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Why are HULU commercials so loud?

Why are commercials so loud on Hulu?


Picture this: you’re streaming a show on Hulu, you’re all filled up with the sad feelings you’ve been looking for after a long day at work.

The show breaks into commercials after a particularly emotional scene when suddenly someone is yelling in your face about buying the newest craft beer on the market.

Has this ever happened to you?

Us too, and it’s annoying.

And it ruins the mood the show put you in.

Over and over, the shows on Hulu will cut to commercials only for the volume to suddenly turn up to 100 basically out of nowhere – and with no fault of your own.

Why does that happen?

Who made that choice?

And can we get their name?

We just want to have a little chat.

While we wait for those contact details so we can tell them exactly how we feel about their decision to perforate our eardrums, we thought we’d share some tips on how to fix this issue.

We’ll also talk about why Hulu commercials are so loud and how TV history comes into play.

why are hulu ads so loud

Alaska Daily show ad is seen on a bus in Chicago, United States – @Getty

Let’s talk TV history

Historically, TV shows and TV channels needed a way to make back all the money spent on production and post-production.

Getting a cut from however much you pay for cable isn’t really enough to sustain them.

As an entertainment choice that millions and millions of people choose to partake in worldwide every day, it’s a gold mine when it comes to advertising space.

Companies will pay millions of dollars for a small, 5-minute chance to catch your (and the other thousand people watching the same show) attention during commercial breaks.

But, because they knew most of us would divert our attention the second the show ended, they had to find an alternative solution.

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Why are HULU commercials so loud


So, why are Hulu commercials so loud?

Why are HULU commercials so loud? The short answer is because of money. The longer answer is also because of money, but there’s more detail in the section above. Essentially, in order to make sure the advertising space they paid for was actually doing something for their company, the brands advertising during commercial breaks would have their commercials pump up the volume.

This would force viewers to actually watch what’s going on in front of them.

Hulu is no exception to this rule.

This is why commercials are so dang loud in between streaming of your favorite shows.

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What can you do to fix it?

hulu commercials too loud

A poster advertising the AppleTV streaming video product, next to a Hulu ad, in the subway in New York – @Getty

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help address this.

Check them out below.

Purchase a premium plan to deactivate commercials

The first option is obviously going to be to purchase Hulu’s premium service.

It will offer you an ads-free version of their streaming platform.

You can upgrade your plan by locating your profile on the app, then hit manage your account option.

Once there, click on manage plan and then the Hulu no ads button.

That said, some people simply don’t want to pay the extra money or just can’t afford it.

For those people, the options below might work out better.

Use a plug-in to try and block them

why are hulu's commercials so loud


You won’t be able to completely get rid of the commercials if you’re not willing to pay money, but you can make sure you’re not getting 50 of them in a row.

Find a plugin for your web browser like Adblock Plus that can help block up to 99% of ads you see.

Use a plug-in to fully mute commercials

If Adblock Plus didn’t work for you, try having the commercials automatically muted as soon as they start.

Options like Auto Ad Mute will block the volume once it detects an ad starting but will return it back to normal once they’re over.

File a complaint

If all else fails, you can always file a complaint.

The FFC (the Federal Communications Commission) is a U.S. government-backed organization that focuses on regulating national and international communications via TV, radio, and satellite, among others.

They allow viewers experiencing too loud commercials to submit a claim explaining the situation.

The organization will then investigate and take action if necessary.

It’s not a short-term or even confirmed solution, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

To submit your claim, access the website.

Once there, find the consumers section and then the guides option.

Under the loud commercials section, you’ll see the option to file a complaint.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page since that’s where you’ll find it.

A heads-up that you’ll have to give them some information to be able to submit the claim.

Things like the name of the brand the ad is for (or even the product being advertised) if the ad was playing on a broadcast station or via paid TV.

Hulu Finally Fix Its Loud Commercial Breaks

In 2023, Redditors have observed that the volume levels of Hulu are comparable to the videos they’re watching. This is a significant shift from the previously reported issues of drastically varying volumes between content and advertisements.

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