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SAS-ASMR Net Worth | Husband (Aaron)

SAS-ASMR Net Worth – $6 million

What is SAS-ASMR’s net worth? Who is SAS-ASMR’s husband?


SAS-ASMR is one of Canada’s biggest ASMR and Mukbang exports.

She rose to fame, amassing more than 3 billion video views on YouTube at a time when the giant video streaming platform was being overrun by former Vine stars looking for a new home.

She’s also got a mukbang content creating sister—along with her niece and nephew.

SAS-ASMR was enjoying the kind of following most YouTubers could only dream of. She’s got over 9.4 million YouTube subscribers.

Videos like this one of her eating honeycomb had amassed 50 million views by mid-2023.

Even a video of her chewing octopus and salmon managed to rack up 29 million views by 2023.

So how do you get famous for sitting around and eating on video?

And what happened to cause so many former SAS-ASMR fans to stop engaging with her content?

Read on to find out.

But wait…what is ASMR?


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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a type of sensory relaxation, and it’s much less scientific than it sounds.

Effectively, it’s a sensation of tingling that goes through your head, ears, neck, and down your back.

Sometimes ASMR tingles can be experienced when someone plays with your hair.

For other people, it takes a lot more—mascara wants against a microphone, crackling, tapping, even chewing.

Chewing—and eating in general—is the kind of ASMR trigger SAS-ASMR specializes in.

The majority of her videos rely less on her soothing voice—although she does a few whispering videos—and more on the loud sound of someone eating on camera.

2020 was a big year for ASMR, with the topic ballooning out to include more than 5 million videos and become one of the top 100 searches on the video streaming platform.

Ok, so…what is Mukbang?


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You’ve got ASMR YouTubers, and you’ve got Mukbang YouTubers (like Nikocado Avocado).

Then you’ve got…both?

Some of the most well-known Mukbang ASMRtists on YouTube are Zach Choi—with 12 million subscribers—and SULGI—who can rack up a million views in 3 days.

Mukbang—which you pronounce as “mookbung”—is an Asian video trend that got out of hand worldwide.

Essentially, it’s someone sitting down and recording themselves eating a lot of food.

That’s it.

The trend showed no sign of slowing down in 2020 and 2021, despite how wasteful and unhealthy it comes across to non-Mukbang fans.

The Origin Story


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SAS—whose real name is Sasithorn—was born in Thailand on July 20, 1982.

She has an elder sister named Sissi, who created a mukbang channel with her children.

Nicholas and Emma, Sas’s nephew and niece, are the inspiration behind their mom’s channel—N.E. Let’s Eat.

When Sas was a child, she and her family relocated to Victoria, British Columbia, in  Canada—they’ve been there ever since.

Aside from her sister Sissi, her niece Emma, and her nephew Nicholas, we know Sas has a Canadian husband named Aaron.


Sas met Aaron in 2010, while she was working as a bartender in the city.

They began dating almost immediately and got married the following year.

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The Career Climb


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After high school and a few years of college, Sas found herself working retail at a mall.

She was living with her sister when she got a job in a bar, and eventually married her husband and moved in with him.

She needed a career, and fortunately for the unskilled, unqualified young Canadian, she came up with an idea.


She launched her channel in 2016, and she’d uploaded her first Mukbang ASMR video—ASMR Sushi Dynamite Roll Mukbang—by the end of that year.

Fortunately, she was ahead of the curve.

ASMR and Mukbang videos were going viral in the Asian space, but not so much in the US just yet.

Her popularity grew by word of mouth, and by 2018 she was one of the most recognizable faces in the ASMR and Mukbang categories.

Unfortunately, Sas didn’t know where to draw the line in her desperate quest for more views and more fame.

She posted a video eating live octopus.

It was clear that the marine animal was suffering, and SAS-ASMR fans knew it.

They didn’t like it.

The backlash was swift, and her subscriber engagement dropped significantly.

She removed the video, but like other desperate ASMR Mukbangers who tortured live animals in their eating videos—like Haitou Hantou and Ssoyoung—the damage to her brand was already done.

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SAS-ASMR – Net Worth

So, how much is SAS-ASMR worth?

Sasithorn earned most of her wealth from advertisements on her YouTube channels (SAS-ASMR and SASVlogs).

Sasithorn’s channels have over 3 billion views, meaning about $9 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, YouTube star SAS-ASMR has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Want to learn more about SAS-ASMR? You can watch her eat a slab of salmon here.

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