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Lindsay Hubbard Net Worth 2024

Lindsay Hubbard Net Worth – $2 million

What is Lindsay Hubbard’s net worth? Who is Lindsay Hubbard’s fiancé?


Lindsay Hubbard is an American TV personality and reality TV star.

She is best known for her appearances on Bravo’s Summer House.

The Origin Story

Hubbard was born in New York City, New York, on August 11th, 1986.

She enjoyed a close relationship with her father but has rarely publicly spoken of her mother.

She also has a brother, who reportedly serves in the US Armed Forces.

Hubbard has credited her father with her drive to succeed and passion for hard work.

According to Hubbard, her father encouraged her to get a part-time job when she was a teenager in order to buy a car.

Hubbard states she has taken this ‘bootstraps’ attitude to heart, and applied it to her personal and professional life.

Summer House

Lindsay Hubbard Net Worth

Lindsay Hubbard attends OK! Magazine’s Fall Fashion Week – @Getty

Hubbard joined the cast of the smash Bravo reality TV show, Summer House, in the show’s first season in 2017.

She went in as one half a couple with fellow contestant (and long-time friend) Everett Weston, although the atmosphere in the house took its toll on both them and their castmates, and the two bickered incessantly.

Hubbard had broken up with Weston by the time season 2 rolled around.

Weston was relegated to a guest cast member, and only sporadically appeared on the show in season 2.

Hubbard insisted that the two were no longer an item, despite occasional evidence to the contrary.

In the second season, Hubbard established herself as a free agent, enjoying flings with several men who were not featured on the show.

She also developed a firm friendship with fellow castmate Danielle Olivera, who shared an ex – Carl Radke – with Lauren Wirkus.

Hubbard enjoyed a more subdued season 3, reconnecting briefly with old flame Weston and generally staying out of a lot of the drama that unfolded between fellow housemates.

Her friendship with Olivera deepened, however, and the two became inseparable.

As the show continued, however, a rift developed between the two women.

summer house lindsay hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard attends OK! Magazine Summer Kickoff Party – @Getty

The main source of friction was regarding Olivera’s former beau, Carl Radke, who had been romantically involved with several women in the house, but who eventually ended up in a relationship with Hubbard.

This did not sit well with Olivera, who had trust issues with her ex and also felt betrayed by her best friend.

The rift between the two widened, culminating with the announcement of Hubbard’s engagement to Radke.

Olivera failed to congratulate the pair on social media – a move that was widely seen as a snub – and the two feuded over the engagement in season 7 of Summer House.

Olivera repeatedly confronted Hubbard about the engagement and questioned whether or not she was moving too fast in her relationship with the notoriously flirtatious Radke.

As a result, the two women have spent less and less time with one another.

Personal Life

Lindsay Hubbard and her fiance Carl Radke


Lindsay Hubbard is engaged to fellow Summer House castmate Carl Radke.

Although a date has not been said, Radke has stated that they will get married in Mexico, with the ceremony to be officiated by Below Decks captain, Lee Rosbach.

In 2023, it was revealed that Hubbard and Carl live in a rented Manhattan apartment for which they pay $13k per month.

Lindsay Hubbard and partner


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Lindsay Hubbard – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Lindsay Hubbard worth? Hubbard earned most of her wealth from appearing in 84 episodes of Summer House as well as brand deals via her Instagram account. Some of Hubbard’s sponsors were — Dell and Colgate. Therefore, Lindsay Hubbard has an estimated net worth of $2 million

Hubbard makes $10k to $20k per episode of Summar House.

Lindsay sells merch (hoodies, hats, shorts, towels, mugs, etc) on her website —

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