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John Gabbana Net Worth 2024

John Gabbana Net Worth – $500,000

What is John Gabbana’s net worth? Who is John Gabbana’s girlfriend?


John Gabbana is a social media personality who initially made a name for himself as a rapper.

As well as uploading his music videos to Instagram and YouTube, Gabbana shared videos of himself performing stunts and causing general havoc in day-to-day life, which saw him develop a divisive reputation.

In 2021, he made a clean break from his initial social media fame and turned his attention to boxing.

He subsequently earns from PPV fights, ad revenue, and merchandise as a result.

The Origin Story

John Gabbana, known initially by his rapper name of ‘Boonk Gang,’ rose to prominence on social media as a result of his music videos and his various pranks. 

One of his most controversial social media videos saw him steal a box of chicken from a Popeye’s restaurant – something that more than one million viewers tuned into in a remarkably short space of time. 

He followed this prank up with various other morally questionable videos, which led to his account being shut down, in spite of him having more than four million followers on Instagram.

In early 2021, Gabbana got baptized and announced that he was a reformed man.

He left his music life behind him and, with God in his heart, started his career as a boxer. 

Outside of his social media fame, little is known about his family life and personal relationships. 


John Gabbana has been in a well-publicized relationship with Victoria Rose, who is often referred to by her social media moniker, Woah Vicky. The couple made their relationship public through a series of posts on TikTok.

Woah Vicky

Victoria Waldrip, attends Big Latto’s Casino -Mulatto Birthday Event on December 17, 2020 in Atlanta – @Getty

However, the relationship took a turn when reports of their breakup started making rounds on TikTok. She came forward in 2022, claiming that Gabbana had abused her emotionally and physically during their relationship. However, these allegations have not been confirmed by Gabbana.

John Gabbana Net Worth


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John Gabbana – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is John Gabbana worth? Initially, as an internet-based rapper, Gabbana accrued the majority of his net worth through his musical endeavors, in spite of his somewhat controversial lifestyle and social media personality. Therefore, John Gabbana has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

On YouTube (Holy Gabbana), Gabbana has received more than one million views on his videos since joining the platform in 2017.

Although not hugely substantial, he has enjoyed ad revenue payments from YouTube as a result. 

One thing that’s notable about John Gabbana’s profile since 2021 is that he has removed many of his most popular videos (mainly those that saw him getting into trouble) as he looks to clean up his image and focus on his life away from online pranks and rap music. 

Although he enjoyed relative success as a rapper, it appears that he’s no longer active in music, and he has made no indication to his fans that any new musical projects are up and coming.

What’s more, in 2021, he returned to YouTube after a long absence, and he announced to his followers that he was a changed man. 

In a video entitled John Gabbana is back, he commented: “I haven’t posted here in so long, you’ve all probably missed me! You know, I’ve just been on this journey with the Lord, and I’m going to try and get right, start posting more, and take you all along on my journey.” 

This came as Gabbana rebranded himself as ‘Holy Handz,’ and he has seemingly left the music game behind.

In 2021, he is much more focused on sports and has committed to becoming a professional boxer. 

Supreme Patty vs John Gabbana

supreme patty vs john gabbana

Supreme Patty – @Getty

His first high-profile boxing fight came against social media influencer Supreme Patty, who himself has developed a reputation for performing obnoxious and often dangerous stunts to try and impress his followers. 

John Gabbana won the fight and believed it to be his first step towards becoming a legitimate boxer.

While there was a purse available to both men for the fight, it’s not clear exactly how much each boxer received. 

The fight was streamed through the PPV platform FITE, and each boxer was due to receive a share of the TV money as a result. 

In addition to his prominence on Instagram, where he has more than one million followers, Gabbana is also active on other social media platforms, including Snapchat and TikTok.

His videos on the latter mainly consist of his boxing training videos, and it appears that he is dedicating the platform to his reformed image. 

And alongside his newfound love of boxing and his associated sporting endeavors, Gabbana has launched an online store on which he sells merchandise to his fans.

Unlike other social media influencers, Gabbana’s store is focused mainly on sporting attire that aims to raise his profile in the ring. 

Adorned with his new nickname – Holy Handz – Gabbana’s merch collection consists mainly of tees, hoodies, and sweatpants, with prices ranging from $30 – $110 for the items in his store. 

As Gabbana makes more of a name for himself in the ring and continues with his reformation of character, it’s likely that he will continue to add to his merchandise range and look to add to his online revenue streams. 

Ultimately, Gabbana enjoyed initial financial success as an online rapper, but his career has taken an entirely new direction. He now makes his money from his influence on social media and as a PPV boxer, and his revenue streams include ad revenue and merchandise from his official store. 

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