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Shantel Jackson Net Worth $3 Million

What is Shantel Jackson’s net worth?

Shantel Jackson is an American television and film actress, model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $3 million. She is the CEO of her show brand, Shoe Gummi.

Shantel Christine Jackson was born on July 28, 1984, in Miami, Florida.

She was raised by her mother and father, alongside her four other siblings. She is of mixed ethnicity with African American, American-Indian, and Caucasian heritage.

From a young age, she knew she wanted to work in the film and entertainment industry and began performing in school stage performances where she would display exceptional talent.

After graduating from primary school, she enrolled in “Technical Hearts High School” in Miami, where she took courses that introduced her to film making, screenwriting, and editing.

Upon graduating, she began to dabble in the beauty side of entertainment and became equally interested in both sides of it.

Upon graduating high school, she decided to further her education and attended “Miami Dade College” and “The University of Miami.” She double-majored in psychology and acting.

While she was attending university, Shantel began modeling on the side, and once she graduated, she was landing more extensive and prominent modeling gigs.

One of her first well-known gigs was when she was cast as the lead character in the music video “Here Without You” for the mega-successful 90s American alternative-rock band 3 Doors Down, which aired on July 28, 2003.

Shantel Jackson Net Worth


In 2006, Shantel worked as a hostess as a side job until she landed larger and high-paying gigs in entertainment.


During one of her shifts, she met professional boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr, and shortly after, they began dating.

They dated for eight years, and there is speculation they were engaged, but they decided to call it quits.

In 2014, Shantel began dating American rapper Nelly.

The two broke up in the summer of 2021. “My ex and I we didn’t end on bad terms,” Shantel said.


Not too long after she began dating Nelly, she landed a small role in the 2012 action-crime film, “Freelancers,” alongside American rapper 50 Cent and A-list celebrities including Forest Whitaker and Rober De Niro. 

Despite the film underperforming, it still gave her some screen time.

In that same year, she was approached by “XXL,” a popular hip-hop journal, and accepted a gig to model for them. 

In 2014, Shantel had a few appearances in Nelly’s reality TV docuseries, “Nellyville,” where she would begin to gain even more public exposure, considering Nelly’s megastar status.

She was a social media user at the time and noticed her popularity began to grow even further.

In 2016, she was cast in the action film “Supply and Demand” where she played the character of ‘Jackie.’

That same year, she was cast in another movie named “Good Riddance.”

Shantel Jackson Net Worth


In 2017, Shantel starred in the first and only season of the reality tv show “The Platinum Life.” The series followed the lives of famous American singers and their significant others.

While Shantel’s life was on the up-and-up, she and Nelly decided to end their relationship of 7 years in 2019. They had a respectful and loving relationship and remain friends.

Shoe Gummi

While Shantel always loved the entertainment industry, she also had a love for high-heel shoes.

Wearing high-heels was a part of her career as a fashion model, but she found them uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods.

This inspired the idea for her company, Shoe Gummi, of which she is the CEO and inventor.

Her company sells outer-sole pads that attach to the bottom of the heel’s soles.

The purpose of these pads is to prevent discomfort while wearing shoes while promoting pressure and stability in the ankles, knees, and lower back.

Her company launched in December 2019 and became a well-known and reputable brand in the shoe industry.

shoe gummy miss jackson


Speaking about her business in an interview, she stated;

I started Shoe Gummi with my obsession for high-heels. Creating Show Gummi was a necessity to have them be comfortable. Especially with me wearing them day-in and day-out, 7,8,9 hours I wore them. Out of my obsession came something amazing.”

In addition to her busy schedule as a business owner and actress, she is also the founder of the popular website

It is a hybrid blog and website that offers beauty and fashion articles as well as updates on her previous and current projects. This is a channel in which she communicates with her large audience and fanbase.

When questioned about her brand, she stated that it’s lifestyle and beauty.

I wear high-heels; it’s my thing. It’s a thing of how I like to look in them, how I feel confident, I feel like a woman, and I love how they look. High-heels are my thing. But, also, it’s part of my lifestyle to wear them but want to be comfortable, so that’s why I say my brand is a lifestyle.

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Social Media

how much is shantel jackson worth


Aside from everything else, Shantel is considered a successful social media influencer with over 1.6 million followers and fans on her socials, where she is known as “Miss Jackson.”

She leverages her popularity to promote her brands and celebrity status, which has been a skill she utilizes well.

Net Worth

So, how much is Shantel Jackson worth? Shantel earned most of her wealth from her lucrative film, model, and influencer career. Therefore, Shantel Jackson has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Jackson is the founder of a shoe accessory company, so, with her company’s constant growth and popularity, her net worth is expected to inflate in the near future.

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