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Jake from State Farm Net Worth 2024 | Kevin Miles

Jake from State Farm Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Kevin Miles’ net worth? (the “Jake from State Farm” actor)


Kevin Miles has been catapulted to fame with blinding quickness.

Since 2020, the “Jake from State Farm” actor has been spreading the good word about insurance.

He’s got nearly universal—okay, national—appeal with everyone from NFL MVPs to rap superstars and your neighbors.

Everyone loves Jake from State Farm.

The appeal, according to your everyday American, is that he’s a regular, everyday guy that we see in our communities.

At a time where Black actors either have to be “wacky, or […] dangerous”, according to Miles, his character is neither.

He’s just a good guy.

While the role was initially filled by a genuine State Farm employee named Jake Stone, Kevin Miles took on the role without hesitation. “I’ve always wanted to play Jake,” the enthusiastic young actor said.

And now, he’s a household name.

Here’s what we know about the man behind one of America’s most beloved characters.

The Origin Story

what is the net worth of Kevin Miles


Kevin Miles was born on July 5, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois.

He was raised by his dad, although he always had a relationship with his mom.

His childhood was rough, with Miles himself saying, “watch The Pursuit of Happyness if you want the G-rated version of our story.”

Miles credits his dad for giving him a dream of what life could and should be, and for giving him the knowledge and resilience to succeed in the world.

He claims that he wouldn’t be who he is now without his dad showing him what he could be, and calls his dad a father, a brother, a buddy, and even “a son.”

Now that most of Kevin’s life centers around Los Angeles, there’s much the Windy City native misses about growing up on the South Side—and a lot of it revolves around food.

When he goes back home, nutrition plans go out the window, and he visits all his favorite haunts—like Italian Fiesta, Harold’s Chicken, and Giordano’s.

The Birth of a Passion

How much does Jake get paid for State Farm commercials


Miles was also a sports fan, but his real dream was to be an actor.

Even at age 9, he knew that he wanted to be on TV—and his dad knew it, too.

The biggest draw for young Kevin was to play any character he wanted to be. 

As a kid, Miles started getting involved in the school plays.

He played Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet—mostly, he says, because he was the bigger kid in his class.

That small role in a school play made him feel like a superstar—and Kevin was smitten.

Once he was out of high school, Kevin headed for the Chicago Academy for the Arts to study theatre.

He thrived in such a creative environment and then advanced his craft in St. Louis at Webster University.

He graduated from Webster with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Kevin had the education.

He had the skill.

He had the passion, the motivation, and the drive. But he wasn’t sure where to go next.

Should he stay in his hometown and grow his acting resume, or head straight for Hollywood?

What about New York and Broadway?

He took a gamble and headed for Hollywood—with a one-way ticket and his mom’s company.

She traveled with him and helped him cop an old Mustang to get around in…then she returned home, leaving Miles with his luggage and a pillow and nowhere to stay.

Miles would spend the next week sleeping rough and delivering food while he tried to make his dreams happen.

It was hard, he admits, but his tenacious attitude wouldn’t let him quit.

He just kept going, and—brick by brick—his determination paid off.

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Welcome To The Good Life

how much does jake from state farm make

Kevin Miles and Coltrane Curtis celebrate with Tres Generaciones Tequila at the All-Star Weekend Wrap Party – @Getty

Finally, Miles booked his first commercial—and he didn’t even have an agent yet.

Not long after, he saw the audition call for the Jake from State Farm commercial.

He—like many people who’d ever watched TV—knew the character.

The audition called for people to wear a red polo and khakis, and when Miles showed up to the callback, he hadn’t seen that message.

In a sea of red polos, he was wearing a gray blazer and white shirt. Fortunately, he stood out for all the right reasons and got the gig.

Since then, he’s been rubbing shoulders in State Farm ads with Patrick Mahomes, Paul Rudd, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul, and even rap superstar Drake.

The familiar face sees his Jake character as a stepping stone rather than a typecasting trap and hopes to one day build the kind of career Denzel Washington has.

Most of all, he wants to make his mom and dad proud.


Kevin Miles is 5′ 11½″ (1.82 m) tall.

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jake from state farm salary

Kevin Miles throws the ceremonial first pitch of the game between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers – @Getty

Kevin Miles | Jake from State Farm – Net Worth & Salary 2024

Many people are wondering how much money does the “Jake from State Farm” actor make? Here are the details: Miles earned most of his wealth from performing in over 28 TV series, short films, and TV mini-series, including – iCarly, Lionheart: The James Bay Film Project, Criminal Minds, State Farm: Security, and more. Therefore, the actor who plays Jake from State Farm–Kevin Miles– has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

His projects appeared on Freeform, Hulu, Paramount+, and Netflix.

Who is Kevin Miles when he’s not being Jake from State Farm? Find out on his Instagram channel.


how much is jake from state farm worth

Kevin Miles at the premiere of “Big George Foreman” held at Regal L.A. Live – @Getty

Why did they get rid of Jake from State Farm?

Jake Stone from Bloomington performed the role of “Jake from State Farm” in the initial advertising campaign. In 2020, however, the role of Jake was re-cast by a professional actor, Kevin Miles.

It appears that Stone left State Farm on good terms and even made a reappearance in the 2020 commercial. The switch is likely because State Farm wanted to update its famous “State of Unrest” campaign with a fresh face.

Miles has been playing the role of Jake since then and has gained quite a bit of popularity on social media platforms.

Was Jake from State Farm a child actor?

Jake from State Farm is an adult actor, not a child actor. Kevin Miles, the actor who portrays Jake, was born on July 5th, 1990, and began his acting career in 2010. He is best known for his role as Jake from State Farm in the popular insurance commercials.

How much does Jake get paid for State Farm commercials?

According to sources, the original Jake, actor Kevin Miles, who now plays Jake in the ads, makes an estimated $15k per commercial. His celebrity status continues to grow with each new film or advertisement he stars in, and this only serves to increase his value as an actor.

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Gale Thompson

Sunday 12th of March 2023

I'm a huge fan. Kevin comes across as a "real" guy, with brains, personality and good looks.


Sunday 31st of October 2021

So happy for this cool guy! He is the real deal.he will go far!