Sukihana – Net Worth, Age, Fiancé (Bill), Real Name, Biography

Sukihana (real name – Destiny Henderson) is an American rapper and social media personality who gained fame thanks to her freestyle videos.


She was born on November 15, 1991, in the USA.

Destiny grew up in Atlanta. ”I’ve always been really confident and always been loud,” Suki said in an interview. ”I’m just a product of my environment.”

Suki studied musical theater, acting, and ballet at Kuumba Academy Charter School.

”I went to a performance arts school where I learned ballet and hip-hop dance,” Destiny explained recently. She added: ”The things we learned from that all-Black school gave us confidence.”

On March 13, 2016, Destiny created her YouTube channel.

In June 2017, her “Kodak Snack” video went viral.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Destiny became a main cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Miami starting with season 3.

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami also includes:

During the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Suki was in a row with Nikki Natural and Johnson.

In August 2020, she appeared in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s music video for WAP. ”It’s so huge, everybody stops me, and they’re like ‘Hey, weren’t you in the Cardi video?” Destiny detailed. She went on to say: ”Even old a## people.”

Note – in 2020, WAP had the most searched lyrics on Google.

On September 2, 2020, Destiny released the album ”Wolf Pussy.” It featured guest appearances from Saucy Santana and Ball Greezy.

”I’m really excited because I took my time with this,” Suki told Uproxx. ”Took a little while, but now it’s here, and I’m just excited to see the people’s reaction.”

In early December 2020, Destiny collaborated with Rico Nasty on the song – ”Smack A B###h Remix.”

”I’ve been showing her love [Rico Nasty] for a long time, and she’s also been showing me love,” Destiny said for PaperMag. ”And I happened to see an interview where she said that I was one of her favorite artists.”

In December 2020, cupcakKe released a diss track called “How To Rob (Remix),” taking aim at several rappers, including Suki and Megan Thee Stallion. ”You spoke on my mother. So I spoke on yo kids,” cupcakKe said about the song. A few days later, Suki responded to cupcakKe with the diss track “Rob Who.”


Destiny used to date Love & Hip Hop star Khaotic.


In September 2020, Sukihana got engaged to her boyfriend, Bill.

”Destiny, will you please marry me?” said Bill. ”Oh my gosh. Are you serious right now? Why do you want to marry me?” replied Sukihana. ”Cause I love you, and you are beautiful. You’re great. You’re very spiritual,” said Bill.

She added: ”Oh my freaking gosh. Are you serious? … Yes. He just proposed to me yall … I’m gonna be a wife. This is so crazy. I cannot believe this … he really just proposed to me and then gonna put me on live … this is just everything like I can’t believe this is happening. Who knew about this? Why do you keep laughing? I’m gonna be a wife. I’m so happy right now.”


She has three children.


”I have a very small circle, and I’m a very spiritual person.”

”I am going to sing about this cat because this cat is worth it.”

Sukihana – Net Worth

Destiny earned most of her wealth from selling copies of her albums and singles, selling tickets to her concerts, ads on YouTube, and her OnlyFans page.

In 2020, Suki bought a Bentley for $300,000. However, in December 2020, Destiny announced that she would close her OnlyFans account.

”My career and my music have gone sky high compared to where I came from,” Suki once said. Therefore, rapper Sukihana has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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