Jason Hawk – Net Worth, Wife (Mary), Knives, Tattoo, Face Scars

What is Jason Hawk’s net worth? Also, who is Jason Hawk’s wife?


Jason Hawk is a homesteader, hunter, and bladesmith who’s been living the mountain man way of life since he was born.

He is best known for appearing in shows like:

  • No Man’s Land (the show follows the everyday lives of people who reside in barren desert locations throughout the U.S.).
  • Mountain Men – it is an American reality television series on the History channel which premiered on May 31, 2012.


He was born in 1960 in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas (a physiographic region in the U.S. states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and extreme southeastern Kansas) and spent 38 years living as a survivalist.

Jason grew up in Colorado, where he learned important skills required for surviving in harsh conditions and forging a blade.

He completed his graduation in Colorado. Later, he moved to Montana to study welding (a fabrication or sculptural process which joins materials) and metal fabrication.

His forging career began in 1999, and Jason has been forging blades ever since.

In 2007, Jason worked as a propmaker for the comedy film ”Epic Movie.”

In 2014, Hawk joined the History Channel in a show entitled “No Man’s Land.”

Mountain Men

In 2015, he joined the cast of a reality show titled – Mountain Men – during the 5th season of the show, although he was initially cast for the 2nd season of the reality show.

During the show, Hawk and his family (wife Mary and two children) live in a pre-Civil War wooden house that lacks electricity, central heating, and running water.

In 2017, Preston Roberts – a cast member of Mountain Men – died from liver disease complications.

Other cast members of Mountain Men include:

  • Josh Kirk;
  • Eustace Conway;
  • Kidd and Harry Youren;
  • Marty Meierotto;
  • Mike Horstman;
  • Tom Oar;
  • Jake Herak;
  • Rich Lewis;
  • Margaret Stern;
  • Brent Jameson;
  • George Michaud;
  • Morgan Beasley;
  • Kyle Bell;
  • Charlie Tucker.

In 2016, Hawk lost his father and also the person who was his shop partner for over a decade.

In the same year, Jason achieved the rank of Master Smith under Tai Goo, a knife-making legend. Goo began his metalsmithing career in 1978.

In 1980, Tai Goo also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University.

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In 2021, it was revealed that Jason has cancer. This is the Go Fund Me link, if anyone feels the desire to donate.


Jason Hawk is married to Mary Hawk.

They first met in 2008.

Mary is a herbal specialist.


The couple has two daughters – Madeline Rose Hawk and River Hawk.

During ”Mountain Men” season 7, episode 3, Hawk and his wife talk about their second daughter. Also, Mary and Jason talk about building a hogan so that she could give birth to their baby there.

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Face Tattoo & Scars

Hawk has a tattoo on his face. Jason also has some scars under his eyes.

But, Hawk has never explained the origin of the scars that appear underneath his eyes.


Jason has practiced a philosophy of harmony with nature that has served him well his entire life, according to the History Channel’s website.

Hawk learned Filipino style martial arts (this type of martial arts doesn’t focus on complicated or fancy moves that are likely to fail when executed) from Master Chris Petrilli, a well known martial artist.

Another famous professional blacksmith is Alec Steele.

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Jason Hawk – Net Worth

Hawk earned most of his wealth by appearing in Mountain Men and No Man’s Land as well as from bladesmithing. He once said:

”My work defines and roots me in a all to chaotic world.”

At the time of writing, Jason appeared in 49 episodes of Mountain Men.

Hawk also runs a website, entitled – jasonhawkknives.com, where he sells handmade blades and tools online. ”El Jefe” is the cheapest knife and has a price of $175.

His salary in the reality shows he appeared in was not released to the public. But, over 120 million households have TV service in the United States, hence, there is no denying television stars have a far reach.

Also, shows that air on broadcast television usually pay their talent larger salaries than shows found on cable.

On a standard reality show, an actor can expect to earn about $1,500 per episode or approximately $19,500 for a standard 13-episode season. However, that is the very low end of the spectrum. On average, most of the actors earn between $40,000 and 120,000 per season.

Therefore, American blacksmith Jason Hawk has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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