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Michael Douglas Net Worth | Wife

Michael Douglas Net Worth – $350 million

What is Michael Douglas’ net worth? Who is Michael Douglas’ wife?


Michael Kirk Douglas is a world-famous American actor and producer.

He has shown his remarkable acting skills in many high-profile films like ‘Wonder Boys,’ ‘Behind the Candelabra,’ ‘Fatal Attraction,’ ‘A Chorus Line,’ and the ‘Jewel of the Nile.’

By giving these hits, Michael Douglas’s estimated net worth is $350 million in 2021.

He has many fans around the world and gets rewarded with many accolades. 

Douglas has received six Golden Globe, Two Academy, and a Prime Emmy Awards as a reward for his outstanding contribution to the American film industry.

Apart from that, Douglas has been recognized for his political and humanitarian activities as well as his marriage to Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Origin Story

Michael Douglas is the eldest son of Kirk Douglas, who was a well-renowned director, producer, actor, philanthropist, and screenwriter. ”My mother and father met at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts,” Michael told The Guardian.

Douglas was born on the 25th of September, 1994, in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He was a talented and well-groomed kid of highly professional actor parents.

He has three brothers named Eric, Joel, and Peter.

His educational journey started by joining the Choate Preparatory School in Wallingford.

He also attended The Allen-Stevenson School in New York City.

In 1968, he did his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama at the University of California.

During this time at this institute, he got selected as the Honorary President of the UCSB Alumni Association.

He has also been a student of acting at The American Place Theatre in New York with Wynn Handmann.

He was fascinated by the process of filmmaking throughout his education. Because of this, he frequently accompanied his father to film shoots.


In the 1960s, Douglas started his career as an Assistant Director of his father’s films.

Michael Douglas Net Worth


After proving his acting skills in different television dramas, he got a role in the 1970s television series ‘The Street of Francisco,’ which he starred in until 1977. ”We shot 26 episodes a season, filmed six days a week,” Douglas said in an interview with AARP in March 2021. He added: ”It made me appreciate how hard my dad worked, his work ethic.”

Whilst in this show, he also got a chance to direst two episodes of the series.

Douglas got a career boost by serving as an Executive Producer for Milo Forman’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ This film received five Academy Awards.

Michael started his acting career in 1969.

A super hit show named ‘The Experiment; made a successful start for him.

He made his first debut for his first film called ‘Hail Hero.’

Disney then decided to cast him in their super hit project, ‘Napoleon and Samantha.’ This was a huge success for his early career.

Douglas began getting outstanding popularity.

His unstoppable rise to fame was making him more in demand within the American film industry.

Fatal Attraction

1987 was a super successful year for his career. He starred in ‘Fatal Attraction,’ which gained him a cult-like following and instantly catapulted him to success.

He then starred in ‘Wall Street’ that same year.

Michael Douglas was then cast in several high-paid blockbuster projects such as ‘Basic Instinct’ with Sharon Stone and ‘Disclosure’ with Demi Moore.

These two were a huge hit at the box office. Michael Douglas also appeared in the television sensation ‘Will and Grace’ in a guest role.

Recent projects of his include ‘Ant-Man,’ ‘The Kominsky Project,’ and ‘Animal World.’

He has slowed his acting endeavors throughout the 2000s due to health battles with cancer.

Michael speaks candidly about his career, stating, “My entire career is contemporary based, not by choice, but just by character. So, all the movies I’ve done, except for one in 40 years, are contemporary. But I never did an effects movie. So, I’m also a producer, and I was really curious about how this whole thing went together.”

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Michael Douglas began dating Brenda Vaccaro in 1971.

After six years, the couple called it quits.

In 1977, he married the daughter of an Australian diplomat named Diandra Luker.

Michael Douglas and first wife Diandra Luker


The relationship had a huge age gap, with Douglas being 32 at the time and Luker only being 19.

In 1995, they both got divorced. Diandra received $45 million as a part of the settlement after their separation.

In 1999, Michael began dating an actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones


They happily married in November 2000.

They also have an age difference of 25 years.

After so many years of marriage, in 2013, they decided to get briefly separated.

The couple has since reconciled.


Michael Douglas’s Jewish father, Kirk Douglas, and mother Diana Dill were both actors.

They had four sons, with Michael being the eldest.

Douglas shares a son with Diandra Luker, Cameron.

With Zeta-Jones, he shares two children, Dylan Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta Douglas.

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Michael Douglas – Net Worth

what is the net worth of Michael Douglas


So, how much is Michael Douglas worth?

Michael Douglas earned the following for appearing in these films:

For Basic Instinct: $15 million.

The American President: $15 million.

The Game: $20 million.

A Perfect Murder: $20 million.

Wonder Boys: $5 million.

Traffic: $10 million.

Michael has a valuable real estate portfolio.

In 1990, he bought 250 acres of an estate for $3.5 million on the coast of Spain.

He tried to sell one of his homes for $60 million in 2014, but there was no buyer. 

Diandra (Michael Douglas’s ex-wife) and Michael are the co-owners of this property. They relisted it in June 2019 for $32 million.

He has a large apartment with luxurious views of Central Park in New York City.

He also advertised a long-time Bermuda estate in June 2019 for $10.6 million. Eventually, that was taken off the market.

Therefore, Michael Douglas has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

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