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Jojo Zarur Net Worth 2024

What is Jojo Zarur’s net worth?


Jojo Zarur is best known for being the leading star of Love & Hip Hop: Miami’s second season.

While you may have got to know this famous personality on the television screen, how well do you know her offscreen?

Delve deep into this short biography to discover the details you’ve been missing so far!

The Origin Story

Mother Faride Manzur and businessman Jose Antonio Zarur welcomed Jojo Zarur into the world on 15th November 1991, when she was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

This Mexican Lebanese female was blessed with wealth from an early age – her father is a proud owner of a Mexican mansion, four homes, and a Miamian condo.

jojo zarur dad


In fact, filming of Love & Hip Hop: Miami took place at this condo, although Jojo’s parents’ disapproval of her modern lifestyle was put on display here.

Jojo was intrigued by fashion and wardrobe design from being a young girl, wanting to firmly place herself in the fashion industry.

Despite this passion, she undertook her education at the University of Alabama and went on to study economics and pre-law at Stanford University.

However, much to her parents’ dissatisfaction, she dropped her academics to pursue a fashion stylist passion, which is how she managed to get where she is today.

How Zarur has made a mark in her professional life

jojo zarur age


Jojo Zarur has created a name for herself as an infamous wardrobe stylist and a reality TV personality on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

She is famous for being the show’s leading cast member in season two, while she also made appearances in seasons one and three to boost her profile further.

First aired in the spring of 2011, this US reality TV show zooms in on the professional and personal lives of different performers, managers, and musicians, amongst others.

Zarur first appeared in the series as a supporting character, zooming in on her life, including family conflicts, business undertakings, and friendship journeys.

The show sees her friendship blossom with Amara La Negra and shows her tension with Steph, Veronica, and Young Hollywood, much to the broad audience base’s entertainment.

After putting efforts into the show, Zarur rose to fame and developed a solid social media presence.

Taking advantage of our digital age, this TV personality built hundreds of thousands of followers and has since connected with her fans via different platforms.

Reaching out and keeping audiences updated with her life and work in this way helps Zarur interact with those who are interested in her designs, gain feedback, and constantly excel as a 21st-century fashion icon.

jojo zarur parents


As a stylist, Zarur kicked off a collaboration with Young Thug and unsurprisingly hopped on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase her work over periods of time.

Young Thug hired Jojo as his stylist after falling in love with her designs, suggesting that her creative talent is not one to be looked over.

She also worked will clients like Alvin Kamara and T-Pain, amongst other athletes, artists, and rappers.

The stylist started Zarur Boutique in the summer of 2016 to sell outfits, products, and exclusive pieces styled by her A-list clientele to enhance her business further.


Zarur has a devoted focus on work, although she has had time to dip her toe in the water of love too.

She has experienced several relationships, including a romance with US rapper Yung Mazi.

Rumors also suggested that she had been previously involved with Kevin Gates, with whom she was spotted in New York, although she later denied that there was any special connection between them.

jojo zarur boyfriend

Kevin Gates and Jojo Zarur – @Getty

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Jojo Zarur – Net Worth 2024

Therefore, Jojo Zarur has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Having a history of wealth clearly comes with a few perks. A generous budget allowed this television personality to embrace the indulgences of an expensive car collection, including both luxury cars and sports cars.

She possesses several of the most luxurious vehicles on the planet, including a Rolls Royce collection, a BMW, and a Tesla, just to name a few.

Jarur also founded her signature Zarur Boutique in Miami.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it.

No one can say Jojo Zarur hasn’t had an exciting life so far.

She has successfully made her mark on social media, television, and through different stylist collaborations with upmarket clients.

We can only wait and wonder what will happen in Zarur’s life in the upcoming years.

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