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Randy Santel Net Worth $1.5 Million

What Is Randy Santel’s Net Worth?

Randy Santel is a bodybuilder and health and wellness influencer who has a net worth of $1.5 million. He has more than a million followers and is the owner of—a database of every restaurant eating challenge across 50 countries.

He also trains others and breaks records across 50 states and 37 countries.

Oh, and he’s also a professional eater.

The Missouri native has conquered hundreds of eating challenges so far, and he’s done it all while maintaining his own physique.

Here’s how he’s doing it, and here’s what we know.

The Origin Story


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Randy Santel was born on the 24th of June 1986, in St. Louis, Missouri.

His parents, Joe and Karen, went on to have another child—a daughter named Shelly.

When Randy was around 10 years old, his parents relocated the family to St. Peters, Missouri, where he was enrolled at Duchesne High School.

Throughout Randy’s high school years, he was heavily involved in physical activity, playing football, volleyball, and joining the Boy Scouts.

After graduating from high school, Randy enrolled at Missouri State University.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management and played football in the offensive lineman position for the entire three years.

After Santel graduated, he scored a job with J.E. Dunn Construction as a construction estimator and later with Speck KC in a similar role.

It was from here that he would discover his new path in life: bodybuilding.

From Fat To Fit


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Santel has spoken openly about his weight struggles, admitting that throughout his life, he was vacillated between chunky and lean—even claiming to have been obese at one point.

At the start of 2010, 2 years after his university graduation, Randy joined the Spartacus Transformation challenge.

He dropped 25 pounds in eight weeks.

To celebrate, he and a buddy went out for pizza.

Not just any pizza: The 28” Pointer’s Pizza Pointersaurus challenge pizza. Santel won and took home $500 in the process.

It was a lightbulb moment for the young construction worker and motivated him to dedicate his life to showing others that you could have the best of both worlds: eating ridiculous amounts of food whilst still maintaining a killer physique.

In 2020, Santel celebrated 10 years of competitive eating by posting his blood test results after a decade of speed-gorging, and 800+ food challenge wins.

Randy’s Food Race Highlights


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In 2021, Randy Santel was living what some people would consider the ultimate dream: traveling the country and eating a lot of food.

He hit Sioux Falls to chow down on a South Dakota foodie icon—chislic.

Chislic, a deep-fried meat dish, is given the supersize treatment at Urban Chislic’s, with 100 oz. of beef, lamb, pork, and chicken, plus fries, cheese curds, kettle chips, and sauces.

Santel decimated the challenge dish in just over 50 minutes, with enough room left to polish off a mug of beer at the same time.

The Sioux Falls Chislic Challenge would be Randy’s 984th food challenge and 984th win.

Before that, he faced down a 12-pound vegetarian pizza in 33 minutes.

Some of his other more memorable challenges include:

  • Austin’s Steakhouse Butcher Block Challenge: a 35-ounce Porterhouse steak, an 18-ounce Ribeye, 18-ounce New York Strip, 16-ounce Filet, and sides—all to be eaten within 60 minutes.
  • Angus Burgers and Shakes Holy Cow Challenge: 4 burgers, 4 sides, plus a whopping T-Bone steak, and a 40-ounce milkshake—all to be eaten within 60 minutes.
  • Curry In a Hurry MAHA Challenge: 7 pounds of curry and sides—all to be eaten within 60 minutes.

Winning Advice

It takes a lot to win almost 1,000 consecutive food challenges.

So what is Randy’s secret?

As it turns out, there are a lot of tips this motivational fitness pro has to offer:

He gets in the zone by listening to pop music—mentioning Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift as some pop stars he keeps in heavy rotation.

He flexes at the start of each challenge to get the blood pumping and boost his appetite…but mostly to show his food who’s boss.

He eats all the carbs on his plate first, with one of his most disturbing food hacks being this one: he mushes his fries into a paste with his hands before slurping it all up in one go.

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Height & Weight

Santel is 6 ft 5 in (195 cm) tall. He weighs about 235 lbs.


Randy Santel is not married, but he is in a relationship with Katina DeJarnett.

She’s also a professional eater and is known on social media as Katina Eats Kilos.

In 2021, the two bought a house in Milwaukee. 

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Net Worth

So, how much is Randy Santel worth?

Santel earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channel, selling merch on, and participating in food challenges.

He’s the owner of

On YouTube, Randy has more than 537 million views, meaning about $1.6 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, American professional eater Randy Santel has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Convinced competitive eating can’t be good for you? Here are Randy’s blood results after a decade of slurping up potato paste.

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