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Joni Lamb Net Worth $10 Million

What is Joni Lamb’s net worth?

Joni Lamb is a Christian broadcaster who has a net wort hof $10 million. Regarding Christian TV broadcasting, few names in the industry are better known than Joni Lamb.

Born in Greensville, South Carolina, she has created a huge personality for herself with her TV viewers and online fans.

Lamb has been part of the Christian TV world since the 1980s, and in her 30+ years in TV, she has established her name as one of the most prominent.

Known for her conservative-leaning views and her controversial opinions, Lamb has a huge following.

That following has brought her significant success both in the TV industry and financially.

With that in mind, you might wonder what the average Joni Lamb net worth estimates might be.

Look around the web, and you can find various approximations of her wealth.

We will try and break down the kind of details that matter about Joni Lamb.

Read on to find out what Joni Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be and a brief rundown on how she created such wealth for herself.

The Origin Story


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As the founder and Vice-President of the Daystar Television network, Joni Lamb (formerly Joni Trammell) is among the most well-known names in the Christian network industry.

Over the years, she has hosted various shows, including her hugely popular Joni Table Talk show.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, her family were members of the Tremont Avenue Church of God.

Here, she met her future husband – Marcus Lamb – as he was a minister at the church.

During her early years, Lamb traveled regularly with her husband across the USA, visiting various churches across the country.

The couple eventually settled in Montgomery, Alabama, where they began to promote their televangelism.

In the late 1990s, the couple had raised enough money to start the Daystar Television network.


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They resided in Dallas thanks to the larger network audience that exists within the state of Texas.


Lamb takes her surname from her late husband, Marcus Lamb. Joni Lamb and Marcus married in 1982 and stayed together until Lamb died in 2021. Lamb himself was one of the most popular televangelists around.

As the CEO of the Daystar TV Network, the Lamb family was involved in many big-name Christian TV shows.

Indeed, by the 2010s, Daystar was believed to be the second-largest Christian TV network anywhere in the world. Marcus Lamb died in 2021, leaving his wife a widow.

In 2023, Joni Lamb married a new husband, Dr. Doug Weiss. Weiss has a long history of working within psychology and is a well-known author on topics such as addiction and recovery.


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Joni Lamb had three children with Marcus – two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel, and a son called Jonathan. The kids regularly appear as part of the Daystar Network TV shows.  

Daystar Television Network


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The main role of Joni Lamb’s career has been her position on the Daystar Television Network.

Every day of the week, Lamb hosts her Joni Table Talk TV show – a half-hour show where Lamb sits with other ministers and various celebrities to discuss all topics.

The vast majority of topics will be cultural issues in the USA today, but they also strongly focus on matters regarding their faith.

The show has previously won numerous awards, especially at its peak in the mid-2000s when Lamb won the National Religious Broadcasters Award for Best Television Talk Show.

The other main show she is involved in on the Daystar platform is a Ministry Now program! – this show used to be called Marcus and Joni.

This program is broadcast during the week and is usually one hour long. Joni and her daughters will regularly appear on the show to be part of the singing choir. This is one of the few times Lamb’s children take a more prominent role on TV.



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Another part of her life that is quite important to mention is that Joni Lamb is a successful author.

In 2008, she published her first book, “Surrender All: Your Answers To Living With Peace, Power And Purpose.” The book received relative acclaim from those of faith, and it was another part of her portfolio that has contributed to generating the Joni Lamb money.

In terms of her authorship, this is one of the few major books that Lamb has written.


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Net Worth

So, how much is Joni Lamb worth? As one of the leading faces of the Christian broadcasting world in the USA and abroad, Joni Lamb has made money through her Daystar Television Network. Therefore, Joni Lamb has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

She co-founded this company with her late husband, Marcus, and the two worked to build one of the most successful networks of its kind in the world today. Though Marcus is no longer with us, Lamb has kept the work going on both on her own and with her new husband at her side.

Her success also comes from the fact that, in the past, she has been a successful author. While most of her work focuses on the Christian side, she is not shy of putting herself front and center to talk about current affairs and similar matters.

This has been where most of her controversies have spawned.

However, her promotion of conservative values often tallies well with the American Christian population.

This has led to many seeing Lamb as someone with a voice for topics that other Christian broadcasts are less keen to discuss.

Lamb has never been shy about her conservative political mindset, which has helped elevate her profile among many of the American Christian public.

Despite some controversies, Joni Lamb retains a huge following within the American Christian population.


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As a Pentecostal Christian, Lamb has generated a huge following who value her take on religion and her oratory style.

Others appreciate that Lamb has no problem saying what she thinks, even if it might cause offense or controversy for her or her platform(s).

That commitment to being open regardless of who gets involved or in the way of her statements has helped to ensure that Lamb remains one of the most popular Christian broadcasters in the industry. It has also significantly boosted her popularity and, thus, her ability to maintain a highly successful television career.

Note – Joni Lamb has an estimated net worth of $10 million. This estimate might seem quite conservative, given that Daystar had a $21.5 million bid for KOCE-TV and, together with Trinity Broadcasting Network and Christian Broadcast Network,  is worth over $250 billion combined.

Key Facts


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With an estimated net worth of around $10M, Joni Lamb has enjoyed a successful career in Christian television. Despite a controversial outlook on various parts of modern society, Lamb has built a large following that gives her a lot of time and faith.

Her long-running shows on the Daystar Network have ensured that she remains one of the most publicly visible Christian broadcasters in America today.

Having enjoyed a hugely successful career in this field, Lamb has secured herself as one of the most recognizable faces of her industry despite some controversy along the way.

Having come through various personal challenges in recent years – not least the loss of her long-term husband – Lamb has maintained her position as one of the most visible Christian broadcasters.

From her early upbringing in South Carolina to her position as one of America’s most prominent Christian broadcasters, Joni Lamb has enjoyed a very interesting life!


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