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Simon Merrells Net Worth | Biography

Simon Merrells Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Simon Merrells’ net worth?


Simon Merrells is a British actor from Essex who has appeared in various TV roles throughout his career.

His most successful performance came with his portrayal of a Roman commander in Spartacus: War of the Damned.

As a popular stage and British TV actor, he has accumulated the majority of his net worth from his various roles throughout his career to date. 

The Origin Story

Simon Merrells was born on July 14, 1965, in Epping, Essex.

His younger brother Jason is also an actor, and the pair have appeared on stage together in theatre productions in the UK. 

When he was young, Merrells started drama school to pursue his career but soon left to travel to different parts of the world.

He worked as a taxi driver for a while before relocating to Mexico, where he produced artwork.


Merrell returned to the UK and moved to Brighton to be close to his brother, which is how he got into acting.

Jason has appeared in more roles than Simon, but the two are both well-known in the British TV industry. 

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Simon Merrells – Net Worth

So, how much is Simon Merrells worth?

Simon Merrells is a British actor who has held various high-profile roles throughout his career in TV and film, which has been the primary source of his net worth.

He started acting in TV and film in 2009 when he landed a role as Dan in Invisible Eyes. 

Before appearing on screen, Merrells had enjoyed success playing various roles in theatre, working with director Steven Berkoff in the play Coriolanus, which was one of the biggest productions he has appeared to date. 

He has also appeared in classical theatre productions, including Much Ado About Nothing and The Big Sleep.

His success on the stage is what enabled him to land some roles on TV in the years that followed. 

Although it’s not clear exactly how much money Merrells earned from his appearances on stage, theatre actors in the UK receive a salary of approximately £560 – £700 per week, depending on the venue where they play.


This is considerably less than Broadway, but a lot depends on the profile of the performance and the audience that it plays out in front of.

Merrells’ biggest role came four years after he made his TV debut when he played Marcus Licinius Crassus in Spartacus: War of the Damned.

The 2013 production portrayed the life of Spartacus during his rebellion against the Roman army, and Merrells starred alongside Andy Whitfield, Manu Bennett, and Lucy Lawless in the production.

Reflecting on his success in his role in Spartacus, Merrells said:

“You’re always helped as an actor by the words that you’re given and the story you’re given. In a show like this, the wonderful thing is you’ve got beautiful fight sequences, and you’ve also got drama. I was allowed to play a man who was shown loving his family, a man capable of love and doubts, as well as being this ruthless Roman commander.”

To prepare for the role, he had to undergo a strict diet, which led him to lose 21 lbs in just four weeks.

He also attended a fitness boot camp and received training for the complex fight scenes that the show is renowned for. 

Following his role in Spartacus, Merrells appeared in various projects in UK TV and film, including the horror film Judas Ghost.

how much is Simon Merrells worth

Simon Merrells attends The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power World Premiere in Leicester Square in London – @Getty

In 2016, he was cast in the History Channel’s series Knight Fall, which was popular in the United States when it first aired in 2017. 

Reflecting on the second season of Knightfall, he said:

“Everything is ramped up. The fighting, the battles, the horror, the torture. But when you’re dealing with a subject like this, you’d be doing it a disservice to hold back. But it doesn’t mean that you need to show constant gore, but when you read about the reality, and you know what these people’s lives were like, you agree that this is the story that you’re telling.”

Merrells has appeared in various other film and TV projects since the airing of Knightfall, but his biggest credit is in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Other cast members include Augustus Prew and Lloyd Owen.

Therefore, British actor Simon Merrells has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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