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What Server iIs Asmongold On Classic WoW?

What server (realm) is Asmongold on Classic WoW?


Asmongold is arguably one of the most popular gamers on the internet.

He started to gain a following back in 2009 on YouTube—where he now has a community of more than 1.9 million subscribers.

That might not seem like a lot by some standards, but considering that he bailed on YouTube for Twitch back in 2014, and he has more than 3.4 million followers over there—it’s pretty impressive stuff.

Asmongold built his cult following of gamers thanks to his strong gameplay, his insightful strategies, and an engaging personality.

He’s also become one of the go-to World of Warcraft gamers online.

When Blizzard Entertainment announced that it would be releasing World of Warcraft Classic back in 2017, fans were shook.

None more so than Asmongold, who had spoken openly in his streams about wanting to play the original game mode.

When World of Warcraft Classic was released in 2019, Asmongold saw another massive boost in popularity.

Since then, gamers have scoured WoW Classic servers to find their idol—or in some cases, their nemesis.

There are just as many WoW players who want to find Asmongold and battle him, as there are those who want to join him on his crusades.

But where is he?

What server is Asmongold on Classic?

We’ll help you answer those questions right now. But first…

Asmongold on quitting TBC Classic


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Remember how we mentioned the TBC Classic server?

Well, Asmongold played there, and on May 12, 2022, he spoke in a live stream about why he will never be going back to it.

The legendary MMORPG gamer was asked by fans in his Twitch stream if he was still on the WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic server, and he fronted up.

He explained that the reason he wasn’t playing TBC Classic was because he already did.

“I did back in 2008, and it was [expletive] glorious. Amazing. […] the best thing I ever had.”

He also explained that, while there was a part of him that wanted to raid again, but that it was hard for him to care as much now, since there wasn’t any “permanence” to the server.

He also pointed out that his reasoning was similar to why he won’t play private servers.

“You play on the server,” he explained, “and then the patch comes out, and it’s gone.”

Viewers agreed, noting that TBC was released less than 12 months earlier and was already being upgraded to Sunwell, and Blizzard had announced the future release of Wrath of the Lich King.

In essence, it looked like Asmongold was looking for a more permanent world in which to build his empire.

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Asmongold explores all the dead World of Warcraft Classic servers


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As if to prove a point, Asmongold hosted a livestream on May 28, 2022.

This followed Blizzard’s push to have players move from their original realms to the new servers.

Most players chose to transfer out, so Asmon went for a look around the older servers and see how they were coping.

Things were pretty dead.

With more than 90% of the players evacuated, Asmon approached active gamers in the servers to ask what they were still doing there.

Most were reluctant to move to TBC.

While Asmongold was hard pressed to find active players in many of the realms, he did come across one player named Sonzlil.

Sonzlil, it turned out, was a new player to the World of Warcraft brand, and was happy exploring his server and leveling up in his own time.

Asmongold—who was super excited to hear this—shared with his viewers:

“I had heard about players like this, but I didn’t believe they existed. People who play the game just because they like it!”

Asmongold gave Sonzlil 10 gold, and left him to get his game on.

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Asmongold on how one of the last WoW Classic servers died


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On August 8, 2022, Asmon uploaded a video to YouTube where he talked about how faction imbalances were impacting the game.

He shone the spotlight on Firemaw, one of WoW’s last Classic servers to survive the imbalance—until now.

Fans weighed in with their opinions, sharing that a lack of recruiting within a server was also one of the biggest problems.

Asmon agreed, commenting on how, when it becomes hard to recruit players to your server, players need to consider moving to a larger server.

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Asmongold on Wow Classic and the Wrath of the Lich King

On August 30, 2022, Asmongold caused a frenzy when he shared that he’ll be trying the new PvP server when World of Warcraft Classic went live with the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch.

While Asmon has a few concerns about stream snipers, he wasn’t about to let that put him off.

“I’m just going to play it for a day or so. I’m just going to play the game, man.”

He also explained that as he bides his time for the Wrath of the Lich King launch on September 26, 2022, he’s just exploring his options.

So, what server is Asmongold on Classic? Asmongold currently plays on Faerlina, a US Classic realm. He has also played WoW Classic on Benediction, Grobbulus, Herod, Incendius, Stalagg, Arcanite Reaper, and Pagle.


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