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YK Osiris Net Worth & Wife

YK Osiris Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is YK Osiris’ net worth? Is YK Osiris married?


YK Osiris is an R&B musician from Florida who has enjoyed resounding success with various songs over the years.

He is signed to Def Jam Records and has his own recording label – Young King – which looks to work with up-and-coming talent in the industry.

Thanks to his presence on YouTube and various other streaming platforms, Osiris makes most of his money from music royalties and ad revenue, which constitute the vast majority of his net worth. 

The Origin Story

YK Osiris was born Osiris Jakhail Williams in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1998.

While Jacksonville isn’t renowned for producing musical stars, Osiris is true to his roots and claims that his time growing up in the city inspired him to make his music. 

Although he admits to enjoying his childhood, Osiris does recall getting involved in crime to support his family.

In an interview, he said, “I grew up good down there – I’ve never been in the trenches or anything … but I was getting in a lot of trouble [before music]. I used to be hungry for money – I used to go around jacking cars, and I was out late at night trying to get money.”  

But in spite of his involvement in crime, Osiris has straightened himself out considerably since enjoying huge success following his record deal.

YK Osiris Net Worth


Wife & Kids

YK Osiris married his long-time girlfriend in 2021, and he has a son, who he regularly appears with on his Instagram page. 

He shares several aspects of his private life on Instagram, often appearing with his wife and child in various instances. 


YK Osiris is about 1.69 m (5 ft 6.5 in) tall.

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YK Osiris – Net Worth

So, how much is YK Osiris worth?

Williams is a popular musician who has accumulated the majority of his net worth as a result of his musical endeavors.

yk osiris height

YK Osiris attends Ladies Love R&B at Red Martini on August 24, 2023 in Atlanta – @Getty

Many of his singles and music videos are extremely popular with his fans, racking up 479 million views on his YouTube channel as a result. 

From ad revenue alone on this basis, Williams has pulled in more than $1.5 million on YouTube thanks to his music videos, many of which have been enjoyed by his 1.5 million subscribers. 

One of his most popular singles is Worth It, which has racked up more than 106 million views, and the likes of Valentine (70 million views) and Timing (17 million views) are among his most impressive tracks. 

It’s common for music stars like Osiris to capitalize on the potential revenue generated from YouTube views, and it’s fair to say that he has built an impressive net worth as a result of his popularity on the platform.

But YouTube isn’t the only platform through which Osiris promotes his music to his fans. 


yk osiris kids

YK Osiris attends the Amazon Music Live Concert Series – @Getty

All of his tracks are available for streaming and download on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and several others, which further contributes to his earnings.

While royalties work slightly differently on each platform and, in many instances, depending upon the deal agreed by the musician, Spotify tends to payout 70% of the stream to the right holders. 

Spotify, like other streaming sites, generates income for artists through its subscription services and ads played on its free music service.

His music is just as popular on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music as it is on YouTube, and the primary source of Osiris’ income is the revenue that he generates from royalty payments from his music. Note – YK Osiris has around 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

YK Osiris Net Worth


In addition to online streams, Williams makes money from the record deal he signed with Def Jam Recordings in 2019.

In collaboration with Def Jam, Osiris released Worth It, which reached 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019.

Following the success of the song, Osiris released his first album with Def Jam later the same year, entitled The Golden Child. 

Update – in December 2022, YK Osiris was released from Def Jam Recordings.

Young King Records 

In 2021, Osiris announced the launch of Young King Records with his business partner Chris Williams, who is a seasoned music manager and industry veteran.

One of the first acts that Young King Records will be supporting is Prince Party, and it’s possible that Osiris will collaborate with him on certain tracks in the near future.

born of osiris net worth

YK Osiris and Mapy – @Getty

Another way that Osiris earns money is via his touring schedule.

Following the release of his latest albums, he tends to play at venues in various cities in the UK, including those in his home state of Florida.

While it’s hard to generalize about his earnings from touring, it undoubtedly contributes to the sizeable net worth that he has developed over the years. 

On Instagram, Williams has more than 3 million followers, thanks to his popularity as a musician.

While many of his posts share details of his private life and his various personal escapades, he does occasionally run sponsored posts and makes various endorsements to bolster his income. 

Therefore, YK Osiris has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

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