @Getty Images

In 2020, the 2HYPE crew created an alliance that would help catapult them to new levels of influence in the gaming arena.

They signed to a well-known brand, 100 Thieves.

At the same time, they also announced the end of an alliance with Mopi.

The ultra-influential gamer announced on his social media accounts that he would be leaving the 2HYPE collaborative and doubled down on his announcement by claiming he only had a good relationship with 2 of the 6 existing members of the group.

TDPresents and LosPollosTV had also cut ties with the group before they signed with 100 Thieves.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

how tall is jesser from 2hype


Things may have been a little up and down with 2HYPE through 2019 and 2020, but they were looking rosy for Jesser on the romance front.

In 2017, he met wannabe Instagram model Iman Awann.

The young beauty was slowly building a social media audience of her own, and the pair kept their budding romance under wraps as they both worked to establish their brands.

Then, in December of 2018, Jesser uploaded a video titled “Our Hawaii Dream Vacation” and inadvertently introduced Iman to the world.

In April of 2019, Jesser uploaded a video titled “Forfeit basketball vs. my girlfriend.” The videos have amassed millions of views.

In July of 2020, Jesser announced via a TikTok video that he and Iman had broken up.

Iman bore the brunt of the backlash, with Jesser’s fans calling her a gold digger and accusing her of cheating.

He set the record straight, explaining that nobody had cheated and that ending the relationship was his decision.

He threatened to block anyone who talked badly about his ex.

While Iman and Jesser may have gone their separate ways, both of them seem to be committed to growing their online fame.

Iman has joined OnlyFans, and Jesser is still releasing content on YouTube.

Jesser – New Girlfriend

Jesser “Jesser” Riedel and girlfriend Christina Trexler

Christina Trexler and Jesser “Jesser” Riedel – @Getty

At the time of writing, Jesser is dating Christina Trexler.

According to her LinkedIn, Trexler is an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Jesser – Height

Jesser is 5 ft 9 in (180 cm) tall.

how much is Jesser worth


Net Worth

So, how much is Jesser worth?

Riedel earned most of his wealth from running ads on his YouTube channels and selling merch on

On YouTube, Riedel has more than 4.5 billion views, meaning about $15 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, American YouTuber Jesser has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Want to get to know Jesser better? Check out his video of an official 2HYPE basketball game—with over 11 million views so far!

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