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Leo Robinton Net Worth | Girlfriend

Leo Robinton Net Worth – $500,000

What is Leo Robinton’s net worth? Who is Leo Robinton’s girlfriend?


Leo Robinton has a pretty fancy resume.

The long-haired, bespectacled thirty-something has been the VP of business development for a Canadian cannabis company and is now the VP of brand partnerships at the pioneering Radicle Science.

He’s got global experience in tech, branding, and relationship building; he describes himself as an “altruist and change agent,” and he believes that diversity, equality, and inclusion are his core drivers in life.

Sounds good, right?

Did we mention he’s also dating Harry Potter superstar Emma Watson?

That’s right—the man who some media outlets claimed had motivated Hermione Granger to hang up her wand and disappear into Muggle’s life is none other than our American corporate strategist.

So let’s find out everything there is to know about the young executive.

The Origin Story

Leo Robinton was born on October 23, 1989, in California.

He and his four siblings—including a twin!—are the children of Mimi and Michael Robinton.

Mimi is a businesswoman in her own right, and operated a successful interior design firm in Palo Alto, California, from the early 2000s until the couple’s retirement to Milpitas.

Michael is also a high achiever, having held the position of president at several companies.

It’s no wonder that the pair’s offspring have been so successful.

Leo’s older sister, Daisy, is a model and molecular biologist, and his oldest sister, Lily, is a UCLA Law School graduate, former commercial litigation associate, and Head of Academic Relations. Leo also has two brothers—a twin brother named Will and an older brother named Charlie, who is known for living a life of adventure, surfing, and fishing.


After graduating college, Leo set his sights on shaking up the tech and pharmaceutical industries.

He joined Vancouver, Canada, company Agrios Global Holdings in his mid 20’s, serving the legal cannabis specialists as the vice president of business development.

He moved on from the company shortly before his 30th birthday in 2019, with Agrios issuing a statement to the Cannabis Business Times thanking the young up-and-comer for his contributions.

After departing his lofty rank at Agrios, Leo was spotted joining the team at Radicle Science, a company headed by thought leaders and industry executives Pelin Thorogood and Jeff Chen.

Radicle Science is a healthtech working to provide product validation at scale, to encourage accessible, affordable, natural health products.

His position at Radicle Science as vice president of Brand Partnerships is a promotion from his initial contribution as an advisor during its early stages, but the cannabis exec and marketing whiz kid shows no signs of slowing down.

At the time of writing, he is still representing Radicle Science from his base in California.

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Love in the Limelight

emma watson leo robinton split


Leo Robinton may have achieved a lot in the last three decades, but his claim to mainstream fame has nothing to do with his career—and everything to do with his girlfriend.

In April 2020, Robinton was identified as the guy seen kissing Harry Potter star and sustainability advocate Emma Watson.

In a photo taken outside a Primrose Hill bakery in London in October of 2019, the celebrity can be seen kissing the (at the time) unidentified man.

Two months later, Emma told British Vogue that she was single.

Once Leo was outed as Emma’s man of the moment, he deleted all his social media accounts and set his Instagram account to private.

The pair have tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

Their attempts aren’t always successful, though.

emma watson leo robinton


In 2021, rumors circulated in the press that Emma Watson had retired from acting to focus on her soon-to-be husband.

This forced the actress to issue a statement to the press explaining that she was neither retiring nor engaged.

The star did confess later, according to a US magazine, that she wanted a long-term future with her new beau.

The star, who once told media outlets that she was “self-partnered” despite the anxiety that comes with societal pressure to have a house, a husband, and babies by 30, may not have tied the knot yet, but the pair seem happy playing house as they navigate their stellar careers.

Update – Leo Robinton and Emma Watson split quietly sometime in 2021.

Leo Robinton – Net Worth

So, how much is Leo Robinton worth?

Robinton earned most of his wealth from working for Agrios Global Holdings (until June 2019) and Radicle Science.

Therefore, Leo Robinton has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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